Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Today Show Fan of the Week!

I've never been so excited to see my own face!
A few months ago as the Today Show was wrapping up the hour of Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb (Hoda Coffee if you're my 2 year old), they mentioned submitting a photo for a chance to be the "Fan of the Week."  The next day the kids and I took a few photos of us watching the show and submitted them.
Fast forward a couple months and I was driving down the road when a strange number called.  Typically I don't answer random numbers, but the phone call from NYC caught my eye.  When the voice on the other end said they were with the Today Show, I nearly hung up on them thinking it was a prank.

The caller explained I was a finalist and I would need to be available to Skype with KLG & Hoda the following Monday.  I was given instructions on e-mailing additional information and a few additional photos.  I was so nervous and excited while speaking with her!

Monday rolled around and we excitedly answered the Skype call.  It was their sound technician and a producer that made sure we were all systems go.  At this point I was still assuming I was just a finalist and was instructed that I would know if I was the "Fan of the Week" when they spun the globe and whoever popped up was the winner.    They were all super friendly and kept saying "we hope you are the winner!"  I was anxious and the kids had no idea why we were staring so intently into the computer!
It's us!!!
Finally it was time for the segment and with excitement we watched the show and suddenly our faces popped up!  It was awesome being able to talk to KLG and Hoda and I was super glad the kids behaved and didn't do anything crazy!! Of course I had lined the table with their favorite snacks and fruit slices to keep their little hands and mouths busy.

Here's the segment!


I was super nervous that I would not get the correct answer to the question they asked in regards to Hoda's book, but luckily I nailed it and won a trip to Ft. Lauderdale!  As quick as the segment began we were saying our good-byes and I stayed on the line to exchange details with the producer.

After hanging up I attempted to reach Scott to tell him the good news.  He was in a meeting and didn't answer my call, but first received a text from a friend in Texas that he had just saw me on the Today Show.  I thoroughly enjoyed receiving texts and calls from family and friends that had seen the show and I even got recognized by strangers in our hometown grocery store on a couple different occasions.

My 15 minutes of fame may be over, but Scott and I are looking forward to our trip to the beach this fall!  Being on national tv was exciting and fun and I'm so glad I took a chance and sent them a couple pictures.  The downside is Paisley and Lila think we're good friends with KLG and Hoda and ask frequently when we're going to Skype with them again.

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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Mom Friends

There's part of a Keith Urban song that says "And suddenly my little world just got a whole lot bigger, yes it did.  And people that I barely knew, they love me cause I'm part of you."

I had no idea that having a child(ren) really and truly brought new people deep into your life.
My first "mom" friend and our crew
When looking for a crib for Lila on Craigslist, I came across a posting of the exact bed I wanted.  The location was near our home in a nice neighborhood.  Arrangements were made, we met the family, the crib was purchased and we headed home.  That night, I received a text from the mom asking "Would you want to get our kids together to play?"  She had 2 young daughters and I was absolutely flattered that in our text exchanges and brief meeting, she felt comfortable enough with me to get our kids together.  She was the first "mom friend"I made....a friendship that probably never would have occurred had I not had kids.
Little friends
Although my craigslist friend has now moved away and our lives are no longer nearly as connected, I will always reflect on her as my first "mom friend."  She was my training wheels as I ventured into this world of bringing new friends into our lives simply because they also had kids of similar age.

As a side note, Scott learned that "mom friends" don't always turn out like a bad Lifetime movie with your child getting snatched and the "mom friend" disappearing into the night.  Thank goodness!  Maybe it was because I made this particular one off Craigslist that made him so nervous.  Anyway...

My next "mom friend" came when Paisley was 18 months old, but it took a few months before we cemented our friendship.  Her daughter (Lainey) and Paisley were in the same KinderMusik class.  We always sat next to one another and exchanged pleasantries, our young children content with staring at one another and enjoying the music.
He's always had eyes for this little girl....
As the semester ended, I asked Scott if he thought it was weird if I asked this mom to get together over the summer.  He encouraged it, and I stepped out of my comfort zone and asked the mom (Krista) if she would want to get together.  I seriously felt like I was asking another girl on a date.  I was nervous and anxious and wasn't sure how she would respond.  Luckily she happily accepted the invitation and we got our families together numerous times over the summer.
Group of cuties
Fast forward a little over 2 years later....Paisley frequently talks about marrying Lainey.  They're friendship is cute and sweet and Paisley also loves hanging out with Lainey's older brother.  As an added bonus....Scott enjoys hanging out with Lainey's dad, I love hanging out with Lainey's mom, and the 4 kids between us play together about as good as any 4 children can play together.  We've taken a weekend lake trip with them and split time between one another's home.  It's a wonderful friendship that never would have taken place without the birth of our babes.
One of my "Mom Friends"-So Glad her crew came into our lives 
There are so many unexpected bonuses to having kids and introducing new families into our circle is definitely one of them.  I never expected to form such friendships when we started doing various kid-centered activities, but I am so thankful for those that have formed.

Have you made good connections with "mom friends" as you've entered the world of motherhood?

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Sunday, June 19, 2016

It Can't Really be June, Can It?

Apparently having 24,000+ photos on my MAC caused a bit of a issue and my iPhone was no longer able to download its photos.  No photos = no blogs.  After getting a new hard drive, weeding out all (or at least a couple thousand) of grainy photos, I am FINALLY back! Thank goodness!

So the month of May....what happened to it?  Oh yes...something like this;
My little baller
T-ball was in full swing!! Paisley improved from his first practice when he thought playing 3rd base meant racing all the runners to home plate when they took off running.  He hit off the pitching machine a handful of times which was amazing since 1/2 the time I think he squeezed his eyes shut when the ball came towards him.  It was a great season and he's already referenced playing next year! 

We are finally 100% diaper free!  She gave up night diapers for good and we've had only a couple wet nights since.  She's happy to sleep in her princess panties all night and I am thankful to close that chapter.  Although now she thinks she needs a big girl bed....I"m not quite ready for that!
My Momma
Mother's Day came and I was so happy to spend it with my momma and my babies.  Scott always surprises me with flowers to plant and this year was no exception.  I got a hydrangea bush that I had been longing for.  We went to breakfast and the kids had made me cards and got me chocolate.  I love that there is a special day set aside to "thank" mom, but in reality every day is my mother's day.  I get to spend my minutes raising my 2 children.  There isn't anything in the world I want more than that. 
They don't look sick...
Who knew kids got strep throat in the summer?!?! Not me!  After both kids battled fever for well over a week, with zero other symptoms....off to the Dr. we went.  A positive strep test later and we were off to get medicine.  Thank goodness they took it like little champs and within a week the fever was gone and they were healthy again.  
Paisley had his final day of school at Kinder Schule and it was with sadness that we said good-bye to the school as they are closing their doors.  This fall Paisley will enter pre-k at the local elementary school and Lila will have another year at home with me before starting her formal education.  He was sad to say bye to his friends but he was ready for a summer of playing outside.  

Memorial weekend we worked on the farm and spent Monday celebrating with friends.  The kids and I did some crafts and I attempted to teach them the meaning of the day.  I'm not sure how much they retained, but we'll try again next year.  

With healthy kids and the blazing mid-west heat, we are jumping feet first into June.  With a little luck and a few less pictures, let's hope my MAC doesn't let me down again.