Friday, May 28, 2010

Some days are better than others...

Today was one of those days I probably should have stayed in bed...

1. I got a speeding ticket for going 23mph over on my way to work. While I was sitting there, I got a text from my boss that said, "I understand if you arrive late."  Apparently she just drove by.

2. I’ve been walking around the office for an unknown amount of time with the tag on my thong sticking up above my pants, clear for the world to see. The cleaning lady told me when I walked by.

3. I received a voicemail from a “concerned neighbor” that I had interviewed someone that is “dangerous.”

4. I received the following cover letter attached to a resume. (it’s not a joke) - To Whom It May Concern: I can do this job and do it well if given a chance. I do not want to work in a factory or in health care. Unfortunately there are no jobs or any major opportunities in Evansville . For people that have never lived anywhere else besides the Evansville area, they don't know any better. The city of Evansville is its own entity and has a giant ego. Have a nice day! P.S. Go ahead and give this job to someone you know and continue with the buddy system the city of Evansville has going for itself

Let's hope I can make it home without getting a ticket or letting anyone else know the size of my panties.