Friday, July 26, 2013

All about the Little Boy

Sometimes I forget this tiny boy isn't even 2 years old.  He shows more love and empathy towards people than those 10x his age.  He'll give a smile and wave to anyone who'll make eye contact with him.  He has a tender spot for the elderly and people in wheelchairs.  At the same time, this is the boy that asked to be put in his baby sisters crib, then peed on her sheets.  He's a tiny little pistol, full of mischief and curiosity, and 100% boy.

As we near his 2nd birthday, I can't believe he's been around as long as he has.  I still stare at him in amazement and can't believe he is my baby.  Every day he is spouting new words and bringing up something we did days ago.  His memory is sharp as a tack and if he's heard you say something one time, you better believe that word or phrase is now a part of his vocabulary.

He has handled moving to the farm like a pro.  He's always liked coming out here and seeing the barn, tractor, and riding the 4-wheeler.  Now that we live here, he acts like we live at Disneyland.  We've been here 6 nights so far and every morning when he wakes up he'll say "FARM" and smile really big. We ran to the old house the other day and he stood at the door and yelled "farm" the entire time.  It's safe to say he likes living out here and doesn't miss the old house at all.

His sleep cycle has gotten a little messed up with the move, but I think we turned a corner last night.  He still goes down between 8-8:30.  Last night as I laid him down, he didn't make a peep and just curled up with his blanket and went to sleep.  He made a yelp sound around 5:30am but when I looked at the monitor, he was still sound asleep.  He woke up for good around 6:30, which is fine by me.

This kid is already eating so much I'm a little nervous what his teenage years are going to be like!  Now that we live on the farm, there are plenty of  outside "snacks" growing that he helps himself too.  He eats sour grapes and gooseberries like they are candy, he picks blackberries and pops them in his mouth, I even caught him snapping green beans off the vine and chewing on them.  Sure they may not be clean, but at least we know they are free of chemicals and all that other stuff.  Dirt never hurt anyone, right?

Scott and I wanted to expose Paisley to more children his age so we enrolled him in a 5 week Kinder Musik class.  It was excellent!  At first Paisley was very shy and wouldn't get off my lap to get any instruments or participate in the activities.  By the 2nd class I could already notice a change in his behavior with others and by the final class, the kid would happily stroll across the room (without his Momma) to receive an instrument from the teacher.  It made me so proud to see him grow and become more sure of himself.  We plan on enrolling him in a longer course after the new year.

Paisley is content playing on the floor with his toys, but he always likes to know where in the house "Mommy" is.  I can't help but smile as I'm putting clothes away or washing dishes and hear a little voice yell "Mommy" as his feet slap the wood floor and he comes searching for me.  He often asks me to "read" and grabs his "bankie (blanket)" and hops up on my lap.  He loves reading about mommies, daddies, baby sisters, trains, and big construction type trucks.  His favorite toys are anything Thomas the Train (or any train) and tractors.  Like I mentioned before, he is ALL boy and if he isn't talking he is making truck noises.

Paisley knows he has a baby sister on the way, but of course he doesn't grasp the fact that she is going to turn his world upside down for a few weeks.  We talk about her living in mommy's tummy and he will often offer food or drink to her via my belly button.  He goes into her room and will say her name and often points to the front door and says her name, as if asking if she is going to come through the front door.  We have a book that talks about a baby sister living with the family and we have read that book at least 100x to him.  We are trying to prepare him as much as possible for her arrival.

He is happiest when he has his mom and dads full attention and he loves going to visit his grandparents, aunt and uncle.  Scott and I occasionally share him overnight with family, but for the most part we are a little stingy with our boy.  As we get ready to welcome our baby girl, I've been holding our little guy a little tighter, kissing him more (now he gets 200 kisses a day instead of 100)  and telling him I love him throughout the day.  I just want to reassure him that even though our lives are about to change, that he is so loved and so important to our family.  I am so in love with my little blue eyed angel and can't wait to see him fall in love with his baby sister.  I just hope he doesn't try to feed her sour grapes for awhile or to pee in her crib while she is in it.

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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

All about this Momma!!

Hello belly!
I am officially more pregnant than I have ever been!  I had Paisley at 36 wks and 3 days.  As of today I am 36 weeks and 5 days.  Being on bed rest vs not has been a completely different experience.  I have had more physical discomfort with this pregnancy and finding clothes to wear out in public has been difficult at times.  However, I'll take the non-bed rest route any time!

I finished working at the university about a week and a half ago and we have been in the full swing of moving.  Yes, you read that correctly.  At 9 months pregnant we are moving into a new house.  If you think about it, Scott and I like to throw several HUGE events in the same time frame every chance we get.  When we got married, Scott quit his job the week before and took a new job.  The week we had Paisley, Scott quit his job and took a new job.  Now we are 2 weeks away from having our baby and we have bought and remodeled a new house.  When I say "we" I mean Scott remodeled the new house.  I just picked out paint colors and kitchen cabinet designs.
Spending time with the "big" brother
So how am I doing these days you ask...Physically I just feel huge.  I am right around the same weight as I was when I had Paisley.  My stomach feels so full my appetite has pretty much all but disappeared.  Of course I can still polish off a bowl of ice cream or some shaved ice.  And I can not get enough ice cold water to drink!    My back varies from hurting so bad some days I can hardly move, to other days it doesn't feel so much as a twinge of pain.  Heartburn has been the devil himself.  I have never experienced anything like it and a couple nights I have ran to the bathroom thinking I was about to toss my cookies.  I even resorted to taking Tums one night which I had never (and hope to never again) take.  Ugh.  I can't see anything below my belly button (which has popped out and is flush with my stomach) and shaving my legs is a full fledged work out (yet I continue to do some upkeep because it'd just be gross to show up to the hospital all hairy).  I have some swelling and my wedding rings have sadly been replaced by a plain silver band (dang swollen fingers).  Sleep at night isn't easy, but I am lucky that Mr. Sandman does appear more often then not.

Mentally I am doing great, just the occasional surge of hormones that sends my nose into a Kleenex.  Moving out of our old house was easy until we went back a few days later to pick up some items that hadn't been moved yet.  As we pulled into the drive, I thought about all the memories the house holds.  This was the house Scott and I had slumber parties in while we were dating.  This was the house we came back to after we got engaged.  This was the house we came home to as husband and wife.  This was the house that I spent weeks on bed rest growing our child.  And finally this was the house we brought a baby home to.  The sweet blue nursery that Scott worked so hard to prepare for our little boy.  The dining room with the big picture window that Paisley and I spent hours playing in front of.  So many memories and all that was left was a shell of our home.  Empty rooms that I swear I could hear our voices echoing off the walls.  So I cried.  Scott was worried and said we could move back if we wanted.  I am sure he was relieved when I laughed and told him not to be silly.
We're going to need a bigger bed!
I am ready to meet this baby girl.  While it is bittersweet to have this pregnancy nearing the end, I feel I have embraced every second of carrying her.  Despite the back pain and heartburn, I have loved feeling her every move and every hiccup.  I have loved being out in public and having people comment on my belly and asking questions.  I haven't even minded the occasional stranger touching my belly (they all asked before reaching).  I have loved the kind smiles I receive from strangers as if pregnant people just make other people happy.

Scott has been an excellent partner (once again) throughout this entire experience.  Not only has he spent his days working, his evenings remodeling a new house, and every other minute either taking care of Paisley or ensuring that my needs were being met, but he's done it with a smile on his face.  He's been patient during my irrational moments (there has been one or two) and he has loved my through my pity parties when I can't find a clean pair of pants to wear.

This Momma may be tired, stretched to the max, and super thirsty, but I am also very thankful, very happy, and enjoying the here and now.

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