Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Closing in on the Third Trimester

Loving Momma's belly
I haven't been nearly as good blogging about this pregnancy as I did when I was pregnant with Paisley.  On one hand this pregnancy is just about as quiet and peaceful as it gets.  I have only had 2 ultrasounds, I have had normal appointments, and I'm not on bed rest (which = a lot less time to blog.).   Maybe I just feel like I don't have as much to say about it this time around...or maybe I just don't want to jinx anything by writing how perfect this pregnancy is going?  On the other hand, I've been soaking in every moment of being pregnant, being as present in each moment as I can be, and enjoying the remaining months with Paisley that he is an only child.  I don't pick up the computer while Paisley is awake, I want to be fully focused on him and what he is doing.  By the time he goes to bed at 8, I want to focus on Scott and catch up on things with him.  That doesn't leave a lot of time for me to record all the details of what is going on with (and inside) of me.

25 wks
As of today I am 25 weeks along, well over half way there.  This pregnancy is going so quickly, much too quickly for my liking.  Because I know (God willing) that this is our last pregnancy, I would like to slow down time and just memorize every second.

She is so incredibly busy in there!  While I am up and moving throughout the day, she sleeps like a little angel.  The second I sit down or lay down for bed, she goes crazy!!  She loves to listen to Scott talk and starts trying to kick her way out when we have conversations (just like Paisley did).

I am still doing yoga every week.  It is not only relaxing, but is almost the equivalent of getting a prenatal massage.  It makes my entire body feel loose and not so pregnant.  It also helped when I was having lower back pain!  There are some positions that I can't do, but during those periods I will assume the "happy baby" pose.  I feel that is appropriate.

I am insanely happy to admit I can still fit in 1 pair of non-maternity pants.  I can even button and zip them.  All my other pants I have to use a belly band with, or I wear maternity pants.  I am a huge fan of Target non-maternity skirts.  They are the most comfortable and cute skirts ever.  I've already warned my co-workers that my maternity clothing is limited and they will be able to predict my clothing rotation based on how little will fit by the end of this pregnancy.
Ready to add another Fish

I feel good, both mentally and physically.  I get winded easier now then ever before, but my body feels good.  Well, to specify, I feel like a blubbery jelly fish, but I don't hurt or have pain/swelling anywhere.  Emotionally I am prepared to cry at any time for any given reason.

I am sleeping great at night.  I get up to pee at least once a night, but otherwise sleep until I hear a little voice say "momma" in the morning.  I am pretty exhausted by 3-4pm, but I am able to power through until around 9pm when I throw in the towel.

My appetite is all over the board.  There are days that I can't get full and there are days that I don't want to eat.  I am always thirsty however.  Typically pink lemonade is the only drink that can satisfy me.  I've let myself consume more coffee with this pregnancy than I did with P.  I drink 90% decaf and 10% regular.  It just feels good to have that hot cup of happiness in my hand.  Heartburn is a frequent companion of mine that I wish would take  permanent hike!

My belly button is still in, but it is slowly moving up.  The other day baby girl pressed it into an outie and that sort of freaked me out.  I rolled on to my side so she would move away from the button.

I've noticed my patience with Scott is running lower than my non-pregnancy patience.  I think that is normal and he's tolerating it like a pro.  The other night I even prefaced a conversation by saying, "I know this is irrational but,...."  It helps him to know that I realize when I am being crazy and it's not some new permanent leaf I've turned over. 

We are slowly letting a wave of tiny pink items take over various corners of our house and I don't think any of us seem to mind.  We are, each in our own way, preparing to finish writing this chapter of our book and start the newest chapter.  It's scary and exciting and worth every second.
Big Brother