Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Terrible Two's

Well they are called the terrible two's for a reason....
Who you calling terrible??
and sometimes I don't know whether to laugh or cry
Laughing is better...
I have to remind myself that he is only two (and 4 months)... and he doesn't really mean it when he screams, hits, acts irrational, throws his toys, refuses to give mommy a hug, doesn't eat his dinner, protests bedtime, responds "no" when asked to do something, and takes toys from his sister.
My littles

Just when I think that my sweet boy has been replaced with a tiny terroristic ninja that lives in my house and makes demands, I will feel two thin arms wrap around my legs and give me a hug.  I will catch him giving his sister a hug and kiss when he thinks no one is watching.  He'll say "Fank you mommy (thank you mommy)" when I hand him a drink.  He can be so loving and sweet causing my heart to melt and feel guilty for getting mad at him for the terrible two behaviors.

We jokingly say that he has it so rough, but I imagine being 2 isn't always easy.  He's had a year full of changes and growth.  He's switched houses, gained a baby sister, is fully potty trained, learned how to count (he can count to 17), knows his colors, knows left from right, knows some shapes, and speaks in full sentences.  He doesn't understand why he can't have candy after breakfast or apple juice all day.
He is a pretty good sleeper, going to bed around 8:30 each night and waking around 7am.  He does talk in his sleep which can be confusing to a momma when I hear him talking about "getting stuck in a ditch" at 2am.  He's an excellent eater and loves his snack time.  He loves fruit or dried fruit as his snack which makes this mommy and daddy proud.  After dinner we let him have a piece of candy, usually a sucker (his favorite type of candy).  His gets to drink milk and water with the occasional cup of juice.

He did excellent at his first trip to the dentist.  He wasn't crazy about having someone messing around in his mouth, but I explained what was going to happen and that he could have a snack after the visit.  That was all the incentive he needed to let them clean his teeth.

Happy Momma
Paisley doesn't like it when Lila gets upset, often causing him to start fussing as well or telling me to pick her up/change her/feed her/etc.  Occasionally she'll reach out to him grabbing a handful of his hair or accidentally kicking him while they are laying on the floor.  His response is immediately "No Lila!" followed by moving away from her quickly.  He likes to rub her head and lay on top of her.  She doesn't seem to mind.

He loves seeing both sets of his grandparents, often asking to go to Nana or Grammie's house.  He gets to have slumber parties with his Nana every once in awhile.  He loves those nights as he gets to stay up late and eat Cheetos with his Pappaw.  He loves to Facetime with his Aunt Bunny when she is out of town and he pretends to call all of his family members on his play phone "Hi Gramma Florence, doing?" (Doing = What are you doing)

He's a great little helper.  Anytime the clothes in the dryer are done, he will empty it into the laundry basket and carry (drag) it to my room.  From there he takes his clothes out and puts them in his room.  I will later go in his room and fold them and put them in the correct drawers, but he does an awesome job getting them in there.  Emptying the dishwasher is also a favorite activity of his.  I take care of the knives but let him hand me everything else.

He's a talker.  He stays on my heels most of the day chatting about playing, memories from the zoo, his birthday and what he wants to do with the rest of his day.  It can be tiring at times, but at the end of the day I appreciate my little chatterbox and that he wants to tell me things.

Playing with Monster trucks
Watching Dora, Super Why or Bubble Guppies
Riding the 4-wheeler or tractor
Going to parties
Playing with Daddy
Playing with stickers
Taking a shower

Lila touching his Monster Trucks
Getting his hair washed
Only getting to watch 1 or 2 shows a day
Being told "no"
Uncooked celery
When his blankie gets dirty and I have to wash it

Sometimes he's so stubborn that I can't help but be proud and frustrated all at the same times.  He's such a strong willed, opinionated little guy.  He's so loving, so polite and I couldn't love him any more.  I look into his bright blue eyes, see the sun reflecting in his golden hair, and watch the mischievous smile play on his lips and he makes me smile.  Even though these terrible two's are aging me and wearing me out, I wouldn't trade the little monster angel for anything.

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4 Months as My Daughter

Ankles? What ankles?
Birth                     4 Months
7lbs 5oz                14lbs 11oz
19.5 inches             25+ inches

Four months was the most difficult for Baby P and it seems to be the same for lil Lila.  My one wake up per night has turned into 4-5 times a night.  And she is eating every time!  I'd love to say that I am getting some sleep because Scott is giving her a bottle...but lil Lila still won't take a bottle.  Trying to give her a bottle elicits a response I imagine is similar to victims of water boarding.  She hates it.
Happy Baby

She gets up for the day at roughly 8am.  I'll hear her talking and cooing and through my sleep deprived eyes, I watch her smile from ear to ear as she sees her mommas head peer over the crib.  I love that part of the day.  I scoop her up and cover her chubby cheeks with warm kisses.  She buries her head into my neck and hair and coos as though she is so happy to see me.

While Paisley and I eat breakfast, Lila will sit in her bouncy chair or her jumperoo and play while we eat.  She loves to watch us eat and if I handed her a piece of toast, I honestly think she would devour it.  She longingly watches us eat.  At this point we have not given her anything but breast milk.  I imagine we will wait until around 6 months to introduce other foods.

She takes one good nap a day, typically around noon.  Her favorite spot to nap is right on my chest.  If I have to lay her down, I have to wrap her up in a blanket and partially cover her face.  The second her face becomes uncovered, nap time is over.

She's such a little snuggler.  As I mentioned she loves being on her mommas chest with her head tucked under my chin.  She's so warm and her head feels like velvet, I love those moments I get to hold her in her favorite spot.  She also loves sleeping in our bed.  A few nights this past month Scott and I ended up bringing her to bed with us so we (I) wouldn't have to get out of bed 5 times to feed her.  She loved being in our bed and slept like an angel as long as she was laying right by my face.  Those nights were a great reminder that I could not be a co-sleeper on a regular basis because I was in constant worry of her disappearing under the covers and suffocating.
She wasn't so sure what this fur ball was...
Besides her sleep schedule turning whacky, her eating has been more sporadic.  She's also been very drooly which makes me think that teething could be on the horizon.  So far there isn't a sign of little whites coming in, but she sure acts like her mouth is bothering her.

Her favorite person is Paisley.  Her eyes lock on him anytime they are in the same room and she will smile and talk to him.   She's a talker!  Once she gets started she will jabber to anyone that will listen.  She loves to give smiles and if you get close enough, she will grab you with her death like grip.  She enjoys holding onto her toys and shaking the ones that make noise.  She loves laying on her play mat and watching the pretty baby in the mirror.

When laying flat on her back, she tries her hardest to pull up into the sitting position.  It ends up looking like she is doing crunches.  She's wearing size 2 diapers at night (cloth during the day) but she is quickly outgrowing the size 2.  She can still fit in some 3 month clothing but they are starting to get tight.

She got to play in the snow for the first time and she wasn't crazy about it.  Once we got on the 4 wheeler and took off she quickly fell asleep.  She loves having her clothes pulled over her head and instantly cracks a smile and coos.  However getting her to put her arms into long sleeves is torturous to her and usually results in screaming.

The longest I have left her is 5 hours as I worked at The Limited the day after Thanksgiving.  She did pretty good until the last hour or so when she decided she wanted to eat and her dad brought out the bottle.  I haven't left her for that long since.

Significant snow fall
Ear Infection / Antibiotics

Bath time
Light up toys
Mommy's singing
Diaper changes

Lila Bean

We are looking forward to Christmas with our newest angel and introducing her to our family traditions.  Scott and I both agree we already forgot what life was like without her in it.

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