Thursday, February 28, 2013

18 Months of Busy Boy!!!

Feb. 16, 2013
Big Boy
                      Birth Stats                 18 Month Stats

                      6lbs. 5.9oz                   24 lbs. (25% for weight)   
                     19 inches long             33 inches long (75% for height)

18 months out from delivering this tiny little guy, I can still think back to that morning and remember every emotion, the smell of the hospital hallway, the fear of the unknown, and the relief of seeing my Dr. stroll through the door hours before her shift was scheduled to begin.

The first few weeks after that day are hazy.  I was doing a lot of nursing and loving, but not a lot of sleeping.  These days we're all sleeping all night, keeping busy all day, and I'm locking each and every memory deep into my brain.  

Little P is trending long and lean!  We keep expecting a significant weigh gain as this kid eats almost all day.  As soon as he wakes up in the morning he wants to eat.  We start out with Cheerios while I fix eggs (he decided he likes eggs now) and toast.  He always needs fruit with his breakfast and he'll eat whatever fruit is in our house.  Snack time rolls around around about 2 hours after breakfast.  He usually gets a cereal bar or a cup of yogurt.  By lunchtime (11-12) he is starving again.  He typically eats lunch meat or tuna, cheese and raisins.  Keep in mind whatever Scott and I are eating, he will also get bites of that.  We have a mid-day snack that usually consists of fig newtons or crackers.  Then it's dinner and he will eat whatever Scott and I are having.  He continues to eat all fruits, vegetables, and whatever type of meat I fix.  He also drinks about 4 cups of milk a day and sips water throughout the day as well.  

I'm pretty sure I enjoy nap time more than he does.  His first nap is usually around 9:30.  I will rock him, snuggle him and hold him long after he falls asleep.  Once he is completely out (or I have to get up to pee), I will put him in his crib and get some housework (or blogging) done.  He sleeps between 1-1.5 hours so I try to move pretty quick.  His second nap comes around 3:30 and that works out perfectly as I start getting dinner prepped about that time.  This nap usually lasts 45min. - 1hour.  Once 8pm rolls around, he starts rubbing his eyes and we know that means bedtime is upon us.  He'll start talking about 6:30 in the morning and our day begins all over again.

Little guy loves attention and being around people.  He flirts with girls by tucking his chin and gazing up at them with his sparkly blue eyes.  He waves and blows kisses and warms up fairly quickly to new people.  He loves spending time with him family and frequently asks for his Nana and Pappa.  

Favorite things:
Baths (adding bubbles is a bonus!)
Reading (He will bring a stack of books to Scott or I and want us to read all of them.  Favorite books are Goodnight Moon and Dr. Seuss's ABC book.  
Drinking water out of our CamelBak
Playing hide an item and having mom & dad go find it ("Ohh Ohh Ohh!" he says)
Climbing on tables/chairs/toys
Dancing to music with a good beat
Being outside
Playing with chalk on his chalk board
Any toy with wheels or that makes loud noise
Sitting in his truck and jerking the wheel around likes he's a race car driver
Running around our house at full speed squealing with delight 
Scott and I home together at the end of the day.  Little guy gets so wound up and excited

Being told "no"
Sitting on the potty
Not begin fed the moment he signs he is hungry
Having to sit still for any reason
Paisley emerged from the womb being verbal, but he is now throwing out new words here and there.  He tries to repeat just about anything he hears.  It's awfully cute to hear him say smoke detector or hamburger.  He only says words when he wants too though...if you ask him to say something, your request will be met with silence and a grin. 

He's our fearless baby and little love bug.  He still runs to me when he hits his head and needs kisses and he giggles like crazy when his daddy (the tickle monster) chases him around the house.  He likes be told he's a "good boy" and he'll make funny faces to get us to laugh.   

Just when I think he can't get any cuter, he proves me wrong.  

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Vail Resorts = Heaven on Earth

Hello Beaver Creek

Music and our love for the GREAT outdoors – A common bond that Scott and I quickly connected over when we met in 2007.  That next winter we headed west to hit the slopes and freeze our lungs as we skied down mountain peaks at a speed that would make most people’s knees shake.  It became a wintery tradition. 

We found out we were pregnant with our little Dumplin after we had booked a ski trip to Tahoe in 2011.  Seeing how we didn’t want to eat our words “kids aren’t going to change who we are” off we went.  So I guess you could say we weren’t completely surprised when we booked a trip to Vail, CO this past winter only to discover a few weeks later that I was pregnant (clearly booking ski trips get me pregnant). 
While well aware of the risks associated with downhill skiing while pregnant, I am also aware there are risks driving a car while pregnant, walking on a sidewalk alongside a busy street while pregnant, or eating unpasteurized cheese while pregnant.  I will control what I can, but being aware of every step and trying to take every pre-caution will only get you so far and doesn’t guarantee anything.  So I put on my skis and carefully glided down the slopes of Beaver Creek and Vail (but now I’m getting ahead of myself).

Knowing that both Scott and I wanted to ski and we wanted to take our busy toddler with us, the only reasonable thing to do was take Nana along.  She happily agreed to joining the Fish3 mountainside.  She would take care of Paisley while Scott and I hit the slopes.  Plus it’s ALWAYS handy to have an extra set of hands while corralling a small child. 

On the flight to Denver, Paisley was happy to crawl from my lap, to Nana’s lap, to his Dadda’s lap.  It wasn’t long after takeoff that he laid his head down while sprawled across our laps and entered dreamland.  We noticed he was feeling hot and hotter with each passing minute which prompted Scott to dig the thermometer out of the diaper bag.  Sure enough he spiked a 102.4 temp.  Lovely!
He slept the entire flight and woke up in Denver hot, disoriented and not like our boy at all.  After a quick stop at Wal-Mart where we loaded up on baby meds and juices we headed to a quick clinic to get him checked out.  Due to the riff-raff looking ill people in the waiting room, Scott sat in the waiting room while P and I waited safely in the car.  Roughly an hour later we had a diagnosis (double ear infection), a prescription (Amoxicillin), and were driving up to the mountains.

Happy Fish
We were beyond happy with our accommodations at the Borders Lodge.  We were greeted with wine and chocolates (I stuck with the chocolates) and our balcony looked out over the ski slopes.  Mom and P had their own bedroom/bathroom as did Scott and I.  We sat the pack-n-play up, gave our little sicky his medicine and we all slept like babies!
The next morning our little guy woke up his normal rambunctious self.  Happy to see he wasn’t acting pitiful.  Nana tended to him while Scott and I headed out to pick up skis, groceries, and breakfast.  Before our breakfast had digested, Scott and I were suited up and taking the lift up the mountain.  Nana and P stood on the balcony and waved until we disappeared in to the clouds.

Reason #5670 I love my husband; I am a good skier, he is an excellent skier.  I like to go fast; he likes to go faster than fast.  The good thing about these ski trips, we always meet up with 10-15 friends.  The guys like to do the reckless runs while the girls go the safer routes.  Typically Scott meets up with the boys and does the boy thing and I meet up with the girls.  But on this day, we spent the day skiing together, all day.  Not as fast as he’d like, avoiding the black runs like the plague, just me and my guy.  We stopped at the top of the slopes and took in the valley below.  We watched families with small children ski past and we talked about the years to come when we would ski with our 2 children on this very mountain.  It was a blue sky day where the snow sparkled like someone had spilled glitter down the runs.  The snow wasn’t the greatest, but there was just enough.  By 3:00pm we were ready to head back to our condo and grab lunch. 

Nana and P had been playing up a storm as the condo was a happy destruction of books, crayons, trucks and clothes.  He continued to act happy and feel fine, not spiking a fever for the rest of the trip (Amen!).  After getting cleaned up, we headed to Beaver Creek Village to grab dinner.  I love the little ski villages nestled in the middle of the slopes, filled with people in ski gear, laugher and music fill the brisk air, and everyone is just happy being in this moment. 
P & his Nana

My heart is happiest when I am with my family.  However, adding my family to the warmth of a condo on the mountain, watching the lights from the snow cats climb higher and higher, and seeing a light snow storm settle in for the night adds even more happy to my already full heart.  It is magical.

To Be Continued...


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Baby Talk

Getting ready for baby (2011)
Preparing for Baby #2 is so much different than preparing for #1.  It’s kind of like getting ready to board a 747 to Europe.  I know the ride is going to be long, bumpy, and at times uncomfortable.  But I also know that once the plane lands and the jet lag wears off, I’ll be ready to explore this new land (or tiny person) and enjoy every second of the trip (or lifetime in this case).

A few popular questions I have received thus far;

Have your dreams revealed the gender of the baby?
With Paisley, before I was out of my first trimester, I dreamed about my perfect little blue eyed boy.  Sure enough, the ultra-sound later revealed a perfect little boy and upon his birth the bluest eyes you ever did see. 

This time around I have dreamt about a boy and a girl (no, there are NOT twins in there).  I have felt sicker this time around, but that could be because I am chasing a very busy toddler while growing a new baby.  I have to say I “feel” like it’s a girl, but I could be wrong.  I would love to have a boy and a girl, but I would also love to have two boys that are best friends and play sports together.  So either way, I will be beside myself with love and happiness at this new little life.
A vasa previa success story
What are the chances of you having vasa previa again or having to go on bedrest?
The chances of vasa previa recurring are said to be 1:3000, the same chance as any other pregnant person.  An ultra-sound will be performed around 20 weeks to make sure I did not hit the lottery twice.  As for bedrest, there is no reason to think I should be put on bedrest.  As long as no complications arise, this will be a normal (and uneventful) pregnancy. 
Will you have to have another c-section?
Tiny and sweet
I previously mentioned that I love my Ob.  Here is another reason…she has completely given me the freedom to choose between delivering VBAC or C-Section.  She recommended that I read about the pros and cons of each and said she would be there whatever my choice was.  I asked her opinion and she gave me her honest, educated opinion.  I made my decision based on what was best and safest for the baby. 

Will you cloth diaper again?
Yes yes yes!  I can’t think of a more cost effective, environmentally friendly task I would rather take on.    
Our healthy lil fish
Will you breastfeed again?
Before little P was born, I very much wanted to breastfeed and Scott was a huge supporter.  We heard that it was hard and sometimes it just doesn’t work for every new momma.  So we entered into it with the mindset that we want to do it, but we won’t beat ourselves up if it doesn’t work for us.  It worked and it was an experience I hope I am able to create again with this new baby.  If it goes as well as it did last time, I plan on donating the surplus to the local hospital. 

I think those are the more frequently asked questions I am getting right now, besides “Do you think you’ll have more kids after this?”  We are going to bite our tongues for now with the answer. 

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Friday, February 8, 2013

Oh Baby!

Tuesday morning (Dec. 4th) as Scott got ready for work, I stayed in bed and thought about what would happen in the next few minutes.  He had no idea the moment he left for work, I would take a pregnancy test in which I was already sure would be positive.  There was no reason for me to even suspect I was pregnant.  If I did test positive, I wouldn't even be 4 weeks yet.  I wasn't sure if these cheap tests could even detect pregnancy at such an early stage.  But, I knew I needed to take one and see if it was positive.  It was (insert shriek and shaking hands).

I was excited and scared all at the same moment.  Little did Scott know we were about to begin another wild ride, only this time we were taking a toddler with us.  I debated calling Scott, showing up at his work, or even sending him a text that said "pregnant."  OK, I wasn't going to send him a text, but the thought was kind of funny.

Paisley was the only person I told.  I asked him if he wanted mommy to have a baby to which he shook his entire body "yes."  Obviously he didn't really understand the question, but I was just glad he didn't say "no."

When Scott got home from work, I told him to look in the oven, in which I had placed a bun.  He said, "There's a bun in the oven? There's a BUN IN THE OVEN!!!!"  It was so cute and to see the look of realization come over him.  It was as much fun as seeing the positive sign appear.  After it sunk in, he scooped me up in a hug and his response was pure happiness.  I admit I was nervous as to how he was going to respond, it's not as through pregnancy has been easy for us.

He made his traditional mixed drink and sat in his recliner while beaming at Paisley and me playing on the floor.  It was an incredible night.  Here are the weeks that followed;

4 weeks
Not much happening yet...but I think my stomach looks poochy.  We had our 1st u/s to see if I am in fact pregnant.  We could see the sac and a little tiny glob.  I don't feel pregnant at all.  Getting excited but cautiously optimistic. 
3 weeks

5 weeks
Not really feeling pregnant which is making me a little nervous...grow baby grow. 

6 weeks
U/s #2, baby looks good!!  Too early to hear a heartbeat, but we have a baby!  Am I craving ice cream because I'm pregnant or because I like ice cream?  Otherwise not feeling pregnant.

7 weeks
Meat is not allowed to be cooked in our home.  Scott was cooking sausage and I threw up in my mouth.  This happened numerous times this week.  Cooking just about anything is actually hard for me.  Nothing sounds good.  Feeling pregnant, and I'm that's ok!!

8 weeks
I want ballpark hot dogs.  The big round ones that take up every inch of the bun.  I want it smothered in ketchup, mustard, and  little sweet pickle relish.  The downfall, ballparks aren't open this time of year and buying a pack of dogs at the grocery isn't going to cut it.  Did I really just cry because I can't have a ballpark hot dog?  Pregnancy hormones are here!!!
4 weeks

9 weeks
Appointment with my OB!  I owe this woman so much.  She delivered our high-risk precious little P and now has promised to do everything in her power to make this pregnancy/delivery go as normal as possible.  We told my Poppa the news and he was  so excited.  He was actually a little speechless which doesn't happen often.  We also told my sister and Greg.  She loves little P so much and was excited to have another little niece or nephew to love.  Nausea has subsided, bring on the food!!

10 weeks
Scott's parent were ecstatic with the news of  a new baby.  I never get tired of telling our news nor do I grow tired of the excitement that follows.  Our little family hopped a flight to Colorado this week!  My 10 week old fetus and I carefully skied the slopes of Vail and Beaver Creek (ski trip is in another post!).  Feeling bigger by the day but energy level is good and eating anything and everything.

11 weeks
This was an exciting week as we slowly began telling a few friends and Scott's brother and sister-in-law!  I also told my boss at work.  Physically  my belly has really popped!  I think I look fluffy but Scott swears I look pregnant.  Bless his heart.  I'm feeling good!

12 weeks
This week I started Yoga!  I figured there's no time like the present to loosen up and spend an hour of my day relaxing.  The class is one of the perks that comes with working part-time at the university. Evening nausea has returned but hoping this is the last week I will have to deal with it.  I also had one of the worst headaches EVER!!  Weather related or hormone related??  Pants are getting snug and shirts are wanting to ride up.  Time to dig out the maternity clothes!!

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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Christmas Review!

The View from the Top
I’ve had a billion blog topics floating around in my head as of lately…but figured I should play catch-up first. 

The Christmas season was a mix of sadness and hope.  As I’ve mentioned previously, we buried my Grandfather on Christmas Eve.  The sadness was intertwined with grains of hope…as Scott and I had a secret.  A tiny secret that would take its first breath come August. 
In one of the last coherent days I had with my grandfather, I walked into his room and he clasp his hands together and said “you’re pregnant!”  At the time, the thought of me being pregnant had never crossed my mind.  I thought it was his dementia talking.  I laughed and said, “not me!”  He mentioned it 2-3 more times during my visit with him and when I was leaving, he said, “you take care of that baby girl,” and pointed to my stomach.  I laughed again and sadly thought maybe he had me confused with someone else?  Fast forward to now….he was right.  I won’t know if this is a boy or girl for a few more weeks, but what a feeling of happiness to know that he took the knowledge of his brand new great-grandchild to the grave. He knew before anyone else. 
Santa Came!!
Christmas Day was exciting to watch Paisley burst from his bedroom and go straight to his toys from Santa.  He instantly began playing, not giving thought to who brought the toys or why they were even here in the living room.  He simply expressed joy and happiness as all children should on Christmas Day.  Scott and I sat back and watched.  He wondered from his activity table, to his wooden airplane, to his stocking full of treats, touching each item, turning them over and over in his tiny hands.
Merry Christmas!
We unwrapped gifts, we ate breakfast, and leisurely headed to my parents’ house for round two.   The Christmas music was playing, the brunch was simmering, and my father had prepared the Christmas Day scavenger hunt that had been missing for the past year!  I soaked up every second of watching the ones I love celebrate the day, lavish my child with love, and enjoy our time with one another.  I swear it was a scene that I had watched weeks earlier on the Hallmark Channel.  It was by all accounts, picture perfect. 
Family Christmas Perfection
After the dishes had been cleared and gifts had been opened, we packed our car and headed to Scott’s parents’ house for our 3rd and final round.  Surprisingly none of us had trouble finding room for more food.  Paisley began showing signs of present-opening-exhaustion and just wanted to watch everyone else. 
As Christmas Day turned dark and the moon came out, a light snowfall began to fall.  The weather stations were staying we could get a substantial amount of snow.  For Southern Indiana, this is exciting news.  With that information, we loaded our car and headed into the night, homeward bound. 
Christmas Angel
Paisley didn’t put up much of a fuss as I tucked him into bed.  It wasn’t too long after he was asleep that Scott and I made our way to our own bed.  We can chalk Paisley’s second Christmas up as a success. 
I love the tiny traditions of the season that we have begun putting into place for our son.  Just a few I want to remember…
-Cutting down a real Christmas tree

-Putting a tree in P’s room
-Decorating the house with wooden Santa’s and nativities from around the world

-Telling Paisley the story of Christmas and the birth of Christ
-Baking goodies!

-Pictures with Santa
-Reading “Twas the Night Before Christmas” on Christmas Eve, as a family

-Exploring the gifts and stocking from “Santa”

-Visiting P’s grandparents and aunts and uncles

-Showing him the Christmas cards & photos we receive and explaining who they are

We hope you had a blessed and happy Christmas!!

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