Friday, December 31, 2010

2010-Our Year End Review

January-Our annual ski trip took 15 friends to Park City, Utah! We had record snowfalls that resulted in a couple great days of skiing. We spent the 3rd day driving snowmobiles in blizzard like conditions and outrunning avalanches!

February-A fabulous photographer and even more fabulous person, Nicole Neff, took our engagement photos! What better place to have photos of two snow loving people than on the slopes of Paoli Peaks! After a day of skiing, we changed out of our ski gear and had Nicole snap shot after shot. I have to say rosy cheeks are a good look in photos! Happy Engagement indeed!

March-I ran my first race! Years ago, for some reason I told Scott I wanted to run in a race.  He became my trainer as we prepared for my first 7k. I know that isn’t much, but when you’re a girl who has only ran to escape wildlife, running a 7k is a feat! Scott was with me step by step. I felt so great (and exhausted) as we crossed the finish line together!

April-After a visit from the Easter Bunny, Scott and I headed to St. Louis to spend the weekend with friends. We attended the longest Cardinals game in the history of all Cardinal games. By the 20th inning, we were done! We also attended a Super Cross event which I really enjoy!!! Who knew watching a motorcycle race could be so entertaining?

May-This month brought lots of wedding activities! I had the most perfect and beautiful bridal shower at Rhea’s house. My beautiful bridesmaids did a wonderful job and I was so happy to have the people I care about all together. Scott and I took a quick trip to Cincinnati to help our friend Michelle move back to Evansville. Mom, Rhea & I packed our bags and headed to VEGAS!!! We took in all the sights, saw “O,” shopped till we dropped, and visited a club or two.

June-We loaded up Hotel Tacoma and headed to Bonnaroo!!  Kenneth and Michelle joined us and despite the heat, we had a fabulous time!  We learned that KOL isn't that great live, but Jay-Z and Stevie Wonder are amazing performers!  This year, Blazing Saddles beat out Jackie's Oar House and took the first place trophy at the annual Dragon Boats on the Ohio event.  This month was also my final dress fitting!  The next time I put the dress on, it will be our wedding day!!!!

July-The Hemenway's headed to Jackson Hole, our favorite place on earth!  Scott and his boys met us out there shortly after.  We spent the week hiking through the Tetons, Yellowstone, and throwing a fabulous rehearsal dinner.  That Friday, 7/16/2010, Scott and I got married!!!!  I'm sure I'm a little biased, but it was the most beautiful, personalized, relaxed, fun wedding I have EVER been to!  The most important thing, our friends and family were there to celebrate with us. 

August-I officially moved my belongings into "our" home!!!  The month was spent setteling in as man and wife and celebrating our first month of marriage.  Scott also took a new job!    Nothing like throwing a couple life changing events in a few short months!

September-My birthday!!  Scott and my family helped celebrate my 30th birthday with a week of events.  We also headed to Missouri to enjoy a long weekend of camping and floating down the Huzzah. 

October-A month of visits to the Dr. and unexplainable medical issues.  The worst month of the year (or our lives) by far.  Also the point where Scott and I realized the fragility of life and that anything can happen.  I also realized (yet again) that I married a very supportive and loving man. 

November-Scott surprised me with a much needed weekend getaway to Nashville!  We watched Ben Folds play with the Nashville Symphony.  It was beautiful!!!  Mom and I also headed to Indy for a little girl time and shopping.  We celebrated a wonderful Thanksgiving with our families and gave thanks for everything we have. 

December-Merry Christmas!!! A month of good food, wrapping paper, and ribbons flew by.  Scott and I cut down our Christmas tree and spent our first Christmas as husband and wife.  We plan on bringing in the new year dressed as a 1930's showgirl and her professional chess player of a boyfriend.  Pictures to be posted soon!

Good-bye 2010!  You have been an incredible year that will be remembered in a variety of ways.  We look forward to meeting 2011 and seeing all the happiness and excitment it has in store for us.  To all of our friends and family, we love and appreciate each of you.  Thank you for joining us on the ride of our lives in 2010.  We look forward to spending time in the new year with you.  May we each have the health, happiness and love that we each deserve!  Until next year...
Love, The Fishers     

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Monday, December 6, 2010

Hooray for Boobies!!

Today I had the opportunity to have my first mammogram.  For those not of the female species, a mammogram is a digital or x-ray picture of the breast to check for breast cancer.  Here's how my mammogram went;

Nurse: Hi Kara, go ahead and remove your top and bra.  Please put this gown on leaving your chest area uncovered.
Me: Ok
Nurse: Do you have small ones?
Me: Yes
Nurse: How many?
Me: Wait, what did you ask me?
Nurse: Do you have any kids?
Me: Oh!  No I don't.  I thought you were asking about something else.
Not kidding. I turned 3 lovely shades of red and didn't say much the rest of the time.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

An Abundance of Thanks

Waking up on Thanksgiving morning, a sleepy smile could be found on my face. We were lucky enough to sleep in a few hours before beginning the festivities. Scott and I had been up until midnight the night before baking and preparing dishes for Thanksgiving lunch and dinner. My pumpkin roll which typically looks less than edible turned out perfectly for the first time ever.

As we drove the 45 minutes to my parent’s house in Boonville, Scott and I took the opportunity to reminisce on our past four months of marriage. Our wedding day and week to follow will forever be one of the highest points in our life. In the couple months that followed, we hit the opposite end of the spectrum as we dealt with medical issues and a loss. We weathered the ups and downs and came out more educated on topics we wish we weren’t. We leaned and supported one another and learned that time and love is the best medicine for pain. I am thankful to have this husband that can provide for me in all ways; mentally, physically, and emotionally.

As we arrived at my parents, we were greeted with hugs and kisses. Both Scott and I are very lucky to have been raised in homes with a loving and supportive mom and dad. At the age of 30, we are still able to go in our childhood homes and be welcomed with open arms by both our parents. Those tight family bonds created the daughter, sister and wife I have become today.

It was a smaller gathering than normal as Rhea is at the other end of the world and gram and gramps are at my uncle's house. Even though my grandparents weren't seated at the table with us this year, they weren't far from my mind. I am so thankful for the minutes I am given with them. Growing up, it was my grandparents that took us to Florida every year. My grandmother would sit under an umbrella on the beach while my grandfather fished for dinner.

Every Sunday, we drove 45 minutes to Lincoln City to have lunch with them. As time passed and my grandparents became older, they moved to Boonville to live in an apartment close to my parent’s house. These days it’s mom that prepares the Sunday lunches that gram used to make. While I don't make it to lunch every Sunday, I stop in as often as I can. A few weeks ago as the fall leaves were at their peak, I was driving grandpa to church. As I drove down the road, I didn't push the gas pedal as hard as normal. If you know my grandpa, you understand why. He appreciates life more than anyone I've ever know. Every leaf, from the bright golden to the crumbled up brown, he comments on each of their beauty. I wanted him to have as much time on that bright, beautiful fall day to soak in the scenery. Hearing him talk about his appreciation for life and all things in it, makes me appreciate those same items even more. I could write another blog dedicated to those two precious grandparents of mine....they are my most valuable antiques ever.

Mom has never prepared a meal that was less than amazing and today was no different. The turkey, dressing, sweet potato fries, and was all perfect. I'm thankful that my family is able to cook such a meal and sit in a cozy home filled with memories and enjoy the feast. Some of my happiest memories seem to be surrounding the dinner table with my family. Adding Scott to this family and having him join us around the table only adds to my happiness.

All too quickly, the dinner dishes were cleared and leftovers were packed away. Scott and I hopped in the car and headed towards our next event at the Fisher family home. I am very thankful to have the in-laws I do. They warmly greeted Scott and me as we walked in. My mother-in-law quickly put a pot of coffee on while making me feel as though I've been a part of the family forever. I've always felt very welcome and comfortable in their home and am so thankful to have that relationship with them. My brother and sister-in-law as well as my adorable niece joined the party. Any meal that includes that little 3 year old is quite comical as you never know what she is going to say or do.

Surprisingly, Scott and I found room to add more food to our already full stomachs. As the sun set and the temperature dropped, ice and rain began to fall. Scott and I gave our thanks to his parents for having us over and cooking such a wonderful meal. Driving back home, his eyes on the road and my head on his shoulder, we continued our conversation from earlier.

We each have good jobs that allow us time off and a paycheck to spend on things we enjoy. We have family that loves and supports us and we enjoy spending time with them. We have friends that might as well be family because they also show us the same love and support. Finally, we have one another and a beautiful life laid out before us.

Happy Thanksgiving!