Thursday, August 30, 2012

Little Fish Turns One!!!

From then...
to now... 
This is the 12th post I've created detailing the happenings of our little fish...12 months of sharing our home, our hearts, everything we have with this tiny miracle.  12 months have come and gone in the blink of eye...12 months of tears, laughter, sleepless nights, countless snuggles, and unconditional love.  These past 12 months have been indescribable.

Birth Stats         12 Month Stats
6lbs. 5.9oz           20 lbs. 7oz.
19 inches long     30  3/4th inches long

This lucky little boy got to celebrate his birthday on 3 different occasions, but the birthday celebrations deserve a blog of their that will come shortly!  In the meantime, here is what our 1 year old has been up to;

Dancing (Baby boy LOVES dancing/music!)
Playing (This kid will push a truck, shoe, or onesie all over the house and back, while making truck noises)
Growing his bottom 2 teeth
Growing his top 2 teeth
Cutting Molars
Pointing out objects "monkey" and "trucks" are his favorites
Responding to questions by shaking his head (usually "No")
Making funny faces

Little guy is BUSY!  I capitalize that word because it sums up our kiddo.  From the second he wakes up, he crawls off to the nearest toy, sometimes before he even has his eyes open.  Now that he is a walker, he will walk from room to room, stumbling like he's been hitting the bottle, and I'm not talking about the milk bottle!
Paisley still nurses twice a day.  It's the last thing he does before falling asleep and he nurses again once at night, usually around 4am.  Yes, you read that right, baby boy STILL gets up once a night.  While it's not ideal, I really don't mind getting up once a night.  He's not going to need me forever so I'm going to enjoy this time. 

He is an awesome eater!!!  He will eat anything and everything that is put in front of him.  He will actually shove a fistful of food in his mouth if his dad or I don't stop him.  He loves drinking milk and ice water out of a sippy cup.  He always wants to try what his Daddy and I are drinking.  We have let him sip some chocolate milk and lemonade.  Naturally he liked both. 
I don't have time to sit! I need to PLAY!!
Paisley has also become quite the little jabberwalkie!  He is constantly walking around saying "Dada" and "Momma."  He also throws in a Ba Ba Ba occasionally.  And when he wants something, that boy will point at it and wants it immediately!

We are still wearing cloth diapers as we haven't mastered peeing on the potty 100% of the time yet.  And finally he has signed to go potty when he had to do a #2 and we were in the car!   So progress is being made.  Have I mentioned that I LOVE not changing poopy diapers. 

I've packed up most of the infant toys at this point, his King Nepetune's underwater adventure play mat, the rain forest jumperoo, and some of his rattles have been lovingly packed away in bins.  I had to make room for his birthday gifts!  He's currently wearing 12-18 month clothes and size 4 shoes.  It just blows my mind how much this little guy has grown and changed in the past 12 months!

He gets cuter and funnier with each passing day.  Even thought he's now my big 1 year old, he's still "just my baby."  And I love that baby more than anything..
Here's looking at you kid...
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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Dear Paisley Andrew

January 6, 2011 is the day your father and I found out you were planning to join our family.  We sat on the couch and alternated between laughing and freaking out.  At that very second, our hearts filled with so much love for you.  It's unbelievable how much you can love someone that you have never met. While you were just the size of an appleseed, your father and I were already making plans for the Fish3 and planning the rest of our lives around you. 

In May we found out that it was in your best interest for me to take it easy and go on bed rest.  While I knew bedrest wouldn't be easy, I would have done anything in the world to protect you.  Before I ever laid eyes on you, I had already turned in to the protective mother bear.  I like to think we bonded long before you were ever born as I laid on the couch singing and talking to you.

The morning of August 17th as I was rushed in to the operating room, my heart was racing, but I knew you were going to be fine.  I knew each one of your rib cracking kicks was your way of saying "hey mom, I'm fine!  See, I'm a strong boy *KICK.*"  I laid on the table as silent and motionless as I could, listening to every sound, praying to hear your cry.  As I heard a bear cub like growl, I knew that was you.  I watched your Daddy look at you for the first time and it was as if he was looking at the most precious item ever to grace the world.  Then my eyes saw your tiny scrunched up face and I kissed your head.  I knew life would never be the same and my heart doubled in size in those few seconds. 

Bringing you home and learning all about you has been nothing short of witnessing miracles daily.  We were contstantly surprised at your strength, your awareness, your appitite, and the affection you showed us from day 1.  As days, weeks, and months passed, your personality reflected a happy, funny, inquisitive, quick learning, busy little boy.  Those toothless gummy smiles were constant and if you didn't have 100% attention from both your Daddy and I, you were quick to get our attention with either a shreik or hitting the table with your hand.  You learned early how to command the attention of an entire room. 

You are happiest when you are home with your Daddy and I, perferbly right smack dab in the middle of us.  I admit that I am also happiest when I am with my 2 boys. You love a party and being social, and will smile at each and every person that looks your way.  You don't mind sitting off playing by yourself, as long as you can look over your shoulder and see your Daddy or I. 

I know this is going to sound biased, but you are the smartest, strongest, most beautiful little baby I have ever seen.  I am so lucky to be your mother and to get to have you in my life.  I didn't feel as though your father and I were missing anything in our lives prior to your arrival, but now the two of us need you, love you, and want you, just as badly as you need, love, and want us. 

Now you are my big 1 year old baby boy.  I look back on the past year with the happiest, most loving, peaceful thoughts possible.  I look to the future with excitment, happiness, and a love that will continue to grow daily.  I promise to continue to nurture you, support you, and love you throughout all the years of our lives.  Your dad and I will always be your #1 fans, your biggest supports, and will love you forever. 

Thank you Paisley Andrew for giving us the title of parents and teaching us about patience and love.  Happy 1st birthday.  Love, Mommy and Dadda

Monday, August 6, 2012

Birthday Party Nashville Style

First and foremost I will always be a wife and Momma. However, look past the sleepy eyes, unbrushed hair, and the sparkling wedding ring, and there's me, Kara Elizabeth, the girl that loves traveling, laughing, and living in the million moments that make up the day.
Recently I took a "girls" trip to Nashville with 6 other fun and fabulous girls to celebrate the birth of our dear friend KW.  Up until this point, I had left P alone with my parents so Scott and I could have a little alone time.  However, this would be my first overnight without either boy.  *Gulp*  The night before I left, I totally had mixed emotions about leaving them and even had some guilt about going.  "Should I not go?" I asked Scott repeatedly.  I think he was actually glad when I finally left so he wouldn't have to keep telling me I "needed" to go have some fun with the girls. 
One glass of champagne and we are already doubled over in laughter
Once we got in Nashville and checked into the hotel, I was finally able to relax and realize this trip is good for me and my boys.  I needed some girl time to refuel my battery and kick up my boots (literally).  The birthday celebration began with a toast to our beautiful friend.  We even had matching shirts made with "Weaver-isms" on them.  It wouldn't be a girls weekend if we didn't hit The Green Hills Mall, so that is exactly what we did.  While we were there, I realized while walking by Regis that my hair was in desperate need of a cut.  In I went and an hour and a half later, she had taken off 25% of my hair .  Yikes! That's a lot of hair, but I needed the change!! 
Post fashion show...ready to go!
After shopping, it was back to the hotel to relax and prep for our night on the town.  I was able to FaceTime with my boys a little bit.  P was more interested in chewing on the phone than actually talking to me, but that's OK.  He's just a baby. 
Stay here? Ok! (Image courtesy of Google)
We stayed at Indigo, located in downtown Nashville.  It was a super neat and swanky hotel.  I had forgotten how fun it is to get ready to go out with a bunch of girls.  Our rooms became runways as we tried on various outfits deciding on what to wear.  In the end, short dresses and cowboy boots seemed to be our theme.  We grabbed dinner at a great sushi joint before heading to music row. 

Love this photo
After popping into a few bars, we had the most fun at Honky Tonk Central.  It is a 3 story bar but we were having so much fun on the first floor that we never ventured up to check out level 2 and 3. The band was excellent and I may have even had a small girl crush on the fiddle player.  She was awesome!
Dancing Fools!
Once we started dancing, we didn't stop.  3-4 solid hours of dancing in front of the stage flew by in know time.  It had been a while since I had danced like that and man oh man did it feel good.  Loud music, great friends, and me clapping, stomping, and twirling to the beat of the music.  As the night wore on, we hailed a taxi back to our hotel where pizza and brownies were consumed.  I curled up in the super soft bed and within seconds was out.
End of the night photo
The next day as Scott and P picked me up at KW's apartment, I was so happy to see "my" boys.  Scott even brought me a cold coffee from McDonald's.  Not that I needed a reminder that I have an incredible, thoughtful and loving husband, but here was cold liquid proof that I happily sipped down.
A night in Nashville and breakfast at the Waffle House later...
While the Mommy-Guilt was not an easy pill to swallow, we all survived my weekend away.  I don't have plans to leave both my boys anytime in the near future, but when the time comes, I will remember that Mommy-Guilt is best cured with good friends, good music, and a pair of cowboy boots. 

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Friday, August 3, 2012

St. Louis Getaway!!

As Scott and I were nearing our  2nd year anniversary, we were all across the map on where we should vacation and what we should do.  Before we became parents, it was no big deal to hop a plane and vacation in what ever location struck out fancy.  Since becoming parents, we are very conscience about taking trips that even the smallest fish finds enjoyable.  After checking flights and googling a million different ideas, we decided to turn our anniversary celebration into a family friendly, long weekend, drivable mini-vacation.
Packed and ready to go!!
One of the perks of living in Southern Indiana is that Nashville, Louisville, Indianapolis and St. Louis are all within a quick 2-3 hour drive.  Scott and I had spent our very 1st anniversary as a couple in St. Louis, so that location holds a special place in our hearts.  We thought it was fitting to take our little dumplin with us to experience the city.
The Arch
As we drove to St. Louis on a Friday, we got stuck in bumper to bumper traffic.  I'm talking the kind of traffic that you might as well get out of your car and stretch because you are going to be there awhile.  It became clear to Scott and I that Paisley was not enjoying the stand still traffic and he quickly grew tired and fussy of just sitting there.  I hopped into the back seat with him thinking I could perhaps entertain him.  That proved to only agitate him further.  Then I noticed the telltale signs that baby boy had to use his potty.  So I did the unthinkable...I took him out of his car seat, dropped his diaper, and sat him on the potty which was riding in the floorboard behind the passenger seat.  Thank goodness we hadn't forgot the potty because little men had to go!!  After his potty break and a quick snack, we were all in better spirits and traffic started moving!  We may or may not have left a small token of our presence in the middle of the road (don't judge, it's biodegradable). 

Scott and I had made reservations at Union Station and I was so excited to pull up to the old train station.  It was a beautiful building on the inside and out.  Our room was big and clean and Paisley loved playing on the King sized bed. 
Happy baby in a BIG bed!
After unloading our suitcases and relaxing for a bit, off we headed towards the arch.  It was a pretty hot evening, but as long as we kept moving it was not unbearable.  We had Paisley in his stroller and he was pretty happy watching the busy sights and sounds of St. Louis.  It was well past dinner time and we were all starving.  We randomly walk into a restaurant off 7th street and little did we know it was a super nice fine dining steak house.  So nice that they didn't have high chairs.  We didn't let this small detail stop us from pushing our stroller in and snuggling up into a swanky leather booth.  I'm sure the couple seated next to us were shooting daggers our way, but were in a for a pleasant surprise when our little guy noshed on bacon wrapped shrimp cocktail and was the picture of baby perfection. Sure he may have dropped our silverware on the floor once or five times, but at least he wasn't fussy!!
Fine dining with a tot
After our delicious dinner, we walked back to our hotel and Paisley fell asleep in his stroller.  We stopped at the lobby bar and had a night cap.  Scott had a beer and I enjoyed a root beer float.  Paisley had no idea what he was missing!   We made it back up to the room and tucked Paisley into his Pack-n-Play.  We all slept good!!
Tram Time
Saturday morning it was off to Grant's Farm.  I had been there when I was little and was excited to show Scott and Paisley.  Paisley enjoyed the tram ride through the grounds and was excited to see all the animals.  Well, he was excited until a bison started running right next to us at the same speed as the tram.  The bison definitely got the side eye from Paisley. 

Pool time with Dadda
We enjoyed seeing the famous Budweiser Clydesdale's and strolling through the grounds.  After we left, we came back to our hotel so Scott and Paisley could swim.  I relaxed in a lounge chair and watched them swim and enjoyed an ice cold beverage. 

For dinner we walked to the nearby Landry's seafood house.  It was just "ok."  I think I am bit spoiled as unless you are on the ocean, seafood just doesn't taste as good.  But, it was still enjoyable and we learned on this trip that Paisley is not allergic to shrimp or fish.  After dinner we took a paddle boat ride.  Paisley liked watching the giant goldfish swim around our boat.  Scott wanted to see how fast we could paddle the boat.  I just wanted to leisurely float along.  Scott won. 
Nightfall was upon us so back to the room we went.  Paisley went down early and Scott and I snuggled up to watch a movie.  Yes we could have had a more romantic anniversary, but we had each other, a sweet sleeping baby, and a decent movie on tv. And the king sized bed that we were snuggled up was much more comfortable than the hospital bed we shared a year ago! 
Cheers to a happy anniversary and the unknown location and itinerary of anniversary #3!!!

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