Friday, September 23, 2011

Parenting Naked

So the pictures that accompany this posting have nothing to do with the content.  As you read on, you will understand why.  But, I couldn't resist posting a few shots of one of the loves of my life.

Getting dressed post pregnancy is depressing.  Shirts are tight and pants don't zip.  Socks are about the only item of clothing that still fit.  However, leaving the house in socks only is clearly not an option. 

Yesterday we had a funeral to attend.  I put on a black dress that fit.  It practically fit like it did pre-pregnancy which immediately meant I was wearing this dress!  As we ventured out of the house and arrived at the cemetery, Baby P decided it was time to eat.  It was only then I realized that there was not an access route for P to get to his food. The only way for this baby to eat was for this dress to come off.  Completely off.  Clearly, I am a novice at dressing for breastfeeding.

Since taking my dress off at the cemetery or even in a car at the cemetery was not an option, we had to wait until we all gathered at a family members house, at which time I asked for a room in which I could undress to feed P.  Now I find the situation humorous and I learned a valuable lesson; When getting dressed, make sure there is easy access to my breasts.

Later that same night as our family of 3 was preparing for bed, I was sitting on the couch feeding P.  I was dressed in my pajamas and P was in his sleep sack.  Scott kissed us both good night and said he would see me shortly as P was almost done feeding.  About 5 minutes later, P finished and suddenly his little mouth opened and erupted like Old Faithful.  Not just a little spit up came out, it surged.  And then it surged again.  And then it surged about two more times.  My shirt, my bra, my shorts and underwear were soaked.  P's face, hair, and sleep sack were also covered.     Here it was 10:15 at night and my baby and I were not only covered in milk puke but we smelled like milk puke. 

My first thought was to holler for Scott but then I figured, your a big girl Kara, you can take care of this.  So I laid P down and stripped off all of my clothes.  Once I was stripped down, I stripped our son down.  I picked him up to carry him into the kitchen for a bath when suddenly our bedroom door opened.  Scott emerged to see his naked wife holding his naked son in the glow of the television screen.  I had to laugh because I know he was thinking "What in God's name is going on?" Not to mention the look on his face was priceless.  This was not the sight he expected to see.  I explained the situation and he assisted in cleaning up the milky mess.  He thought it was even more humorous than I did.  Probably because he wasn't the naked  one covered in a gallon of spit up. 

I'm still contemplating if I should wear clothes today. 

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

September 17, 2011 = One Month of Life for Baby P

My happy little glow worm
Happy 1 month birthday Paisley!!  This past month has been the quickest month out of the past 9, funny how that works!  So our little P monster has been growing and changing on a daily basis. 

His stats at birth:
6lbs. 5.9oz
19 inches long

His stats at 1 month:
8lbs. 12oz
21 inches long

My one month old (complete with Buddah belly)!

He continues to be exclusively breastfed which you can tell by his weight gain is working out quite nicely.  During the night he typically goes down between 9-10pm.  He will wake us between 1-2am to eat and again between 4-5am.  Then he sleeps until 8ish.  It appears he currently favors his Momma but that's probably because I'm his source of food.  Here are a few of his other favorite things;

-Having Mom or Dad sing to him
-His musical frog
-His Neptune play mat
-Having his bottom patted while being rocked
-Bath time
-Riding in the car
-Staring at semi-bright lights

A few of his dislikes;
-Being left alone
-Having clothes pulled over his head
-Dirty diapers
-A stroller ride on a rocky surface

Getting a little love from his favorites

He's given us plenty of smiles since we've had him, but I don't think he realizes what he is doing.  He's also rolled from his stomach to his back 6 times, but once again, I don't think he realizes what he is doing.  He has a love/hate relationship with tummy time, but it's so cute to watch him hold his head up.  He has been out to dinner with us a few times, the Nisbet Inn being his first restaurant.  He's also enjoyed his first evening around a campfire.  He spent most of the evening staring at the full moon, but I'm sure he enjoyed the fire too!

One month in, a lifetime to go! I think we'll keep him.

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Friday, September 16, 2011

Life with "P"

The days that followed P's birth were a peaceful whirlwind of activity.  After 24 hours, I was allowed to move from my hospital bed into the queen size bed with my husband.  I will forever be amazed that this sweet husband of mine slept for 36 nights on an air mattress at the foot of my hospital bed.  Not once did he complain or mention going home and sleeping in our bed.  I think it's safe to say my husband loves me.

My incision healed nicely but hurt like crazy when I would get up from laying down.  P stayed in our room 90% of the time, only leaving when the nursery needed to take vitals or his Dr. was making her rounds.  Holding him in my arms made time stand still.  I could not drink in his features quick enough.  Each sound he made would melt my heart.  Every time he would wrinkle his forehead and stretch I wanted to squeeze him close and never let go.  I was amazed.  And sleep deprived. 

During the night, every sound he made caused Scott and I to jump up and rush to his side.  We quickly learned our baby was subject to frequently getting the hiccups, which he hated.  There isn't much you can do for a baby with hiccups.  We also learned he loved to pee the moment his diaper was removed.  In the middle of the night, it is quite the shock to feel a warm stream of pee shoot you in chest.  P also makes noises all night long.  He alternates between purring like a baby cub and growling like a hungry bear.

When P was 1 day old, we learned (at 3am) that he passed his hearing test! Yeah!  That day we also had a "Birth" day party for him complete with cake and gifts.  Family and friends filtered in over the next couple of days.  The nurses continued to come in every few hours to check my vitals and the incision.  I was ecstatic when they said I was able to shower! 

Scott was at our side every moment.  When I wasn't feeding P, he would take a turn holding our boy and telling him how much he loved him.  It was a sight that made me want to laugh and cry at the same time.  My Dr. said she would let us leave the hospital on Friday if we wanted or we could leave Sat., our choice.  Scott and I figured we would let the professionals look over P for another 24 hours, then we would venture home on Saturday. 

The night before our departure, P had to take the car seat challenge where he had to sit in his car seat in the nursery for 2 hours.  I guess some infants have trouble breathing in that position, so they make sure babies can handle it before sending them home.  I was so happy P passed the test.  I was ready to get our son home.

Saturday came and we anxiously waited to be released.  I was dressed in my own clothes which was a nice change from the hospital gowns.  We put P in a onesie that said "Handsome Like Daddy."  The pants and jacket that went with the outfit were entirely too big for his tiny body, so he left in just his onesie, hat, and socks.  Once my wheelchair arrived, we loaded up and I was pushed outside.  It was with excitement and a little bit of nervousness that I climbed into our car.  Nervous that we were taking our tiny infant son home and I didn't know what exactly to do once we got there. 

On the drive home, I felt free.  It was a blue sky day with a warm breeze.  I hadn't been in a car in 6.5 weeks.  We stopped at Subway to get lunch.  I sat in the backseat with P because I was afraid he would feel lonely back there by himself.  Lady Gaga was singing "Standing on the Edge of Glory" and somehow that felt like a very appropriate song.  Scott drove more cautiously than he had ever driven in his life. 

Once we were home, I settled in on the couch with P while Scott brought in our items from living in the hospital.  We sat on the couch and held our baby.  It's safe to say we sat there for hours, staring at this miracle that we had been given.  As night fell, I attempted to read P the book, "Guess How Much I Love You."  I barely made it past the first half of the book before I was a sobbing mess.  I was overcome with love and emotion.  As Scott embraced us and asked why I was so upset, I explained; throughout this entire pregnancy, we were on this roller coaster of emotion.  I tried to stay strong and often held my feelings in.  I was scared to think too far ahead because we lived under the fear that P may or may not make it into this world.  Now, here I was holding our perfectly healthy baby boy and every emotion I had suppressed for the previous 7 months came flooding out of me.  I didn't have to try and be strong anymore.  It was tears of relief that poured out of me.  Not to mention, here I was trying to read a book to our baby about how much I love him and the words were so inadequate. 

The first few nights we had to wake P up every 3 hours to feed him.  There weren't too many times that he let us wake him up, often waking us up and letting us know it was time to feed.  It was also more tiring than I ever imagined, getting up numerous times to feed him.  Scott nor I had ever been this sleep deprived, not even in college!

Scott took off a week and half so we could adjust to our new "normal."  Slowly but surely that's exactly what we did.  Our newest adventure had begun...

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