Monday, June 9, 2014

Little Lila at 9 Months

               Birth                                                9 Months
 7lbs 5oz                                          17lbs 5.2oz  (35% for weight)
19.5 inches                                       28 inches      (65% for height)

This little doll has lived on the outside just about as long as she grew on the inside.  18 months ago,  we hadn't realized this little girl would be joining our lives.  Now we can't remember what life was like without our little squishy baby girl.

Her growth and awareness are more noticeable now then ever before.  She moves with a purpose, spying toys, a cup, her brother, and she will make a bee-line for it...well as quick as her worm-like movement will move her.  She still hasn't mastered moving her knees while crawling, but she's got arm strength that pulls her everywhere she wants to go.  She has begun sitting on her knees while playing or pulling up on her knees when trying to peer into the toy bin.  All this movement has really slimmed down our little squishy girl!

Potty training is proving to be successful!  She regularly pees on her pot and this month she has started pooping on it!  Let's hope she follows her brothers lead and my days of changing dirty diapers are over (or at least very few and far between)!

Our nights are going a little easier these days!  I continue to nurse/rock her to sleep.  Once I lay her down she flips onto her stomach to sleep.  She wakes between 1-3am to eat, then sleeps until 7:30 or so.  This is a schedule that I am loving!!  She takes 2 naps a day.  Both of those naps happen in her crib.  She protests a little at first, but quickly quiets down and falls asleep.  She wakes up happy from naps and nighttime.  I love hearing her cooing and talking.  Usually it sounds like "MA MA MA MA...."  She smiles and sits up when I walk in her room to get her.  *heart melts every time*
Food is finally becoming a friend of hers!! She can put away chunks of tomato and mashed potatoes like a full grown toddler.  She also likes fruit.  She'd rather feed herself then let me feed her and she loves drinking ice water out of a straw.  She still gets most of her nutrition from me, but I am happy that she is finally enjoying other foods.  We basically skipped over baby food or pureed food of any type.  Baby girl wants to eat what we eat.

She doesn't mind playing by herself for a bit, but she favors watching her brother play and getting involved in whatever toys he's playing with.  She's learned to rough house with him, grabbing on to his hair, shirt, arms, legs when he starts wrestling with her, and she doesn't let go!  Unfortunately we haven't broken her hair pulling habit yet.  Or pinching.

She loves bath time and now sits in the bathtub with her brother.  I was a little sad to put the baby tub away, but it is nice to have the kids in the tub together and get everyone clean at once.  She's a great sport about letting me put her in poofy dresses and bows in her hair.  She's not so great about sitting still during story time....she thinks books are for chewing.  But, I love having both babies on my lap and attempting to read to both of hem.

-No teeth yet...but we are getting close
-Frequently says "Momma" and "Dadda" and knows who is talking about
-She (sometimes) waves bye-bye
-She loves hearing mommy sing and it will quiet her down when she's upset
-Wears 6-9 month clothes
-One of the smiliest babies I've ever seen
-Will scream at strangers to get their attention, then smile at them

She gives slobbery kisses and loves to snuggle.  I look at her and can't help but see a little mini-me.  She may shriek like a wild banshee and already show the dramatic abilities of a 16 year old girl, but her daddy is wrapped tight around her finger.  I have a feeling this tiny doll will rule the roost of our family for at least the next 18 years.  I can't think of a cuter ruler.

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Friday, June 6, 2014

Season of Change

It was 2007 and I just finished cheering at a BluCats football game.  I can't remember if we won or lost, but I remember leaving the game with my parents and heading to the car lot.  My Blazer (Hunter) was on its last leg and I needed a reliable set of wheels. 

Growing up I thought my dad knew a thing or two about vehicles, therefore if he said something was good, I took his advice.  As my eyes landed on a little 4-door blue/grey Honda Accord, I was sold.  Between the smooth test drive, price and low miles, my dad and I agreed we would welcome Sophia Honda Accord (yes, I name my vehicles) into the family.

As I drove home in my new car that night, I had no idea that this would be the vehicle that carried me home after my first date with my future husband.  I never imagined what the backseat would look like with a car seat buckled in the back.  Much less two car seats!  As our family grew, Sophia didn't.  My little car that had taken my husband and I to Florida and back, simply didn't have room for babies, groceries and a stroller.  The little Honda that I had proudly purchased as a single girl no longer fit my married with children life. 

I told my husband I wanted a mini-van and I was sort-of serious.  After trying to squeeze babies and bags into my little car, I wanted space.  My husband politely listened as I rattled off reasons as to why it would be so convenient to become a mini-van family.  I even promised that I would absolutely under zero terms put little stick family figures in the back window.  Less then 2 minutes after I finished he had built a case on why we would not own a mini-van. 

After scouring the Internet for vehicles from Boston to Austin, we found the newest member of our family in Louisville.  Cruz the Toyota is definitely not a mini-van, but she is perfect for our family and can pull an RV.  She has plenty of space and can now fit the double stroller, a weeks worth of groceries, and two precious babies comfortably.

The bittersweet part is that this new vehicle didn't bring my two babies home from the hospital.  This vehicle didn't hear the conversations I had with this boy named Scott as I was falling in love with him.  This new vehicle didn't witness my transformation from single girl to married mommy.

The other big change was we sold our St. Wendel house.  Even though we moved out last July, we (Scott) had been working on it prior to listing it.  Between working on an old house, renovating our new house, taking care of a wife post delivery, chasing after a toddler, and bonding with a newborn...lets just say the house didn't get listed until February.  It sold quick and saying good-bye to that house was bittersweet.  This was the house that welcomed Scott and I as husband and wife.  This is the house that held the memories of celebrating positive pregnancy tests, the living room that because my home for 6 weeks of bed rest, the perfect blue room my husband painted as our baby boy was about to join the world. In that same blue room, I spent every night the first year of our sons life nursing him to sleep.  That room became my favorite room in house.  This is the home our son took his first steps, and the home that my husband and I spent many nights sitting out on the back deck dreaming about our future.  I know those memories live in our hearts and not that house, but I'd be lying if I said leaving that blue nursery and every other inch of that home didn't pull at my heartstrings.

New cars and homes come and go, but the memories we create reside in our memory banks forever.  With the additional space in the new car and the new home, I look forward to filling every inch with new memories.  The kind of memories my children will talk about in their 20's, saying "remember when..."

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