Friday, August 28, 2015

Single Parent for the Week

Face Time with Daddy
When the opportunity came for Scott to get away from the daily stresses of life and head north for a week long fishing trip with the guys, we both said "YES!"  He knew he needed it, I knew he needed it, and the kids and I could handle a week without our favorite guy.

Back in Warrick County
Monday morning he pulled out before the sun or the kids had woken.  As the kids rolled out of bed asking if daddy already "went to work?" I explained that he was heading north on a fishing trip, even showing them on a map that daddy was far away.  Nearly a week after he's been gone, they continue to think daddy is just at work.  Some concepts are just hard to grasp when you're little.

They love playing at playgrounds
Tuesday we headed to my parents house to soak up some Nana and Papaw love!  It was a beautiful day so we headed to the lake to get some exercise and let the kids burn off some energy.  We stuffed ourselves with pizza and ice cream before the kids got a bath in Nana's big claw foot bath tub and snuggled up on the couch with Papaw to watch videos.

Ice Cream!!!
Wednesday was our Kindermusik day!  Lila had class at 9 and Paisley had class at 12.  Afterward we did our grocery shopping and made the long drive back home.  Both the kids were pretty tired from a long day and we all went to bed early.  I find myself in bed much earlier when I don't have my husband to stay up late with.

The family that hikes together...
Thursday Nana came to the farm for the day and night!  We headed into New Harmony to the state park to enjoy the great outdoors and hike.  Paisley walked the 2.5 miles and Lila happily rode in the carrier.  We did get a little turned around and were concerned we were lost...but after quickly charting the suns location we were back on track.

My little hiker
Friday we headed to the farmers market and picked up fresh flowers, produce, goats milk soap, and enjoyed the live music.  We ran a few errands while we were in town and then it was back to the farm for lunch and naps.  We spent the late afternoon playing outside (aka chasing the cat) and watering flowers and pumpkins.  After getting everyone cleaned up, we headed to the Red Wagon for dinner. As we were sitting at our table eating, Paisley looked at me and said "Mommy you look beautiful."  He learned by watching his daddy how to compliment.  He later pointed out a little boy that was loudly running around the restaurant by stating "That boy is a disturbance."  I've taught him well!

Dancing at the farmers market
Daddy will be home this weekend and we are all excited and ready.  Maybe it was because we had Nana with us 1/2 the week or maybe it was because overall we have good kids, but it wasn't hard parenting solo for the week.  We kept ourselves busy and talked to Scott everyday.  I missed seeing his sweet face, but I am so glad he had the chance to relax and take some time away from work.  Next year if the guys want to take another week long fishing, my response will be....ABSOLUTELY!!!        

Waiting for Daddy

Then They Were 2 & 4

Our son
As August rolls around, I begin telling our children the stories of their births.  Paisley is more interested than Lila, often saying "Tell me about when you met me."  I happily recap the excitement his daddy and I felt, how we were a little nervous, and how hearing him cry was the best sound I ever heard.  It makes him smile to hear about his "birth" day.  After the kids go to bed Scott and I reminisce over the more serious parts of his "birth."  We can (sorta) laugh now about the difficulty and stress that getting him here caused.  Knowing how it all turned out, I'd do it again a hundred times over.
Our daughter

The party planning had began months ago and once again we planned a combined party for our August angels.  Our invitations invited family and friends to a Paw-ty.  Paisley picked Paw Patrol (a show about a pack of helpful pooches and Lila wanted a Hello Kitty party.  We rented a huge water slide from a local inflatable company and planned out our menu.  First up we had to celebrate Lila on her actual birthday.

August 9, the little princess turned 2.  It fell on a Sunday so daddy was home all day to celebrate with us.  She woke up to find Hello Kitty banners on her bedroom door and balloons throughout the house.  I made a huge breakfast with her favorites, pancakes, eggs, sausage and fruit.  She opened up presents from her daddy and I before she had a surprise visit from her Aunt Rhea!  Not wanting to leave out our precious Paisley, Aunt Rhea gave both of the kids birthday gifts and then played with them.

Lila's birthday morning

Nana and Papaw showed up a little later in the day and joined us for cupcakes and ice cream.  We lit candles and sang Happy Birthday.  Big brother had a few issues throughout the day with jealousy, wanting it to be "his" birthday and not understanding why the day was all about Lila.  We all did our best to keep him included and feeling special.          

Lila requested we go "out to dinner," so we headed to our favorite Mexican place for all the chips and salsa our bellies could handle.  The sun and Lila both called it a day when we got home.  We tucked our 2 year old in bed and gave thanks for another year of our healthy, happy daughter.

Saturday came and brought warm sunshine and our paw-ty!!  Friends and family descended on our farm at lunch time.  The colorful tables were full of food and gifts and kids in swimsuits ran about.  After watching the kids have so much fun on the waterside, some of the adults found themselves joining in the slip sliding fun.  The kids enjoyed opening their plethora of gifts and kindly thanked those that helped them celebrate!

Paw-ty Time!!
After about 5 hours of playing in the heat of the day, both our birthday babies were done!  The last of the guests went home and party decor was cleaned up.  I gave both of the kids a quick bath before letting them play with their brand new toys.  That night I'm sure they both dreamed of the alpine slide and shiny new toys.
Paisley's birthday morning

August 17,  our little boy was now 4.  It was Monday morning and daddy ventured to work while Paisley woke to find Paw Patrol banners on his bedroom door and balloons throughout the house.  The kids and I went to Denny's for breakfast.  Paisley got a special surprise when Nana walked in the restaurant to join us.  He got to open gifts from Nana and Papaw (little sister got one too!) and even the waitress bought a special cup for Paisley to take home.

After breakfast we headed to story time at the library.  We brought cookies for our friends and the director of the library brought out juice boxes for everyone.  We sang happy birthday to my boy and made crafts.

That night Paisley wanted to eat dinner at the Red Wagon then have cake and ice cream at home.  With one final round of celebration, we lit candles, opened a few more gifts and sang to our little guy.

As much as I loved holding my babes as they were itty bitty, my heart swells as I watch them grow and evolve into the people they will become.  I think they will turn out pretty amazing....


Monday, August 10, 2015

Life in a Nutshell

I want to blog more, I really do!  At least once a day I will have a topic or feeling that I want to explore and dig in to.  However, those times that I feel inspired are usually not the best time to sit down at the computer and unleash the words that want to come out.  When the time is right for me to grab a few minutes to write my story, the words either are no longer ready to travel from my mind to the screen or Scott is home from work and I want to give my attention to him.  The next thing I know, a month has passed and my blog has gone silent.  Boo.
Daddy's birthday
The end of June brought Scott turning another year older (just in case anyone forgot, he is still older then me).  The kids were so excited to help wrap gifts for their daddy and make cupcakes (and eat them).  Both kids had to blow out candles and help open gifts.  They find delight in the most simplest of moments.

My little firecrackers
Fourth of July brought a family friendly festival at Scott's place of employment.  There was live music, food, bounce houses, and at the end of the night fireworks!  The heat made our kids wear down a little quicker then normal, but they had a great time dancing to the music and watching the fireworks.  Both kids oo'd and ahh'd at the display which was cute.  I brought along pajamas and both were dressed in pj's and asleep before we pulled into our driveway.

I Do I Do!!
Our 5th anniversary arrived on a Thursday and my mom was available to watch the babies so Scott and I could go to dinner.  I wore a new dress and put on mascara (two things that don't happen often) and Scott surprised me with a black velvet jewelry box holding a diamond infinity necklace.  We headed to Red Geranium which is our "special" spot.  This is where Scott proposed to me and also where we ate the night before we become a family of 4.  I love New Harmony and the quiet restaurant that will forever be a part of our history together.  I could also get used to getting new jewelry on our special visits here!    

Boating Babes
Mid-July we decided to head to the lake with some friends and their new pontoon boat.  We rented a house on the water and packed up our kids.  They have a son & daughter that get along (and are well behaved!) with our kids fabulously.  We stayed the entire weekend and had a great time boating, swimming, watching the kids play, and relaxing.  I have a feeling it will become an annual event as our families have a great time together.

Celebrating our doll
The beginning of August brought the 2nd birthday for our little Lila bean.  She had visits, phone calls and texts from family.  She requested waffles for breakfast and "go out for dinner."  She loved opening her gifts and was very kind to let her brother help her.  She enjoyed her cupcake and has mastered the art of saying "I'm 2!"  I knew she had a wonderful day because the following day she woke up and proclaimed it was her birthday again!  

We have a big family/friend party for Lila and Paisley coming up this weekend, a trip to Arkansas in September, our annual bonfire in October, and then the holidays are upon us!  *gulp* Guess it's time to start my Christmas shopping!