Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Eating Cake and Other Happenings

"Gender Party Reveal"
Revealing the gender to my parents needed to be an event. After all, this is the FIRST grandbaby they will ever hold. As Scott and I let the word “Boy” soak into our head, we began to plan a small dessert party for our parents and siblings that very Saturday. Little did they know, the cake they would be eating would be color coded-pink for girl or blue for boy.

Poppa-to-Be with Grandparents-to-Be

As they arrived, they could see a chocolate cake sitting on the table. The plates and napkins didn’t give it away as we used pink, blue and green. My momma showed up with both a pink gift bag and a blue gift bag in hand. She’s always prepared. At our request, both Scott's mom and my mom took a hold of the cake knife. We told them the inside of the cake would reveal the gender of the newest edition to the family. Both of our fathers leaned in close to get a view. My sister-in-law was on her tippy toes trying to see what the cake would reveal. As the thick chocolate icing parted, a blue angel food cake was revealed. Gasps and squeals filled the air as smiles were on every face.

The cake is cut!
Momma promptly handed me the blue bag and Baby P (with my help) opened his first gift! He got a cute little hat that will come in handy during the summer months as well as an adorable little sleeper. Scott’s dad quickly headed back to a wedding reception happening nearby to tell the North Posey football coach that there would be two Fisher boys coming through the high school football program in the years to come. Images of our little boy zooming through our yard on a little 4-wheeler filled all our heads.
It's a BOY!!!
After the cake was devoured and final rounds of “Congratulations” were spoken, our families headed off. Scott and I were finally able to relax knowing that our secret was out. While my family has zero experience with little boys, it’s safe to say they were all very excited with our reveal.

Besides revealing the gender of our baby, we are enjoying week 19 with the little one. It’s hard to believe we are 1 week away from being ½ way through this experience. My hunger has kicked up a notch, so much so that one day this week I ate my girlfriend’s lunch. You know you have a true friend in someone when they give you their lunch because they know you are starving and that you already consumed your own. (She had plans to eat out that day anyway)

I am still in my own clothes! Sure there are a few tops that I’ve had to retire because for some unknown reason they look like midriff tops on me, but for the most part I am wearing 90% of my pre-pregnancy clothing. So, if I make it one more week without having to breakdown and start wearing the maternity clothes, I’ll be pretty dang pleased with myself.
19 week and growing!

Whooo…..Whooo…goes the night owl that lives in my stomach. It’s true. This baby sleeps on and off throughout the day, but come night fall he is ready to party. The other night as Scott and I were in bed, I couldn’t quit laughing because Baby P was running in place. Scott has been lucky enough to feel him move quite a bit. I love that he is able to experience that. Most of the time, it is a jab here and jab there, but other times it feels like the baby is trying to launch himself straight out of my stomach. It’s such a bizarre feeling and I know I am going to miss it when P is in my arms and out of my belly. But, no need to think about that yet, right?

And the worst part of our week…during our anatomy scan, the color of P’s intestines were enough to cause some alarm in our Perinatologist. She gave us the rundown of what it could mean, none of which were positive. Scott and I are very pragmatic people and if there is a chance of issues arising in the future, we want to have as much knowledge and be prepared for whatever may come. With that being said, when she said the only way to know for sure what we were looking at was to have an amniocentesis performed, Scott and I looked at each other and said let’s do it.

The nurse quickly prepped me for the needle and with my arm covering my eyes, they began removing fluid. The needle didn’t hurt really bad, but it did feel like I was pulling a muscle in my stomach which was a weird sensation. Later that night Scott and I confessed to one another that we prayed harder during that 10-15 minutes then we had ever prayed in our lives. The nurse told Scott that his wife was pretty tough because I didn’t even flinch when the needle went in. I overheard Scott tell her that I was stronger than him in more ways than one.

My view from above!  Hello toes...

After it was over, they gave me orders to take it very easy over the next couple days. That night I took P’s blanket that his great-grandma made him and covered up with it on the couch. Scott and I were worried, upset, stressed, and basically at a loss. We already know that the two of us can handle anything that God throws at us, but we wish He would slow down with the road blocks.

Those couple days it took for the test results to come back felt like an eternity. When St. Mary’s number showed up on my cell phone during work one day, I didn’t know if I could answer it or not (of course I did!). As the nurse began to speak, all I could hear was that each and every test they ran came back negative. At the end, she confirmed that it was VERY good news and we had ourselves a chromosomally perfect little boy. My hands were shaking as I quickly called Scott.

Needless to say, it was a rough couple days, but we made it. Our baby made it.

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April 27

In the beginning-Austin City Limits Festival 2007
Four years ago today, I met this blonde haired, blue eyed guy in cargo shorts. I was instantly drawn in by his cute smile, positive attitude, charming ways, funny stories and his hot body didn't hurt either. I would even swear I heard trumpets playing from the heavens above as his eyes locked with mine. He charmed me over coffee, took me out for pizza, and I never wanted the night to end. I gave him my number and drove away with my heart set on hearing from him in the near future.

Bonnaroo! 2008
 Three years ago today, that same boy whisked me away to St. Louis for our year anniversary. We stayed at the Millennium which is one of my favorite hotels! We had a great view of Cardinal stadium and spent the weekend walking around the parks, zoo, shopping, and enjoying being together. As we cozied up in the room that evening, a knock came on our hotel door. There was a white jewelry box on a silver tray. Inside was a beautiful heart shaped diamond necklace. It was officially the best year of my life.

Two years ago today, Scott made reservations for us at the Red Geranium, in New Harmony, IN. When we arrived he wanted to go into the roofless church. I had never been there before and was happy to explore it. As we walked in a light mist started to fall. Scott and I walked under a grove of trees and started talking. A week earlier, Scott and I had been wrestling and he had broken a hair clip of mine. I didn't care, but he made a point of telling me he would get me a new one.

Yellowstone National Park 2009
Now, under the grove of trees, he says, "I have something for you." He pulled out a hair clip that looked exactly like the clip he had broken. I laughed and told him he didn't have to do that, but it was sweet of him. Then, he said, "I have something else for you." I figured it would be the 2nd clip because they always come in packs of 2! At that point, he got on one knee and said, "Kara Elizabeth, will you marry me?" The shock I felt at that moment was unlike anything I've ever experienced! I thought he was kidding! I stared at the very sparkly ring he was holding in front of him. I asked if he was kidding a few hundred which point he asked if I was going to answer him. As I said "YES!" my arms wrapped around him and his around me. We laughed and maybe even shed a tear or 10. We eventually made it to dinner that night and even later he gave me the 2nd clip. Not only had he given me an amazing two years, but here was his promise for an amazing future as well.
Winter Park Colorado 2009

One year ago today, we were in full wedding mode as we were 3 months away from walking down the aisle in Grand Teton National Park. We revisited the Red Geranium and the roofless church, standing in the same spot we had stood in exactly 1 year prior. As we stood there reminiscing on the past 3 years, we couldn't believe not only how quickly time had passed, but how much life we had squeezed into 3 years. We talked about our future and dreamt of where we would be one year from that moment. We daydreamed about the events of our wedding day and couldn't wait to say our "I Do's."

Today….we are less than 20 weeks away from giving birth to our first child. The past 4 years have brought us together, shown us love like we have never known, joined our lives together forever in the most beautiful ceremony I've evern known, and created a new life. It's funny to think back to that first year anniversary. As he fastened the necklace around my neck, I couldn't imagine loving him more than I did at that very minute. Today, the love I have in my heart for him is immeasurable. I can remember exactly how I felt the moment I first saw him…as if my world stopped revolving and all that mattered was the smile on his face. Had you told me than that I was looking at the face of my future husband, father to my children, I would have laughed and wondered if I could be so lucky. Today, I can't imagine any other life than the one I live with him. I can not wait to see what the next 4 years will bring…

Grand Teton National Park 2010
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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The GREAT Gender Reveal!!!!

What started out as a normal appointment turned into anything but normal.  I've told Scott there isn't any point in him taking off work to go to the appointments without an ultrasound because all that happens is I talk to the Dr. and the Dr. listens to the heartbeat.  No big deal.

My sweet Momma refuses to let her baby (that would be me) attend a Dr. appointment solo, so she came with me.  As the Dr. walked into the room, with excitement in her voice, she asked if we learned the gender of the baby yet.  With a confused look on my face, my response was "no?"  She then just looked at me and smiled.  She then goes on to say that the results were on the blood test that I had recently taken.  While she sat there with a smirk on her face, I asked, "Do you know what we're having?"  And with a smile she said, "Yes!"  I immediately told her not to tell me since Scott wasn't with me.  There was no way I was going to know the gender of our baby before him.  She came up with the idea of writing it on  piece of paper and sending that information home with me in a sealed envelope.  That was a plan I was super excited about.

As she stepped out of the room, my mom looked at me with tears in her eyes and couldn't believe we were about to get this wonderful information.  My heart soared as I thought about our evening ahead and that we would know life altering information in such a short time.  As the Dr. came back in with wide eyes, she said, "You are going to kill me." Turns out, the test results didn't have the gender listed as she had previously thought.  She felt so bad for getting my hopes up that she said she would do an ultrasound immediately and I WOULD be going home with the gender results today.  Not one to argue, I was quickly on the u/s table with goo on my belly.

This was the first ultrasound my mother had seen in 30 years.  Needless to say, she was pretty impressed with the improvement in technology.  She got to see her little grandbaby.  It was laying facedown so we got a great view of its perfect little spinal cord.  You could see each vertebrate.  Amazing!  The baby was moving its little arms about and more tears sprang to mommas eyes as she watched the little one move around.  The tech told us to turn our heads as she was traveling south and didn't want us to the babes goods.

She found what she was looking for, printed off  a picture, and sent us on our way with a sealed envelope that said "Surprise" on the outside.  Mom was as excited as I was and even though I knew she wished she could find out immediately what the picture revealed, she didn't even try to get me to open the envelope or let her sneak a peek.  She's so good!

As I got in the car, I excitedly called Scott and told him I had our babes gender in my hands.  He couldn't believe the events that had just taken place and that the gender mystery would come to an end that very night.  I think he may have hurried home quicker than ever before.

As I drove home, I said silent prayers that I wouldn't get in a wreck and the precious envelope would fly out the window.  I made it home safe and sound and patiently waited for Scott to pull up.  As he came in the door, we hugged and laughed and sat down on the couch.  He jokingly asked if I wanted to wait a few more days.  Then he ripped open the envelope and there it was....a picture of our PERFECT baby BOY!!!!!!!  

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Weekend Getaway to Brown County!!

I mentioned to dear husband, "Husband, I really think we need to plan a getaway."  And with that sentence, he booked us a weekend at the Cornerstone Inn, in Brown County!  I was more than happy with that plan.

(Image courtesy of

I hadn't been to Brown County in years, so I was so excited to see the area.  We left Friday afternoon and checked into the Cornerstone Inn about 8pm.  Scott has a co-worker that recommended this Bed & Breakfast, so we had high expectations!! Upon our arrival, the friendly desk clerk told us there were evening snacks in the kitchen area.  Not one to miss out on snacks, Scott and I headed downstairs to the kitchen area.  We were greeted with brownies, Pumpkin cheesecake bars, and cookie bars.  After snacking, we loaded up a plate with extra goodies for later, and headed to our room to check out our home for the next few days.  
(Image courtesy of
Our room was a small walk from the Main Inn.  It was a two story condo that was complete with a balcony, fireplace, and one of the most awesome beds I've ever seen.  It had a small kitchen area and a gliding couch, yes, a gliding couch.  I didn't even know they made couches that moved.  Everything in the room was so new!  The bathroom was breathtaking!  The garden tub was so big that Scott and I could both lay down in it, side by side, and not be the slightest bit crowded.  Yes, we tried it out. :) 

Love this bed...
We were starving by this time (9pm) so we ventured out into the little town to find some dinner.  We quickly noticed the streets were dead! As in, we had the entire place to ourself. 

We stuck our head into various restaurants, but were continually greeted with a "closed" sign.  We figured out it must be off-season for the touristy town because nothing was open at 9pm on a Friday night. 

Luckily we stumbled upon a place called Harvest Moon.  It was a pizza joint and the place was dead.  They were still open, so we grabbed a table.  The pizza was warm and filled our stomachs, but Scott made the comment that the pizza wasn't as good as my homeade pizza.  Smart boy!!!

Happy & Relaxed parents to be!

The nice thing about our Bed and Breakfast is that it is within walking distance from everything!  So after we finished eating, we had a nice little stroll back to our room.  As we climbed into bed, we brought our plate full of snacks to bed with us.  He knows how to keep his pregnant wife happy! 

We slept in the next morning until about 9.  The bed was so comfortable and sheets were some of the softest sheets we had ever slept in! They were so smooth and soft and it felt like sleeping on butter.  We headed back to the main Inn to grab breakfast.  We weren't disappointed with the biscuits and gravy, eggs, potatoes, and homemade sticky rolls.  Everything tasted so good!! 

We strolled through the town and looked in the cozy little shops.  Some of the cottages were made of stone and covered in ivy.  This gave the area a very fairytale like feel.  I loved it!  We stopped into a little coffee shop so Scott could get a drink.  (Yes, I will admit that I took a few sips of the warm cup of happiness).  It was here the barista (a middle-aged man) asked if I was pregnant! This was the first random person that has asked me! I was so excited that someone noticed my bump and didn’t think I was just pudgy! Scott said I should have told the man “no,” but I just couldn’t hide my excitement that someone noticed our baby!

After we explored the town, we headed to the state park to hike the trails.  We did two different trails and ended up walking around 4 miles of somewhat steep terrain.  It still looked very fall-ish, but the sun was out and it felt so good for us to be out in the fresh air.  The park wasn't crowded so we had the trails to ourselves.  After a few hours of exercise, we headed back to town to grab dinner. 

We parked ourselves at the Big Woods Brewing Company.  Who would have thought BBQ nachos would taste so delicious?  It was a great dinner and Scott and I made sure to save room for the desserts that were sure to be waiting for us in the main inn.  We weren't disappointed that evening as we saw the angel food cake, pecan pie squares, and cherry cheesecake.  Scott recommeded we head back to the room for the evening, open up the balcony door to get some fresh air, start the fireplace, and find a movie on tv.  Those were magic words to my ears. 

Morning came to soon and Scott and I left the comfort of the softest sheets ever.  Luckily the pancakes and breakfast casserole made the departure a little easier.  We bid farewell to our weekend getaway and headed back to Evansville.

For those of you following along for the pregnancy updates, fret not, here is your update;

This week we are 17 weeks along.  I can’t believe we are almost to the ½ way point!!! Scott and I are going to be changing diapers and listening to cooing noises before we know it. It’s so crazy because sometimes I don’t feel pregnant at all. The second trimester really is the “golden period.” I just feel like I’ve simply put on some weight, not that I am growing another human being. I’m not going to lie, I am absolutely loving this phase.

I’ve already started looking back on the first 17 weeks. So far, life as a pregnant girl hasn’t changed too many things. Obviously I have cut back on my caffeine. From 3-4 cups a week to a cup maybe every 2 weeks. I have also cut (as much as possible ) high fructose corn syrup out of our diet. This means reading the labels on everything from yogurt, BBQ sauce, fruit juice, and anything else you can imagine. While HFCS isn’t completely awful, one of the books I’ve been reading says we should steer clear of it. While I know it is impossible to completely cut it out, if there are items that we can easily replace that contain it, we go that route. I also know that there are a million different things that people say are good vs. bad while pregnant. For whatever reason, this is one of those things that I can easily abide by, so why not. Also, I’ve read that Aspartame isn’t exactly great for a fetus. So this means all of my flavored water drink mixes that I love so much have now been put on the top shelf until I birth this baby.

Between work, growing a baby, and weekend getaways, we are keeping ourselves pretty busy.  This is such an exciting time in our lives and we are trying to soak in every moment!

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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Pregnant and Happy

The Fisher bump at 16 wks!
 March 28 (16 wks) The funny thing about pregnancy is at the beginning, as you watch the fetus grow from the size of a poppy seed to an orange, those weeks pass so slowly. Maybe it’s because we just wanted to make it to the safety of the 2nd trimester or maybe it was because we were keeping Baby P a secret, but it seemed like every day just dragged by. Now, at 16 weeks, time is flying. I kind of wish it would slow down just a bit. I have begun feeling baby flutter about in my stomach. It's usually right after I eat and is comparable to feeling like I swallowed a little bird that's in there flapping its wings. It also feels like my stomach is the epicenter of a tiny earthquake and I feel little trembles that spread throughout my entire stomach. It’s awesome. A little strange at first…but I love it.

Thank goodness for belly bands, they may be the greatest invention ever! I wear one every day. I have a black one and a nude one. My tops are all still fitting like normal and since my pants are still able to be worn (with the help of the belly band), I have yet to dive into the world of maternity clothes. To the average stranger on the street, you would never know I was pregnant. To those that know me, I’ve got a round little belly. Thus far, I’ve put on about 8lbs. I have no idea if this is normal or not, but it’s all in my boobs and belly, so I’m ok with it.
We have had a blast telling people about the baby. After we had our 13 week appointment, we begun telling the world. I started with my girlfriends either giving them a call or seeing them in person. Some had noticed I had gotten a little rounder in the middle but others were completely shocked. We told Scott’s friends over dinner and they were fairly surprised as well. Everyone was so congratulatory and happy. I also announced via Facebook that we were expecting and loved watching the comments add up. By this point, we had already told both of our immediate families. They are all happy we are expanding our Fisher family.

My love/hate with food continues. I still don’t want anything to do with vegetables but will take a piece of fruit anyday/anytime. I still drink chocolate milk nightly. Sleeping has already become a small issue. I’ve heard friends say that your body starts preparing you to function on little sleep and I think that is where I’m at. I can fall asleep so easily, but it’s staying asleep that is the issue. I am averaging 1 bathroom break in the middle of the night. Aside from going to the bathroom, I am constantly rotating from side to side. I use to be a belly sleeper, but obviously that is out of the question at this point. I have a huge 4 ft long pillow that I’ve been sleeping with “man pillow” that I’ve been using to help me keep from unknowingly rolling onto my stomach at night. Scott thinks man pillow takes up most of the bed and threatens to kick out man pillow, but he knows better.

My co-workers have been great with the pregnancy and I love when they ask me how the baby is doing. I am trying to make an effort not to be one of those people that force their pregnancy/kids down the throat of others. But, if they ask me about it, then I feel like they are asking to hear me talk about it for next few minutes. :) I also don’t mind when people I know touch the baby bump! While some people may be weirded out about it, I don’t mind at all. Now, if some random person in Wal-Mart came up to me and touched the belly, then I might feel a little weird about that. But if I know you, feel free to pat the bump.

Our next appointment is April 7th. This is just a normal appointment and we will hear the heartbeat. Then the following week on April 12th is the big gender reveal. I have been saying this entire time, I think it’s a boy. My reasons; I haven’t been that nauseous. When I hear about other people and their morning sickness, mine was a piece of cake compared to theirs. And since the old wives tale says girls cause nausea, I am thinking I have me a bundle of boy in there. AND…I have begun having dreams about baby. As in I have seen and held our future baby boy. He is chubby as can be, has long blonde hair with a bit of curl, and the biggest blue eyes you’ve ever seen. Yes, I’m dreaming that baby looks like Scott did when he was little. Not sure if that means anything, but I just have a strong feeling that it is a boy!

Scott and I will be taking the baby on its first adventure to Florida over Thanksgiving. Yes, we are aware that taking a 2 month old on a plane may be less than relaxing, but the baby needs to learn to travel at some point. And, since the baby is going to be spending time in Florida every year for probably at least the next 18 years, it might as well get used to the area. We are so excited about that vacation!!

In the meantime, we have plans to spend the upcoming weekend in Brown County at a sweet little bed and breakfast. We are going to spend some time hiking in the state park, maybe do some canoeing depending on the weather, and overall relaxing! Other plans for this summer include a surprise getaway weekend for Scotts birthday. I have something super cool planned for him, but I am not telling him where we are going or what we are doing until the night before we leave.  Once August 6th hits, we will be remaining in Vanderburgh County for the rest of my pregnancy. I would hate to start having contractions anywhere outside the tri-state area.

And that catches you up with the Fisher family of 2 ½ .

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