Tuesday, January 24, 2012

175,680 Minutes (Or 5 Months) !!

"I'm 5 months old!"
Birth Stats                 5 Month Stats
6lbs. 5.9oz                  15lbs. 01oz
19 inches long            26 inches long

We should have realized that getting up only 1 time per night was too good to be true. Paisley hit the 5 month mark and suddenly it was party time at mid-night and again at 2:00am.  This makes for a ROUGH night of sleep!!!

In general, the 5 month mark has been a bit rough all around.  Besides the sleep issue (or lack there of I should say) we also have spotted 2 bottom teeth pushing through.  They haven't popped out of the gums yet, but they are visible.  They are awfully cute but causing havoc with our little guy.
"Mom, why didn't this come with motor?"
I'm not sure if sore throats come hand in hand with teething, but little Dumplin also had his first sore throat this month.  We noticed he wasn't eating as much, grimacing when he did he eat, and swallowing very hard.  Our pediatrician confirmed it was a sore throat.  Poor little guy!

We officially have a roller!  The second we lay him on his back he rolls to his belly.  At night, after he rolls he scoots his knees underneath him and sleeps with his bottom up in the air.  I'm not sure how comfortable it is, but it is awfully cute.  When we lay him on the floor he rolls to his stomach and uses his legs to scoot around.  He's determined to get from point A to point B.  Once he figures how to coordinate his arms with his legs, our baby proofing skills will be put to the test.

A few firsts we got to experience this month;
-New Years Eve (our little guy went to two parties! And we didn't get home until the New Year!)
-First time bowling
-First hockey game (Paisley enjoyed the view from a suite in the Ford Center)
-First time eating cereal (He got the hang of the spoon pretty quick and acted like he was eating peanut butter) 

A few of his favorite things;
-Being read to!  I had know idea a 5 month old could be so attentive!
-Bouncing in his Jumperoo
-Knocking over his cloth blocks
-His Leap Frog Dog Scout
-Listening to Scott and I talk
-Hearing his mom or dad sing
-Laying on his changing table naked and kicking
-Bath time
"What Mom? I'm just playing with Scout."
A few of his least favorite things;
-Being laid down for bed
-Not being in the same room as mom & dad
-Being woken up before he is ready

We've almost made it to the 6 month mark of being exclusively breastfed.  That is a huge feat and we are so thankful for everyday we can say that.  We're crossing our fingers the next month brings a better sleep cycle and baby teeth that clear the gum line. 

Until next month.....
Does this diaper make my belly look big?

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Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Final Look Back on 2011

January-We rang in 2011 at Rhea and Greg's Murder Mystery party.  Me with my pin curls and Scott with his pipe...I think we made a striking pair.  A few days later we got a positive sign that changed our lives in an instant. It became "our" secret that we only shared with one another for quite sometime.  Talk about starting the new year with a bang!

February-Pregnant or not, we had already planned a ski trip to Lake Tahoe.   I stayed off the black slopes and took my spiced cider without the spice.  We had a sneaking suspicion this may be our last ski trip without a baby for some time!  We had our first Dr. appointment! Sure enough, we got to see our little gummy bear!  We welcomed our first nephew to the family, Cameron James!

March-I headed to French Lick with the girls to catch a Kenny Rogers concert.  Believe it or not, it was really good!  I'm pretty sure my girlfriends suspected something was up when I wasn't up for a wine tasting! Scott and I spent the last weekend of the month in Brown County.  We figured we could use a getaway! In hindsight it was perfect timing because two months later...my list of acceptable activities became non-existent!

April-The gender reveal party! It's a ......BOY!!!!  Now the shopping and nursery preparations can begin!

May-My first Mother's Day (I figured I was close enough!)  Maybe I was a little too excited because I ended up in the hospital that very night.  We had an ultrasound that showed our little jumping bean was just fine.  I think he just wanted to say "Happy Mother's Day!"  A few days later I was put on full blown bed rest. 

June-Spending my days watching Today, painting, reading, and chatting with my numerous visitors.  Being flat on your back all day everyday is tiring!!  I sent my birthday boy off on a surprise trip to Nashville to drive a race car.  Even on bed rest I'm still the coolest wife ever!

July-Celebrated 4th of July on the couch listening to fireworks. On the 7th, Scott and I went to IHOP for breakfast and then checked me into St. Mary's for the duration of my pregnancy.  We spent our first anniversary with Biaggi's carryout and the top layer of our wedding cake.  It was perfect!

August-Welcome to the world Paisley Andrew!!!  It was the most mind blowing, scary, rush of emotion filled day of our lives.  We finally got to meet our son and it was pure heaven.  I was finally off bed rest and I got to return home after 8 weeks in the hospital.  Life is good!

September-Enjoying getting to know our son and already watching him change.  Time really does fly.  My wonderful friends and loving sister threw me a shower to welcome Baby P to the world.  I also celebrated my birthday! 

October-Baby P got to experience a night under the stars!  We went camping with some family and friends in New Harmony State Park.  Our first camping trip with a baby was a success!  It also came time for me to return to work.  It was hard and there were tears, but we all survived.  Dumplin celebrated his first Halloween!  He was the cutest little monster I'd ever seen. 

November-A flight to Florida to celebrate Thanksgiving brought many more "firsts" into the life of our boy.  He got to see the ocean and dig his toes in the sand.  I baked my first turkey and Scott and I enjoyed an adult only evening at my company Christmas party. 

December-A trip to the tree farm led us to the perfect blue spruce that took up residence in our home  for the next month. The rest of the days were filled with shopping, decorating and a trip to see Santa.  The holidays were upon us and we crammed them full of tidings and good cheer.  We visited with family and made new memories.  We sent 2011 out the door while our family of 3 partied with friends. 

2011 by the numbers:
We were pregnant 223 days
I was on bed rest 85 days
41 of those were in the hospital
On Dec. 31, our son was 136 days old

Time to start the clock all over!  Cheers!

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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Happy 2012!!

Baby New Year
Turning the calendar at the beginning of each month is exciting. Not just a little exciting, but my heart rate increases, my lips form a smile, and I can’t quite turn the page fast enough. A whole new month…empty boxes that I can fill with lunches, parties, trips, and the unknown events that will pleasantly present themselves. Imagine the thrill of opening a new calendar, a New Year with untouched pages. Twelve months, silently waiting, filled with unlimited opportunities. I get goose bumps just thinking about it.

New Year’s Eve has long been one of my favorite holidays. It gives you the chance to reflect on the past year, to remember the good, the bad, and the unexpected. A time to welcome in the changes you wish to see in the New Year. It’s the time to reinvent yourself and set goals. It's a time to shake off the dust that has taken residence on your shoulders. It's a time to go somewhere, anywhere. Follow a map, or a leaf blowing in the wind, or even the random car in front of you. Just go.

Scott and I made 1 resolution as the clock struck midnight.  One night a month we are going to leave Baby Boy in the loving hands of family while we go out.  We are bound and determined to keep the "crazy in love" in our relationship and not allow that to get lost now that we are parents.  It might be something as simple as grabbing G.D. Ritzy's and heading down to the river to watch the sunset, but so be it.  Plus spending 1 evening doing nothing but loving on that man is so much better than making a resolution to lose weight.

Besides the monthly date with my husband, there will be trips, there will concerts, there will be nights spent under the star filled sky.  There will be days filled with showing our boy the world and a year full of giving that baby boy more love then this world has seen. We’re ready. Welcome 2012…the Fisher Family has been waiting for you.

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Trick Photography!

My sister is in the white sweater.  She is not a big-oogie.
I always grew up in the shadow of my sister. Literally…she was taller than I am. She has also been thinner than I for a majority of our lives. Recently I posted some pictures from Christmas and one particular photo depicted my sister and I sitting on my father’s lap. However, the body attached to my sister’s head did not look like my sister’s body…but the body of a big-oogie (big-oogie-a large person). Because I love my sister and would hate for her to seek revenge, I wanted to post another photo taken that same day, showing that my sister isn’t really a big-oogie. You’re welcome Rhea…I love you! :)