Thursday, March 31, 2011

Unsolicited Advice, It has Begun...

As Obama would say..."Let me be Clear...." 

I welcome pregnancy stories and advice from friends and family.  I welcome pregnancy stories and advice from other females that have experienced the joys of pregnancy.  I enjoy reading blogs containing advice from people I have never laid eyes on that relate to pregnancy and child birth.  I do NOT welcome unsolicited advice from random 68 year old men that I do not have any sort of personal relationship with. 

The unsolicited advice has begun....see my conversation mentioned above with the Old Man (OM).

OM: (Walks into my cube and says) When is your next trip out of the country?

K: (smiling) My husband and I are expecting and don't have plans to leave the country until after the baby is born.

OM: I hope you aren't putting off international travel because of your pregnancy?

K: (Still smiling) I don't think flying 8 hours sounds like a relaxing time, so I would rather wait until after the baby is born before traveling internationally.

OM: Well I think it's sad your letting pregnancy be an excuse to not travel.

K: (No longer smiling) I didn't say we weren't traveling…just not traveling outside the country. Have you sat 8 hours in a plane while being pregnant?

OM: I just can't believe you are letting pregnancy decide your travel plans.

My bewildered look caused OM to turn and walk away.  Not once did he congratulate us, nor did he say anything positive about the wonderful miracle taking place inside my body.  Instead, he played the part of a grumpy old man who has a negative outlook on life.  Wow...why in the world would he feel compelled to "share" his thoughts/feelings on traveling while pregnant with me?  Unless he was a woman in his earlier years, I'm not sure how or why he feels qualified to "share." 

Now that my blood pressure has lowered, I can look at the conversation and smile while shaking my head.  Let's hope OM doesn't decide to grace me with anymore of his wisdom over the next 5 months!

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Belly Bands, Baby Pictures and Lack of Caffine

One of the greatest inventions EVER! The belly band.
(Image from Google)
March 7 (13 wks) Today is the first day I am actually wearing my belly band. Yes, I’ve made it 13 weeks wearing my normal pants, but no longer. Happily, the belly band continues to allow me to wear my very own pants which is comforting. Now I just have to make sure my tops are all long enough to cover the belly band so people don’t suspect. We’ve had 2 appointments since I last blogged. The first was another ultrasound where we got to see our precious peach sized baby. The heartbeat is great and baby is a very wiggly little thing. We were able to see that baby P has very long (and skinny) arms and legs which is a little odd since Scott and I are relatively shorter people. I also had blood drawn for the sequential blood screening. I didn’t pass out.

Look at the lips on our baby @ 12wks! A little Angelina Jolie??

At our second appointment, they were just going to listen to the heartbeat and make sure I was doing ok, so I told Scott he could sit this appointment out. My momma however wasn’t about to let her baby go to an appointment without someone to lean on. So off momma and I went to my appointment and for the first time ever, she got to hear her grandbabies heartbeat. She also got to meet my Dr.

I’m feeling pretty good 90% of the time. There are still some foods that sound awful to me (anything green except for salad) and I crave burgers and chocolate. I have purchased a few tops in bigger sizes that can hopefully cover my growing belly. I’ve been sleeping pretty good at night which is awesome. Scott continues to play the part of wonderful husband/father to be. He loves rubbing my stomach and talking to our little baby. I get to see a side of him that is completely new to me and I love it.

Baby P chilling with legs propped up on my uterus.  He/She looks pretty
comfy in there....
I have given up my white chocolate mocha’s at Starbucks for caffeine free beverages. I’ve also given up the idea of skydiving this summer. The things a pregnant girl must give up… :)  Things Scott and I won't be giving up...traveling, camping, and various other activities that we enjoy throughout the summer months.  Yes, this summer I will be the pregnant girl in a bikini at the river.  I can't wait. :)  
(This delicious image is from Google)

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Narcolepsy, A Side Effect of Pregnancy

Cat Nap? Yes Please!! (Image courtsey of Google)
February 23 (11wks) My clothes still fit for the most part which is nice. I did already buy a belly band which will allow me to continue to wear most my pants without zipping/buttoning them. It’s a little bit weird to think about walking around work with my pants undone, but the belly band will keep anything from showing and my pants from falling down. My exhaustion has mostly passed which is nice. If you haven’t been pregnant, let me explain pregnancy exhaustion. During the day, it’s not that I think, “Man I’m tired…wish I could take a nap.” It’s more along the lines of, “Must find somewhere to lay head…eyelids closing.” Now I don’t feel quite so narcoleptic, I just feel I’d like to catch a quick cat nap here and there.

Now my nausea on the other hand, it hasn’t quite let up. While I have made it almost through the first trimester without puking, there have been many times I felt the chunks rising up in my throat. So instead of feeling like a narcoleptic that’s constantly ready to sleep and puke, I just feel a little queasy in the stomach. I can handle that! This week, egg salad is high on my list of foods that sound and taste wonderful.

We have managed to keep Baby P a secret from everyone but my parents (and my dentist and the x-ray lady at the airport) thus far. It’s a huge secret to keep, but Scott feels very strongly about waiting to our appointment at 13 weeks. Only 2 weeks away and we can let the world know about this precious lime sized baby. My dad has already asked if he could hold the baby in our family Christmas card picture. Should I be concerned that my child could possibly be kidnapped by its own grandfather?

Last week, we did experience some light spotting that was mildly stressing. Ok, it was more than mildly stressing, it became so mind consuming that I couldn’t focus on anything else. I called the Dr. and she assured me that as long as it was light and there weren’t stomach pains accompanying the spotting, I shouldn’t worry about a thing. Maybe I just needed some relaxation or maybe Baby P just wanted to hear the smooth voice of Kenny Rogers, but after a weekend at French Lick with some of my girls and a Kenny Rogers concert, the spotting completely stopped and everything seems fine. I did read somewhere that sometimes spotting is sign that the body is adjusting for twins. While there was only one visible babe in the ultrasound, is it possible another one was hiding somewhere…hmm…. To be continued…

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Our baby looks like a Gummy Bear

Baby P at 8 wks 4 days

February 15 (10 weeks)- Scott and I had our first Drs. Appointment last week and we got to see little P! If I had to compare it something, I would say it looked like a gummy bear with little nubkin arms and legs. No, it didn’t have ears like a gummy bear, but everything else looked very gummy bear-ish. The heartbeat was strong, 170-something beats per minute. The little arms also looked like P may be taking a boxing class. I was just so happy to see a healthy looking baby and hear a healthy heartbeat. Our u/s tech was so nice and caring. It was a relief to have the appointment go so well. While it was a relief, it is so hard to just let all the worries go out the door. There are still a million more things that are going to happen to this baby before P is ready to come into the world. Fingers crossed and with a dose of faith, those million things will go smoothly!!!

P continues to dominant areas of my life such as what I eat and when I sleep. I can tell my clothes are already tighter than normal and I worry that people at work will think I am just letting myself go! It’s probably from P or it could be from the daily bagel and cream cheese I had while on vacation? I am trying to get out and walk every day that the weather lets me. I also got a good dose of exercise while in Tahoe, and that felt great! I did break down and buy a Belly-band to wear around my pants when the time comes. I am going to try and hold off as long as I can before wearing it though. I don’t know when other ladies with bumps switch to belly-banding her pants but 10 weeks just seems too early for this girl!

Our next appointment is March 7. They won’t be doing an u/s unless we request it, so we won’t get to see our little gummy bear again for awhile. In other news, one of our groomsmen called and told Scott his wife was expecting September 8! That’s 4 days before our due date! I was wondering if there was going to be someone that was due around the same time we are. I like to know there will be someone else going through this experience at the same time I am.

I am feeling pretty good (besides the pudgy factor). Morning sickness was never an issue, but evening sickness has become a regular in my life. Right around 5pm, I will get so hungry, yet nothing sounds good and the thought of food makes me want to vomit. It’s the strangest/ickiest feeling ever. I am good about making myself eat and I have yet to throw up. But still, it’s just an awful feeling that I look forward to putting behind me!

P’s favorite things; Juice, chocolate milk, grapes, sugar free crème wafers.

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What do a dentist and airport security have in common?

Well hello bump of 9 weeks!
February 8 (9 weeks)-While pregnant, do not let your dentist x-ray your teeth.  This is how my dentist became the second person to know I was pregnant.  Also, at the airport, do not let them put you in the x-ray machine.  This is how a nice airport security woman became the 3rd person to know I was pregnant. 

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Cravings of a Pregnant Girl

January 27-I am officially over roast beef sandwiches.  As in, I never want to see one again.  Nothing against you Arby's, you've been very good to us.  But it's time to move on. 

Root Beer however sounds wonderful.  Now where to find a root beer float....

Food & Sleep! These are a few of my favorite things!

January 26 (7 weeks)- After craving a Strom-B-Que from Kipplees for the last half of the day, my sweet husband took me on an impromptu dinner date. After we got home about 6:30, I wanted to read the newest copy of Allure, baby wanted me to sleep. Baby won. I slept on the couch from 6:30-9:45. Husband tried to carry me to bed, but I had to be let down to pee. We crawled into bed and I slept ever so soundly until 6:45 the next morning. My husband now refers to me as the beautiful Sleeperella.

Thank you Google for the image
A few of babies favorite activities; Sleeping; Eating; Frequent trips to the bathroom.

Babies favorite foods; Salad, roast beef sandwiches, combos, and a Nestle Crunch Bar. I keep thinking about shrimp cocktail, but probably won’t let baby have that.

If this baby is this demanding at 7 weeks, I can't imagine what it will be like when Baby P is 2 years old and crawling all over! 

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6 Weeks in and Having Cravings!

My 6 week old bump!
January 18 - The baby threw its first fit today.  For the past 24 hours I have had a roast beef sandwich on the brain.  As it got closer to lunch, my homemade chili sounded less appealing and I knew I must have an Arby’s Beef & Cheddar.  As I was placing my order, Baby P threw a huge tantrum demanding I send down a chocolate milk shake with the Beef & Cheddar.  This child already has me wrapped because I quickly ordered a small chocolate milk shake.  Baby gets what baby wants.

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A little postive = BIG changes!!

There was absolutely no reason for me to think I wouldn’t start my period. I went through my day of moodiness which I chalked up as my impending monthly visitor. I felt a little bloated. So here I was, within a day of starting and I figured, why not just pee on a home pregnancy test (HPT). I had the test sitting there and I guess I just wanted to pee on it. So I did. Instantly, the pregnancy line came into view. I sat there and laughed. I thought I better get out of the bathroom and tell Scott that we were about to embark on a wild ride. He was fixing a hamburger and as he looked at my face, he said, “What’s wrong?” I told him he needed to come into the bathroom with me. He said hundreds of thoughts were running through his mind, but he had no idea I was about to show him a positive HPT. As his eyes saw the positive sign they quickly looked up into my eyes. With a giggle I said something along the lines of, “you know what that means, right?” He quickly forgot about his hamburger and we sat on the couch, hugging, laughing, and saying “Holy S%*T!”

As the night worn on and a stiff drink was made (for him, not me), we began living under the mantra “cautious optimism.” We were excited and wanted to tell everyone right then, but at the same time, this isn’t our first time around the block. We know how delicate the situation is and that our happiness can take a turn and spiral us into the opposite direction in a matter of minutes. While we aren’t ready to discuss the details of our previous downward spiral with the blogging world, it is an experience that we went through. It is an experience that had it not happened, we would not be expecting this little baby fish that is currently growing inside me. So what has this baby fish been up to? Currently at four weeks and 2 days, the baby is the size of an apple seed. The most precious apple seed in the world. This week the tiny little organs are starting to form and the heart will start beating. Amazing thinking all that is happening in something so tiny!

I feel amazing! I’ve noticed I’m hungrier than normal, but maybe that’s because it’s winter and my body is burning up that fuel trying to stay warm? I’ve also noticed my new cleavage! (So has Scott!) It’s amazing what a few weeks of pregnancy will do to an A cup! And believe it or not, I have tiniest of a baby bump. Scott can barely tell a difference, but I notice my swollen belly that feels a little firmer than normal. Knock on wood, thus far I haven’t been nauseous. And I’m a little sleepier than normal. Nothing drastic, but by the evening, I am ready to curl up on the couch with Scott and rest!

Our first appointment is scheduled for Feb. 8. At that time, we will have an ultra sound as well as our first appointment with our Dr. This appointment is critical. This is the appointment that will tell us if the baby currently has any visible issues with retaining water along the spine. We will also (hopefully) be able to hear the heartbeat which will become one of my favorite sounds in the world. On a side note, Scott and I have already named the baby. Regardless of its gender, its name will begin with the letter “P.” Going forward, we will refer to the baby as Baby P.

So, between Feb. 2-6, Scott and I have already booked a skiing trip to Tahoe. Yes, Scott and I have read every issue Drs have with downhill skiing while pregnant. However, we have decided that if I stay on the greens (beginner runs) only, my chance of falling is low to non-existent. I’m not an expert skier, but I can make my way down almost any blue (intermediate runs) without an issue, so I’m going to be cautious and stick to the greens. Now you are asking, “why risk it.” Simple. Scott and I are strong believers that if something is going to happen, it’s going to happen regardless of our attempts to avoid it. Up until now, Scott and I had always played by the rules, yet life still handed us a box of crap at one point. This time, we are leaning on a little faith, hope, and luck. Risky, yes, but it’s our decision and we are comfortable with it.

ps.  The skiing trip was perfect and accident free!  Read previous posts for a recap of the trip!
pss. This blog was actually written on 1/6/11, but we wanted to wait until we were safely out of the first trimester before letting the world in on our perfect little secret!  Now that we are in the clear, let the baby blogs begin!

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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

French Lick and a dose of Kenny Rogers

Why the photo of The Gambler?  Read on to find out!

My first overnight away from the husband since our wedding had finally come upon us.  Emily, Ashley and I headed to French Lick on a Saturday for girls night.  We headed up mid-morning and arrived at French Lick right around lunchtime.  After checking into our room at the hotel, one of the fabulous hotel workers offered to drive us to the winery for lunch.  The best part of the drive was that he drove us in a Ford Model A. 
Ashley and I sat in the jump seat while Emily took the passenger seat.  I had never seen a jump seat before, much less sat in one.  Our driver basically pulled open what I thought was the trunk to reveal a little bucket seat.  Luckily, we were having an unseasonably warm day and the sun felt great on our sun starved faces.  

Once we arrived at the winery, we happily dove into our pasta dishes.  Emily hit the wine samples while Ashley and I let our food digest.    We love coming to the winery and the food is so good!

Ash and I in the back of Model A
 After lunch, it was back to the hotel to hit the spa.  Ashley had a scrub which she loved so much that I am now convinced that I must have a scrub.  Emily had a massage which left her relaxed and ready to nap.  I decided to have my first manicure ever.  Normally I chew on my fingers and pick my nails to the point that I never wanted to spend money on a manicure that I would promptly chew off (gross, I know).  However, I am doing better about keeping my fingers out of my mouth so I figured I would reward myself with a manicure.  I was so glad I did! 

My manicurist started out massaging my arms with a pomegranate scrub.  Oh my gosh...I never knew how good it could feel to have someone else use a body scrub on my forearms.  I never wanted her to stop.  After a quick rinse off she massaged pomegranate lotion into my arms.  Once again, my toes were curled with delight.  After all that pampering, she started working on my nails.  I chose a pale pink color for my nails and before I knew it, I was under the dryer with pretty hands.  A perfect hour of pampering. 

I met up with Ashley and Emily and started getting ready for our evening.  Since none of us are gamblers, you may ask what 3 girls would do at a casino?  Kenny Rogers just happened to be performing at the French Lick casino that very night.  Ashley's father was nice enough to score us really good seats in the 4th row.  Now why you ask would 3 girls under the age of 40 have any desire to see Kenny Rogers....One reason..He's a legend!

The one, the only, Kenny Rogers
 When he first walked on stage, I admit, I wouldn't have recognized him if I had passed him on the streets.  I had an image in my head of what he looked like and he didn't look anything like that image.  I'd heard about all the plastic surgery mishaps he had, so I guess I was expecting his face to look like a melted candle.  I never would have looked at him and thought he had a botched face lift, but I also never would have looked at him and thought he was Kenny Rogers.  But anyway, here he was in front of us and I was happy to see him.     

I didn't expect to know many of his songs, so imagine my surprise when I actually did!  Apparently some newer country artists cover his songs so I was able to sing along with a few.  Kenny engaged the audience by joking how many men were in the audience on their own free will vs. how many of their wives made them come.  A few of the songs he sang;
-Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition)
-The Gambler
-Daytime Friends
-Buy Me A Rose
-Islands In The Stream

At the end of the concert, he said he was too old to go hide behind the curtain and wait for us to applaud him for 3 minutes before coming out and singing a couple more songs.  He told us what he was going to sing  a couple more songs then he was going to walk off the stage and not come back.  And that's what he did. 

I was super impressed with his caliber of performance.  He is truly a performer and he has a really good voice.  After the concert was over, we headed to "Scoops" the ice cream parlor to have our night cap.  Mine was in the form of a chocolate shake.  I drifted off to sleep listening to Emily cry into her pillow as she watched the movie Titanic. I loved my time with my girls and Kenny Rogers.

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