Thursday, May 24, 2012

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mother's Day as Paisley's Mom

My boy
My mother has always been my best friend.  Sure there was a span of time that I thought she didn't want me to have any fun and I couldn't figure out why she hated every guy I dated (ok, there were a few she didn't hate) but all in all, she has always been loving, fun, and allowed me just enough freedom to figure out right and wrong on my own.  I have spent the past 30 Mother's Days picking out the perfect card and gift and letting her know just how much she is loved.  Last year with my bulging belly, I spent the day at her side thanking her for being such a wonderful Momma and praying that I would be 1/2 as good to my baby boy as she has been to me.
This year, while I still showered my Momma with love and admiration, I got to feel the shower of love and admiration myself.  Lil Fish is too little to pick out gifts or drive himself to the store to buy me something, so I "think" Scott helped our little bundle pick out some items.  And the two of them together did a fantastic job!!  I got a purse, a bottle of wine, a package of Starbucks iced coffee, and a Starbucks gift card.  And of course there was a sweet card. 
Happy Mother!
I guess I should back up to the weekend prior to Mother's Day.  Scott got up on that Sunday morning and snuck up behind me as I was filling the coffee pot.  He hugged me tight and said "Happy Mother's Day."  Perhaps I shouldn't have told him that he was a week early, but I did.  As the "real" Mother's Day rolled around, Scott got up and told me the day was mine to spend however I wanted.  It didn't take me long to figure out breakfast at the Cross-Eye Cricket was a MUST!  Off we went and just like always, their breakfast was so good!  It made me happy sitting at the table with my boys. 

After breakfast it was off to the zoo.  Scott and I had not been to the zoo since we were in grade school, so it had drastically changed for the better!  We enjoyed walking around and since we went so early in the day, there was hardly anyone there!  Paisley loved the peacocks as they roam around freely and got up close to his stroller.  Scott was ready to backhand one that was a little too curious about our lil fish. 
2 Mommas and a baby
The weather was perfect and my heart soared.  After our trip to the zoo, we headed to my mother-in-laws house to celebrate with her.  We took pizza and joined her for lunch.  We headed back home just in time for me and Paisley to catch a nap while Scott ran out to cut down some trees (I know that is totally random, but he has a side business and he cuts down trees).  Then my parents came over for dinner that night so we could celebrate the day a little more.  Being able to spend the day with my mom, my mother-in-law, and my son brought the meaning of Mother's Day in full circle.  I would not be the mother I am without my mom, and I would not be married to the most caring guy if it were not for my mother-in-law.  And I wouldn't be called "Mom" if it weren't for my little Dumplin. 
Quality time at the zoo

As I curled up in bed that night, Scott reminded me how much happier today was than last Mother's Day.  Last year after a day of activity and time in the garden, I started bleeding.  It was terrifying and I remember thinking it was the worst Mother's Day ever.  In the ER that night, I got to see my healthy little baby on the monitor doing a "Happy Mother's Day" dance.  It was scary and awful but ended up being ok.  I am so thankful to spend this year with our baby in my arms and the love of my life at my side.  Cheers to a Happy Mother's Day!!!

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Lot Can Happen in 9 Months!!!!

Scott and I have reached the point that we look at pictures of brand new baby fish and can't believe how much time has passed.  Here is our little 9 month old...

Birth Stats                                               9 Month Stats
6lbs. 5.9oz                                                18 lbs. 7oz.
19 inches long                                          27.5 (roughly) inches long

Our healthy, happy baby boy brings smiles and laughs to Scott and my lips daily.  He is ever changing and evolving into this perfect little person.  So many milestones this month!  Here goes...

Paisley stands up in his crib!  Hearing him wake from a nap and walking in his room to find him standing up and waiting for me in his crib is precious beyond belief. As I walk to the side of his crib, he holds his arms up and smiles.  I can't pick him up quick enough!
Paisley has been crawling at warp speed for the past month, but now he climbs over any object in his path and pulls up on anything that will support his weight.  Scott and I joke that he puts it in 4-wheel drive as he climbs over mounds of pillows and blankets.  I love standing in the kitchen doing dishes or cooking and feeling him pull up on my legs.  He knows that no matter what I'm doing, I will stop and pick him up.  Picking him up is always followed by me kissing every inch of his face.  He has also learned how to drop to his bottom from the standing position.  There were a few rough days that he couldn't quite master a dismount from the standing position, but he's pretty much perfected his fall.  Thank goodness for those bulky cloth diapers to cushion his drop!

He wants to walk all the time!  He will grab our hands and pull himself into the standing position and take off walking.  He will walk around and around the house until your back is about to give out from stooping over him.  He will also hold onto objects (coffee table, couch, etc.) and walk while using the furniture for balance.  He occasionally gets brave and will let go and just stand there.

Little fish gives kisses! These are the open mouthed, very slobbery kisses.  It's sort of like having a puppy kiss you, only way better.  He gives them sporadically and sometimes despite how much begging Nana does for one, little stubborn boy only kisses when HE wants to. 

Speaking of puppies...our little guppy will crawl around at our heels and follows us from room to room.  It's funny in the morning when Scott and I are getting ready for work and that kid is never more than a few steps behind us.  I've never been so happy to be tailgated in my life. 

Our little dumplin has learned to wave.  We have only seen it a handful of times, but the first time was as Scott was walking out the backdoor and said "Bye" to Paisley.  Paisley knew that meant it was time for him to wave, so he did.
We've got a talker!  We can't tell exactly what he is saying...but he is saying a lot!  He babbles and squeals and laughs and will do whatever he can to make Scott and I laugh.  He likes to make the pitch of his voice go up and down.  Mostly he says "Ohhhh" and follows it up by making an "O" mouth. 

Dumplin continues to be 50% potty trained!  I did have to change my first poopy-diaper in 2 months and I was quickly reminded how awesome it is not to have to change poopy diapers 95% of the time.  Yuck.  He is getting better about holding his bladder during the day and will sigh with relief when he gets put on the potty.  I never knew babies peed so much! 

Sleep continues to have its ups and downs.  This past month he has been getting up one time during the night, usually between 1:30-4.  He will eat and then go back to sleep until 6:30.  It's not awful but I do wonder when he will start sleeping all night.  Every great once in awhile he will sleep through the night until 5:30.  On those mornings I am almost silly from all the sleep! 

We have an eater!  He still nurses first thing in the morning, in the afternoon, before bed, and once in the early hours of morning.  All other times he wants to feed himself.  He would rather feed himself than have me feed him.  He isn't picky and will eat whatever!  He favors peas, green beans, sweet potatoes, yogurt, cheese, and bread.  I do not take it for granted that he will eat anything!! 
Getting his face wiped off after meals
Having the snot sucker used on him
Getting put into his crib for naps
Getting put in his pack-n-play anytime
Being told "No" (he wants to play in the bathroom)

"This Little Piggy"
FaceTime with his Aunt Rhea
Any magazine (he will crawl around carrying Time magazine)
Waitresses (he flirts with every waitress we have)
Playing in his pool
Ice water

Time continues to pass and just when I don't see how it is possible to love this little 18 pounder anymore, he finds a way to expand my heart.  Cheers to hearts that continue to grow!

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Friday, May 11, 2012

Higher Education (part-one)

Grinning and baring the Jr. High years.
This may come as a shock to you...but when I was younger, I didn't want to go to college.  To go back even farther, I never was a huge fan of school period.  Sure the social aspect was alright, but I always felt there was more in the world for me then sitting in a room and listening to someone drone on and on about equations or haiku's.

As my high school years happily came to an end, my parents were strict about me going to college.  Not going wasn't an option.  They picked the University of Southern Indiana.   A highlight of that first semester was two of my best friends were also going to USI and we ended up living together.

My 3rd semester was spent overseas in Grantham, England.  I was thrilled at the opportunity to get the dust off my passport and return to foreign soil, but it was also that semester that made me realize I had to get out of Southern Indiana.  As summertime approached I applied for and was offered a summer position in Grand Teton National Park.  That summer job turned into a year round job.  I begged my parents, "please let me sit out a couple semesters and stay in Wyoming...PLEASE!"  Knowing how serious they were about education I was shocked when they agreed to let me take "one year" off from my studies.  I was on cloud nine!  Not only did I get to live in the most awesome place ever...I was (temporarily) finished with college!!

Hiking in Paradise
For years my parents stressed the importance of getting my degree, yet it took 4 years in Wyoming and a random summer night for me to really "get it."  After a day of floating down the Snake River, one of the guys that steered the raft asked me when I planned on returning to college.  I laughed as I thought to myself, "why would I ever leave this place?  I have a good job, I live in the mountains, I'm happy!"  He proceeded to almost reprimand me and tell me "No one will ever take you serious without a degree.  Do you want to be a secretary for the rest of your life?" he asked.  Not that there was anything wrong with being a secretary, but that was a sobering thought.  I actually got mad that he said I would never be taken seriously.  But I also realized he may be right. 

After that summer came to an end, I did the unthinkable.  I packed up my life in the Tetons and drove home to Indiana.  I re-enrolled at the University of Southern Indiana and returned as a non-traditional student.  Returning to college as a non-traditional student was a completely different experience than when I started college right out of high school.  I took my classes and the work much more seriously.  I had direction this time around and set my eyes on graduation.  I also realized I didn't have a high tolerance for the air-heads that were in class with me.  I prayed to God that I didn't act like that in my early 20's. 

Hi I'm Kara and I'm a non-traditional student
After 2 years of hitting the books, I graduated.  There isn't anything that compares with the feeling of getting your college degree.  This degree that I never really wanted, but ended up working so hard for, was mine and no one could take that away.  It was a fabulous feeling and I was proud.  And believe it or not...I was a little melancholy.  At the time I was nearing graduation, I wrote this;

"Who would have guessed, that as I am nearing this significant occasion called graduation, I would have thought, "I'm going to miss this." No I haven't fallen and bumped my head, nor has the thought of "real life" scared me, but it will be those small, uneventful moments that I'll miss."

"It all began this evening while I was sitting in the university Starbucks. I was reading over my notes for the Labor Relations negotiation that was to take place in 15 minutes. As I sat in my overstuffed, purple velvet chair, I took a moment to let my surroundings sink in. At this point, my life is full. I am content with life and my surroundings. There is nothing I am lacking, or fretting about. My life is just where I would like it to be."

"The rain was pounding against the window next to me, and it seemed the rain could turn to snow at any minute. I had my notes laid out in front of me, and I felt fairly confident at the assignment I had before me. The fabulous music of Starbucks played overhead, and I was happy. Happy at the world. (it didn't hurt that I had a grande white chocolate mocha in my hand either)"

"The chairs around me were full of students looking over notes, reading books, and playing on their laptop. It was a peaceful scene. As I left the warmth and ventured out in the rain, I strolled across the now dark campus, and realized yet another thing I would miss. At night, the campus is so dark and peaceful. A few students buzzed past on their way to a night class. The rain had turned to mist and gave the buildings a fuzzy glow. In its own strange way, it was a beautiful night. I would miss this, the quiet of campus as the moon comes up." 

"Sitting in the computer lab, another scene played out before me. The steady click click of students pounding away on the keyboards, hurrying to finish the assignments they have procrastinated on. The printer hummed as page after page churned out. Occasionally a cell phone would go off, which promptly caused everyone to give that person a dirty look. Ahhh…the campus computer lab. Even at night, you could sense the urgency in some students."

"As my night class came to an end, I headed out across the empty parking lot. The cold night air stung my face and my foot steps echoed into the woods that surround. These are my last days as a college student. I won't be meeting new faces come next semester, nor will I have groups of people that I will be preparing for a presentation with. I never thought this day would get here, yet here it was."

"This isn't just a chapter of my life coming to an end, my life is getting ready for an entirely new book. I look forward to meeting the new characters that will fill its pages, as well as the adventures that are sure to spring up. Of course...if in a few months I am still missing the university life, there is always law school."
The internal changes that happen within each of us as we get older is amazing.  I went from hating  school to going back years later and enjoying myself.  And now I find myself employed part-time at the vary place I once dreaded going.  My love/hate relationship with how does it feel to back at this stage in my life?  To Be Continued....

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