Thursday, July 28, 2011

You're Invited!!

What-A Dance Party

Where-P's Womb (my uterus)

When-Every night

Time-4AM until ??

I'm worried that baby P may come out with glow-sticks in hand as it feels like I have a little raver in here.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Ticking Time Bombs, Vampires, and Starvation...Oh My!

32 weeks!
As of today, we hit the 33 week mark of being pregnant!!!

-9 of those weeks have been spent flat on my back.
-3 of those weeks have been spent in the hospital.

Baby P should weigh between 4.5 and 5 lbs.  I continue to have some pretty aggressive heartburn which in my mind means he is just getting more and more hair!

I have not gone stir crazy!  As mentioned previously, I am reading books and magazines, working Sudoku puzzles, and I've begun working on a braided rug for P's room.  I also continue to have the most loving friends and family.  Between visits, calls, e-mails, and packages, I am 100% entertained and taken care of.  Each interaction means the world to me and I hope each of these people that send a card or stop by know that their prayers, thoughts, love and friendship have helped get us to where we are today!

That being said...I may have had a mini meltdown last week.  I managed to have it without anyone else being around.  I call it the day that contained a series of misfortunate events that led me to host my very own pity-party.  This is how it went;

-Each day, I am put on a monitor at 3 different times a day for roughly an hour each time.  On this particular day, I got put on the monitor and they left me on there for 2 hours. (My nurse forgot about me)  While on the monitor, I developed a VERY full bladder. One way to make me cranky, make me hold my bladder for an hour.

-The 2 hours just happened to fall over lunch. I can't order food while on the monitor, which meant I laid there starving.  If you haven't been pregnant, I can't describe how serious hunger is to a pregnant girl.  After I was off the monitor I had to wait 45 minutes for the cafeteria to make my food and deliver it. Another way to make me cranky, starve me.

-While waiting for food, I decided to have a piece of banana bread that my mom had brought me. As I go to cut me a piece, I realize that housekeeping must have taken my knife. So unless I wanted to eat directly off the loaf, there was no way to cut the bread.

So I sulked.  I curled up and pulled my blankets over my head.  I listened to my stomach growl and hoped I wasn't starving our baby.  Eventually, lunch showed up and after I gobbled it down, I slowly returned to my nice self.

As one would imagine, being in a hospital for 3 weeks I have met a lot of the nurses and Dr's.  This past weekend, the Dr. on call came to meet me.  As he walked in he said, "You're the one I've heard all about."  As I questioned what he meant by this he said, "You're the ticking time bomb of labor and delivery."  While I am thankful he knows about my condition should he need to assist in the future, I wasn't sure how to feel about him viewing my uterus as a ticking time bomb?  I guess there are worse things I could be known for, right?

I'll end this blog with my least favorite part of my entire hospital stay as well as a happy thought.  My least favorite part....the Vampires.  In case you weren't aware, there are these people called phlembotonists that lurk in the hallways.  Every 3rd day they slip into my room before the sun comes up and take blood.  Every 3 days.  I dread those days. 

My happy thought...3 more weeks and I'll hit 36 weeks!  This is the absolute last day my Dr. will let me carry this baby.  Which means I'm 21 days or less from seeing my son.  A year ago I never even thought about kids.  Today I can't put into words how much I love this boy that I've never met.

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One Year Ago....

I woke with a feeling of calm and excitement I had never known.  The day had come that I would marry the man that I didn't want to spend another second of my life without.

Exactly one year later, we didn't have the luxury anniversary trip that we had previously planned on, but our celebration was still one to remember. 
 Even though these days I get all my meals served to me in bed, it was nice to have Scott next to me as we had an anniversary breakfast in bed.  He surprised me with beautiful flowers that contained the same types of flowers and color scheme as the flowers I carried on our wedding day.  He also gave me a very precious gift that brought tears to my eyes. 

He brought the top layer of our wedding cake to the hospital and together as we ate it, we remembered all the details of our big day.  We laughed about things that happened and agreed that we wouldn't change a single thing about our day.  The cake still tasted good after a year! 

The nurses and on-call Dr. helped make our day special by making us a card and stopping in to wish us Happy Anniversary. Instead of hospital food, Scott brought in Italian that tasted so good.

It's fun to think ahead a year to where we will be and what we will be doing as we celebrate our 2nd anniversary.  While we never dreamt a year ago that we would spend our first anniversary in the hospital, we realized the most important part of our day was that we were together.  And even in a hospital, that made the day perfect.

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Life in Labor and Delivery

The location of P's upcoming (first) vacation...St. Petersburg, FL

You know how the night before vacation, you have a hard time sleeping because you think of everything you need to do/pack and you are so bloody excited?  Well the night before checking into the hospital for a long term stay is kind of the same way, minus the surge of excitement. 

I laid in bed and watched the sun stream through the window as my husband silently snoozed next to me.  Alone with my thoughts, I realized that this would be the last time I would wake up in our bed without a baby in the next room.  I then had a mini moment of panic.  All this time, I had been so focused on P's health, keeping him in there, and just getting through one day at a time that I hadn't taken the time to think about post-delivery.  Once I have this baby...we will have a baby!  Cripes!  That thought scared the daylights out of me.  Obviously I knew we were having a baby, but there has been so many other issues that I had to process first that I am just now realizing that soon, very soon, bouncing baby boy is going to take up residence out of my womb and in our spare room!  What if he doesn't like me? Or what if I don't hear him wake up in the middle of the night and he starves before morning?  How do we raise him so he doesn't become a serial killer?  Yes, those are all thoughts that ran through my mind before 7am. 

Image courtesy of Google
I may have taken the longest shower ever that morning.  Knowing that long showers won't be a common occurrence once P is here, I used every drop of hot water we had.  I conditioned, shaved, loofahed and used every other bath product our home contained.  It was wonderful.  As Scott woke up and we finished packing, we had one final pre-baby date.  He took me to IHOP for pancakes.  I have craved and enjoyed pancakes this entire pregnancy.  That morning was no exception.  I smothered my warm cakes in warm maple syrup and savored every second of our date. It ended far too soon and before I knew it, we were pulling up in front of the hospital.

The check in process was very quick and smooth.  I was put in the same room I had previously been in during our overnight in May.  Scott went to work getting our toiletries put in the bathroom and unpacking our bag.  Soon enough we had transformed our hospital room into a make shift studio apartment.  The room is a nice size and I have 1 wall that is all windows facing the west.  While it's not ideal to hang out in a hospital room for 5+ weeks, the set-up makes it a lot easier to swallow. 

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The first few days flew by!  There are several privileges I am allowed that are quite enjoyable!  From 10pm-8am, my Dr has asked the nurses not to disturb us so we get to have quiet nights together and have uninterrupted sleep!  Since I'm not monitored at night I leave my hospital bed and curl up with Scott on the queen size air mattress (Thank you Cori!).  One night on the fold out couch was all it took for Scott to realize we needed a different sleeping arrangement.  Luckily our sweet friend quickly supplied us with an air mattress.

Everyday I am allowed a 1 hr wheelchair ride that I look so forward to!  Scott will take me towards the end of the day and we'll go outside for some fresh air.  At that time of the day the heat isn't so bad.  Scott would argue that statement as he's pushing around his non-size 4 wife and he usually breaks into a little sweat.

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I am very fortunate to have the sweetest nurses.  They are all so good to Scott and I and take wonderful care of me and my little bump.  One even confessed to Scott (while I was in the bathroom) that I was the favorite patient on this floor.  The cleaning lady told me the other day that I was the happiest patient she had seen in a long time.  Mentally, I am at peace knowing I am exactly where I need to be.  It is comforting to know my Dr is close by and everyone is kind of on stand by waiting for P to make a move.  The situation is literally re-examined day by day to see how P is doing and if my uterus is wanting to evict its tenant. 

As of last Friday, P was measuring 3lbs 8oz. Yesterday we celebrated his 31wks in utero.  This week he should hit 4lbs based on how his weight has been trending.  We continue to hope he wants to have his birthday in August!!

Thank you again for the prayers and thoughts.  We'll keep you updated as we continue our adventure towards parenthood one day at a time.

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