Saturday, November 16, 2013

...and then she was 3 (months that is)

At Birth                                3 Months
   7lbs 5oz                               13lbs 14oz 
                               19.5 inches                            23+ inches 
(I can't find my measuring stick)

I almost can't handle this cute little face.  I can't hold her without rubbing my nose over her head, breathing in her sweet baby smell. Her fuzzy fine hair tickles my nose as it passes over. My lips continually find their way to her soft chubby cheeks. I firmly kiss each one before planting a kiss on her tiny button nose. She looks at me with her doe like blue eyes and a gummy smile springs to her face. I can't get enough of this baby. 

Little dolly is changing by the minute. However, she is a mommas girl and I don't see that changing anytime soon. She refuses to take a bottle so I don't stray to far from her. She'll refuses a bottle,  refuses a pacifier, but give her your finger and she'll happily chew it until you pull it out of her mouth.

Her hair is rubbed bald in the back of her head from all the moving around she does in her crib at night.  I can lay her one direction and by morning she has worked herself into a 180.  Her eyes have changed slightly from that newborn steel blue to a brighter shade of pure blue.  I think I may be staring into the eyes of my second blue eyed baby.  I'm sure she's gotten longer within the past month, but for the life of me can not find anything to measure her with.  

Little dolly is wearing 3-6 month clothes and size 2 diapers.  I have her in cloth for most days but continue to do paper at night.  She wears size 1 shoes, but they slide off pretty easy.  She has a chubby little foot that is thick as it is wide.  Her hands are chubby as can be sporting multiple rolls in the spot where most people wear bracelets.  I'll go ahead and add they are the cutest wrists I've ever seen.  
She continues to be a great eater.  I let her dictate when she wants to eat so there is not a set daytime schedule.  At night she has been great about eating her final meal around 8:15pm and sleeping until 3am.  After a quick snack she'll go back to sleep until about 7am.  I love that schedule.  She watches us eat all our meals and I swear she's dreaming of the day she gets a waffle or ear of corn.

She's a little talker!  She reserves her long stories for her mom and dad, but will make jibber jabber with others.  She flat out laughs when her dad blows on her belly where I get shrill squeaks when I do it.  She holds great eye contact when she wants too, but if annoyed or over stimulated she will fixate on anything other then who is talking to her.  She will lock eyes on her brother and will follow him around the room.  I think this is a safety mechanism so she knows his constant whereabouts.  

-The jumperoo
-Play mat with mirror (she thinks shes a pretty baby and she's right)
-Bath time
-Diaper changes
-Seeing me first thing in the morning
-Car rides
-Sucking on her hands

-Having her clothes changed
-Her brothers loud screams
-Artificial nipples
-Being woken up for any reason

-Halloween (she was a pumpkin)
-Finding her hands and using them with a purpose
-First hotel stay (Louisville)
-First wedding (Kenneth & Michelle)

She loves snuggling with her momma and I don't mind being her favorite person in the world (that will probably change a little bit when I'm not her sole source of food).  I love looking into her eyes and telling her how much I love her.  She's perfect in every way and I'm so happy to be her momma.

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