Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Whistler with Kids Part 1

Our little travelers
As our 9th annual ski trip was in the planning phase, there was some interest in hopping the boarder and skiing in Whistler, Canada.  Accommodations were a little trickier than normal as there aren't a lot of VRBO's up for rental near the ski area.  We settled on a hotel room with a kitchenette, renewed our passports and waited on our departure date.
The boys
We flew out of the airport near our home, while a little more expensive, saved us a couple hours in the car with little people whom were already facing a long travel day.  Armed with snacks, prizes and coloring books, we boarded our flight and headed to Chicago!
Discussing runway activity
After boarding the plane from Chicago to Vancouver, we were mildly nervous there wasn't a movie screen on this flight.  We had planned on the kids being entertained on the 4+ hour flight with a movie  or two.  Luckily, the time flew (literally) and the items we brought were enough to keep our travelers happy.

Passing through customs was a breeze and suddenly we were in the car driving along the Straight of Georgia.  It was absolutely beautiful and I wish we had the time for sea kayaking.  We didn't spot any whales although it was not due to lack of looking.  The kids both crashed which was a blessing since they had been up since 4am.

We grabbed groceries in Squamish and headed to Whistler.  Pinnacle Hotel was our home for the next few days.  The hotel lobby reminded me of being in a hostel in Europe.  It was pretty outdated and very basic.  I could tell Scott was mildly concerned as he looked around surveying the area.  Once we ventured to our room on the 3rd floor, his fears were alleviated as our room and our bathroom were more up to date.  The balcony with a view of the mountains didn't hurt either.  
My little skier
We ventured out into the little town to find ski rental for the boys.  Paisley was super excited to get fitted for his.  With ski school beginning early the next morning, I was worried he would be to excited to sleep (luckily that wasn't the case).  Our hotel was close to the library and an easy walk to Main Street which contained shops and restaurants.  The hotel location was perfect for everything we wanted to do.
Good night!
Back at the hotel we cleaned up and before we could turn out the lights, these 2 had crashed.  It was a 14+ hr day of traveling, but the memories to be made over the next few days would be well worth it.
To Be Continued...