Thursday, March 14, 2013

Just Because...

In the morning when I scoop him out of his crib and cover his soft warm face with kisses, he says "MaaMaa" in a slow, dreamy, sweet 18 month old voice like there is no other person he would rather see. 

As we snuggle in the recliner first thing in the morning, he puts one arm around my stomach and buries his head into my chest.  I kiss his fuzzy blond head good morning and tell him how much I love him.  Soon after, he asks "Dadda?"

Sitting in his high chair, he smiles as he knows his breakfast is coming.  When I forget to give him a spoon,  he'll point his little finger at the drawer, look at me with a smile and say "poon?"

He wants to play all day.  He wants to play tickle and chase and peek-a-boo and read book after book.  He'll grab a book in each hand and run towards me full throttle.  We head to the recliner and he can't climb into my lap fast enough.  I ask if he wants me to cover him with a blanket and he emphatically shakes his head yes.  He will sit still as long as I'm reading.  I love the way his eyes carefully comb over each page as if this isn't the 525th time we've read that book this week.  He carefully listens and should I stop reading for even a minute, he'll turn his head and look at me as if asking "why did you stop?"

As I run his bath I let him pick out which bath toys he wants to play with.  He carefully looks into the basket and selects 3 toys.  Right now favors his green frog and two colorful cups.  He throws them in to the tub and tries to lift one of his legs over the edge.  As he realizes he isn't quite tall enough, he quickly grabs my hands and wants to be lifted in. 

The Tupperware drawer is a magical place for this kid.  The drawer sticks a little so he puts his entire weight into pulling it open.  He'll grunt like he's lifting weight and sure enough the drawer will slowly slide open.  He stares down into it as he carefully selects which item he wants to pull out.  Sometimes it's a large round lid, which quickly becomes a steering wheel that he drives around the house.  Sometimes it's a small Cool Whip bowl that he will take into his room and fill with his small treasures. 

He's mastered climbing up on our bed, which is pretty high off the ground.  I'll notice he has become quiet and I will go off in search of him.  He will be laying on his back in our bed, sheets pulled up to his chin, smiling and waiting for someone to come find him.  He'll giggle and cover up his face as I curl up next to him.

I'll rock him during nap time, he rests his head under my chin with his arms wrapped around me.  He'll sometimes rub my arm as he drifts off to sleep.  I listen to his breath change and feel his body get warmer as it always does when he sleeps.  I'll kiss his head and face until he almost wakes up.  I'll pick up his hands and kiss his little fingers.  Sometimes his eyes will open just enough to see what is going on.  As he notices it is his momma, a little smile will cross his face and he'll fall back into a sound slumber.

As the sun sets and the 3 of us are gathered at the kitchen table, Paisley will look from Scott to I, pointing and saying "Momma, Dadda, Momma Dadda."  He'll eye our plates to make sure we aren't eating something that isn't on his plate.  He'll occasionally smile and randomly wave at one of us as if saying "I'm glad we're all here." 

He asks to see the moon each night.  On cloudy evenings he's disappointed that he can't find it. On clear nights he'll blow it a kiss and wave.  It always makes him smile.  

His occasional naughty streak sneaks up on all of us.  He can be playing nicely and suddenly he's in our bedroom emptying our dresser drawers.  As the mess is discovered, he'll gather up a handful of clothes, run past you and throw the clothes in various rooms of the house.  After being caught and told that his actions were naughty, he'll give me a kiss and go back to playing to nicely. 

As bedtime nears and our little angel is dressed in his sleeper, he'll rub his eyes and tuck his head into the groove of my neck.  We waves bye-bye to his daddy as I carry him into his room.  I tuck him in under his blankets and run my hand over his cheeks.  I tell him how much I love him and that I hope he has sweet dreams.  I leave my heart in his crib as I walk back into the living room, excited to do it all again tomorrow.

Vail Resorts Part Two

Me & Michelle
Where was I....

After a day of skiing with my handsome ski bunny, the next day I sent him off with the "boys" for the reckless sort of skiing fun you can only have when your wife isn't around begging you to be careful.  I met up with Michelle at Vail and we spent the day enjoying the blue runs and some fresh powder.

Mid-day we found a cozy snack shop on top of the mountain and enjoyed a steaming cup of hot cocoa.  I may have also had to snack on a Nestle Crunch bar.  Skiing really burns the calories and I was the baby was hungry!! As we sat there, the snow was lightly falling around us.  We watched the clouds roll in and slowly decend the mountain.  There is nothing like watching a snow storm roll down the mountain until visibility is almost non-existent. 

The ski bunnies
By 4:00pm, I was exhausted!  The lifts were starting to close and we made our way to the bottom of the mountain.  We met up with the entire crew in the village and decided to have some appetizers at a little eatery.  As enjoyable as it was sitting with our friends and eating, I was anxious to get back to my little pumpkin. 

Mom and P had another fun day running around the resort and playing as hard as a nana and baby can play.  He was still acting like his normal spunky self which made me so happy.  Of course he was happy to see his momma and dadda.  I was happy that dadda was still in one piece after a day of skiing with those silly friends of his.

My not so happy baby
We spent the rest of the evening snuggled up in front of the fireplace relaxing.  I love skiing down the mountain but I also love lounging mountainside in front of a warm fire.  This vacation gives me the opportunity to do both.

Our last day of vacation came too quickly.  Scott headed out for 1 more day of skiing.  I have a limit of skiing only 2 days even when I'm not pregnant!  Mom, Paisley and I headed back to Vail to do some shopping. 

Little man wasn't really happy on this day and really didn't want to shop with 2 of his favorites.  After about an hour and half we were done.  We headed back to Beaver Creek and met up with Scott at the bottom of the slopes.  Even he couldn't get little man to be happy.  Back at the condo after a much needed nap, (for all of us) Paisley started to come back around.  Thank goodness!
The crew
For our last night in town, after we put Paisley to bed, Scott and I headed to the condo where our friends were staying (Nana stayed at the condo to watch our sleeping angel).  This is where things got tricky as they were taking shots.  Luckily my chocolate milk shot went un-noticed and no one suspected we had a bun in the oven. 

Warming up by the fire
The next morning (Sunday) we were supposed to fly out.  Key word: Supposed to...

My sweet husband may have accidentally booked the wrong flight home.  So we had an extra day in the beautiful state of Colorado.  We drove into Denver and got a room at the Hyatt.  We did a little shopping but mostly relaxed.  Paisley was happy to have a new area to explore and it was nice being in town close to everything.  I got to eat at PF Changs which made me VERY Happy!

Our flight home was smooth as Paisley fell asleep soon after we boarded and slept the entire flight.  So far we have hit the jackpot with good behavior on vacations involving flights.  I hope I didn't just jinx us. 

I think we will sit the ski trip out next year with the new addition to our family coming in August, but the following year...we will be back in action - all 4 of us.   
My boys