Friday, June 26, 2015

Full Friday

It's early.  Scott has already left for work and the babies are still snoozing in their beds.  As I sip my iced coffee and look out over the sunrise coming up above the cornfields, my heart swells with love and happiness from all that surround me.

It's a typical Friday but feels as special as a holiday weekend.  Scott started a new job a couple weeks ago.  With the raise in pay comes the raise in responsibilities.  His hours have gotten longer and the demands are greater.  In those few short weeks we've had to adjust our lives and learn our new normal.  Dinner is on the table a little later, the kids get less time with Scott before bed, and I'm up a good hour earlier to have a few moments with Scott before he leaves for work.  It's hard.  I wouldn't say I like it, but we're doing it.  We're taking the time when he is home and squeezing every bit of it with 2 hands.
Birthday dinner
This week has been hot.  Southern Indiana isn't holding back any heat or humidity this June.  The kids handle it like troopers and we venture out without hesitation.  Monday we joined my parents at a tavern for dinner to celebrate my dads birthday.  I can't find words to express the gratefulness I am for time with my parents.  It was just dinner, but it was more than that.  It was time with the people that love me and my little family more than anything else.  It's time with people that make my children giggle and scoop them in their arms covering them with kisses and snuggles.  It was just a dinner that I wouldn't trade for anything.
Blue Angels
Yesterday what started out as a normal dentist appointment downtown turned into an incredible air show over the Ohio River.  I had forgotten the Blue Angels were in town for a festival and just about hit the deck when I saw fighter jets flying overhead.  Luckily my mom quickly reminded me about the air show and we walked down Main Street to watch the jets.  Paisley loved them and would have watched them all day while little sister thought they were neat until they buzzed us and the sound sent her scurrying to my arms where she eventually fell asleep (who sleeps during a fighter jet show?!).

Last night we headed back into town for dinner with friends.  These dear friends that stood by us in our wedding and visited my bedridden self while I grew our baby Paisley are beginning a new adventure and moving to another state.  The selfish part of us hates that they are leaving, but a bigger part of us is so excited for their new adventure.  Sitting around their table catching up on life and talking about the future was exactly what Scott and I needed.  Friends have the ability to breathe fresh air into your lungs when the day to day has stolen a little of your wind.

A pretty strong thunderstorm blew through last night.  The news gave us good warning and I took it seriously enough to take down all my hanging flower baskets and tuck them safely in our garage.  The winds kicked up and our house creaked.  Despite the storm arriving well past our bedtime, Scott and I stood in the kitchen and watched the storm roll in across the field.  We lost electricity at the beginning of the storm, leaving us in a pitch black house and the heat outside trying to seep in the cracks.  It was beautiful and a little scary.  Our eyes finally grew too heavy to stay up and we made our way to bed.  I listened to Scott drift off to sleep and the storm raged on outside.  I was happy to hear the power come back to life around 3am.  

Today our plans consist of a bubble blowing event at the library and waiting for daddy to come home from work with a pizza (after all, every Friday is pizza Friday).  We may go camping this weekend or we may head back downtown to take in another air show.  Sometimes not having a plan set in stone is the best plan.

This life I live isn't what I ever pictured my life would's so much better.  

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The Month of May

The busy month of May brought a few changes to our family that made me both happy and sad.
Baby P
Lovely L
After 4 years of having a high chair at our table, we have rid ourselves of the well loved (stained) plastic chair that held our babies as they learned to eat.  We used the same chair for P and L and decided that we didn't "need" it any longer.  Lila has been moved into a booster and Paisley sits in a normal chair.  I like the extra space we have around the table now, but it was a little bittersweet to see it go.

I've retired the diaper bag.  For 4 years I've slung around brightly colored Vera Bradley bags, carrying clothes, diapers, toys, snacks, drinks, and occasionally a lone shoe.  These days I leave our home carrying a simple purse, one that doesn't have room for everything including the kitchen sink.  I admit that I miss feeling like I am prepared for anything (including whipping up simple meals to sterilizing a small child that I deem dirty) but I like the simpleness that comes with less items and less bulk.
Our home away from home
We bought a camper!!  Scott and I honeymooned in the Tetons and spent 1/2 our time camping in hotel Tacoma (the bed of his truck) and a bed and breakfast.  We slept in the back of his truck in snowstorms, thunderstorms, hot weather, and even once with a 6 week old baby.  Now that we have 2 precious little people and we don't fit quite as comfortably under the camper shell, we talked about getting a camper.  After researching our options (and there are a lot of them) and doing lots of shopping, we finally settled on a Catalina bunkhouse.  It is perfect for our family and now we are sure we can't ever go back to camping in a tent again.  We are officially spoiled.

Lila finished her semester of Kinder Musik and Paisley finished his first year of pre-school.  Both kids had excellent semesters and I can literally seem them growing, maturing and learning each and every day.  I know they don't understand the concept of summer vacation, but I am glad that we are finished with structured actives for the summer and can just play.

Mother's Day was fabulous as is most any other day being a mom.  Scott made a big breakfast which also isn't abnormal on the weekend.  I got cards and gifts and sweet little voices telling me Happy Mother's Day.  My parents and sister and Greg came over for lunch (Scott cooked) and enjoyed a leisurely meal.  Being with my family, on the farm, surrounded by love and giggles sealed the deal in making it a perfect day.

We've kept our weekdays busy with trips to zoo, the bounce houses, and having friends over for water slide parties.  Paisley and Lila love having their little splash pool filled up and playing in the icy well water for hours.  Our garden is planted and we are excited to feast on fresh fruits and veggies over the summer months.

We look forward to June which involves a couple date nights, (Kenny Chesney concert and Brew at the Zoo) birthdays, parties, and lots of time spent in the great outdoors.  Until next time....

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

A Vacation for Me

Written as I sat on a plane heading to Tampa

Stormy Tampa
Last night I took a little more time getting the babies to bed.  Singing just a little softer, holding them a little tighter, and stealing an extra kiss or two.  They understand that I am leaving for a few days, but they haven't experienced more than a day of their lives without me.  It's harder on me than them for sure.

Scott drove me to Louisville this morning, holding my hand in his.  The babies played in the backseat, Lila frequently chanting "my mommy my mommy..."  The sky was blue and bright as the trees and grass were green.  Internally I felt sick leaving the 3 most precious people in my life and yet excited to take a few days for myself, soaking in sunshine and walking along the cool ocean waters.

While I lived in Wyoming I always wished I could split myself in two, allowing myself to spend time with family in Indiana while living my laid back life in the mountains.  I find myself wishing to be split into two again.

As I sit here in seat 21C I am so grateful for this opportunity.  I am so grateful that after I relax and unwind for a few days that I get to return to my love filled home.

The rest is written as I sit on my couch at home, rested, relax, and slightly sun kissed.

As we landed in Tampa and caught our shuttle to the condo, I couldn't believe that I was actually on a girls trip.  I soaked in the palm trees, the waves crashing in the bay, and the salami scented shuttle as we drove to Madeira Beach.  We met up with the other 3 girls and fun ensued.

We laughed as we enjoyed our nights in the condo, sitting on the balcony watching the evening storms roll in from the ocean.  We shared bottles of wine and stories of our kids.  We ordered pizza from the beach and dug our toes in the sand while we filled our bikini clad bodies with pepperoni and mushrooms.

Our days started whenever our internal clocks told us to get up.  My body is permanently set for 7am and that is what time I was awake.  I made my morning cup of coffee and headed out to the balcony to watch dolphins play in the ocean.  Slowly the other girls would join me and that is how each day started, watching the sun warm the beach.

There was no clock that ran our day.  After the coffee was gone we would walk down the boulevard to get lunch.  I happily ate grouper nuggets, grouper sandwiches, and crab cakes.  We drank fruity concoctions and strolled through the touristy shops for trinkets for our children.  We sent postcards home and walked on the beach until our legs were exhausted.  There was endless hours of depth conversations that can't typically happen with small children running around.

The group of girls I spent my days with were friendships that had started during our days working in the corporate world.  We've all changed so much since our first meeting, getting engaged, married, having children, changing jobs.  We've got much in common, differences, advice to share on raising a boy/girl, experiences to swap, and so much to laugh about.  It was so enjoyable spending this time with them.

I was sad to fly out of our sunny retreat, but so excited to scoop up my little people and be scooped up by my husband.  The flights home were a little less than easy...getting rerouted to Jacksonville, sitting on the tarmac for 5 hours, having my flight to Louisville cancelled only to be rebooked (for free) on a flight directly to Evansville, only to have that flight grounded due to a maintenance issue, then to get on another plane and arrive home at 3am.  It was all worth it.

Mommas need a break.  We have the hardest job in the world.  I don't have any plans to leave the babies any time soon, but I am so thankful I had the chance to take some time away for myself.  
Cheers to relaxing