Sunday, January 31, 2016

These are a few of my Favorite Things (not a Christmas post)

Last year on my birthday I received a gift card and decided to splurge a little on myself. I was pretty sure my tube of foundation was from 2010 and not even remotely close to my skin color.  I headed to Sephora, a place that not only sells makeup, but a place that would (hopefully) help me decide what I needed.

I walked in with caution, OK, I was actually a little afraid.  I'm not one that likes to look made-up, but I wanted makeup that helped me look a little more alive.  While I wanted someone to give me a mini make over, I didn't want to walk away looking like a clown.  As I glanced between associates with multi-colored hair and wearing much more makeup then I hoped to walk away with, I swallowed my fear and approached a petite girl named Sarah.

I'll mention that I was pushing my double stroller containing my 2 & 4 year old....but I did have a bag of snacks that I planned on distributing to them as my face was undergoing a makeover.  Sarah eyed the double stroller with nervousness that most likely mirrored my own nervousness as I looked at her perfectly applied smokey eyeshadow and fire engine red lips.

She asked about my beauty routine which caused a laugh to escape my clear chapstick coated lips.  I explained I currently clean my face with faucet water and some days used my pale Mary Kay foundation.  She started out with cleaning my face with Pure Truth melting cleanser.  The product is yellow and citrus scented.  It goes on slightly thick and feels great on the skin.  After she washed it off, I immediately felt my face and it felt super clean and hydrated.  I decided immediately I needed this product.  It isn't something I use every night, but on the days that I wear makeup, I use this product to remove it.
Sephora has computer program that scans your skin and automatically chooses a foundation that would compliment your skin tone.  The computer chose Urban Decay (not exactly a pleasant sounding name) Naked Skin in Shade 4.5.  As she began applying the foundation she said it was going to look darker then what I was used to....because my old foundation was entirely too light (Ivory).  I agree that when I first looked in the mirror, I thought "no way am I buying that."    However as she continued with her work....I ended up changing my mind.  

The other products she used on my skin that day were nice, but nothing that I "must" have going forward.  The kids were extremely good as they watched me get a make over, often asking "Mommy what is she doing to you?" And I came away with a fresher look that didn't scream "mom of 2 that lacks sleep and needs coffee."  However, since this blog is about products I love, I will finish up with 3 of my daily favorites!!
$8.99 at Ulta
Oil of Olay Complete is my daily moisturizer.  It is a lightweight SPF that doesn't feel oily and isn't scented.  Even my husband uses this after his morning shower.  At night I use Neutrogena Wrinkle Repair Night.  It is lightweight and slightly scented, however it is a nice clean scent.  I say this because my previous night lotion smelled like paint on a model car my husband put together as a child....or so he says.  Anyway,  it goes on super smooth and feels great on my face.  
$17.99 at Target
Finally, I am addicted to chapstick.  A few years ago I received this pretty tube in my Christmas stocking and I haven't spent a day since without it.  Blistex Silk & Shine goes on smoother than any chapstick I've ever used.  It is lightly scented and leaves my lips feeling hydrated and smooth.  My husband says it wears off to quickly for his liking, but I think that's because I kiss it all off.  

$1.49 at Target
The Sephora products were definitely a splurge that I probably wouldn't have purchased if I hadn't had a gift card, but now that I know how great they are, I will purchase again!  The other products mentioned are reasonably priced and coupons for Oil of Olay and Blistex can often be found on the internet.  

What are a few of your favorite things?

Monday, January 11, 2016

A Final Glance at 2015

Even though our calendar has already flipped to 2016, I wanted to take one more peek at some of my favorite photos of 2015.

I can't wait to see what 2016 looks like!!