Sunday, April 22, 2012

Our 8 Month Old Little Man

Baby Blue Eyes
I just barely posted his 7 month blog and here we are at 8 months.  When I was younger, time seemed to drag oh so slow.  I wanted it to be summer so I would be out of school.  Then I wanted it to be Christmas because who doesn't love getting gifts from a jolly old elf?  It would feel like YEARS before the next holiday/vacation would arrive at my adolecent door step.  Now, as I watch my baby grow, the months are passing by in moments.  Quick Moments.

Happy 8 months to ME!!!
Birth Stats                                                      8 Month Stats
6lbs. 5.9oz                                                       17 lbs. 13.5 oz.
19 inches long                                                  27.5 (roughly) inches long
His weight gain seems to have leveled off, but he is still gaining so I won't be too concerned.  He is eating like he has a hollow leg!  He will eat breakfast (8am-ish) usually some type of fruit mixed with a little oatmeal.  He will drink milk or prune juice out of his sippy cup.  Around 10:30 he will want his lunch which is a vegetable and fruit on the side.  He has a snack around 3, either organic Puffs or some fruit.  Then for dinner (when Scott and I eat around 6pm) we feed him meat and vegetables.  I am nervous about cooking his meat so I resort to pre-made baby food for his meat.  The fruit and vegetables I puree myself.  He still continues to breastfeed on and off throughout the day and night. 
Kicked back and relaxed
Our nights are either pretty good or really bad.  I'm going to blame the latest round of mid-night feedings on teething.  We can still see those little bottom teeth that have been hovering at the gum line since he was 3 months old...but NOTHING has broke through the gums.  Since I am still breast feeding, I will take this as good fortune.  Currently he goes down around 7:30-8.  He will be up at 2am and 4am to eat, then I wake him up to start his day around 6:30.  I am hoping he gets back on his 7 month old sleep cycle soon! 
Paisley is offically a crawler.  He finally learned how to coordinate his arms and legs and off he goes.  His favorite room to go into is our bathroom.  I keep it clean, but that's still gross.  We are getting in the habit of shutting the door when we aren't in there, but then he will sit outside of it and bang on the door.  His second favorite place to go is inside our closet. I am not sure what the facination is?
He may hate me for posting this one...but I'm proud of our little pooper!
Our BIG development this month is Paisley has been using his little plastic potty!!  When he turned 6 months, I bought him a little Baby Bjorn potty and started sitting him on it.  He wasn't crazy about it, but we stuck with it and would sit on it for a little bit each day.  One day during this past month, he was on it and much to my surprise, he pooped!  I was shocked and excited and thought what perfect timing to sit him on there when he needed to go.  So much for it being a fluke because I haven't had to change a poopy diaper since.  I sit him on there throughout the day and he goes like clock work.  He still pee's in his diaper, but I can live with that!
Our little guy is showing his strong personality with every sound and move he makes.  He loves to laugh and will laugh for no reason at all, knowing it makes Scott and I laugh.  He is a snuggler and loves to be close to his parents.  If he sees Scott or I leave the room, he will fuss and chase after us.  He likes to be in the middle of the action, where ever the action may be.  And he's not afraid to let strangers know he wants NOTHING to do with them. 
Just a swing'in
Ice Water
Going to bed or naptime
Having his face washed
Having the snot sucker used on him

He rolled off his changing table
He swung in a baby swing (LOVED IT)
Drinks through a straw
Gives kisses to us

I think it's time to start planning a 1st Birthday Party!!!

He wasn't so sure about the triple kiss from his Momma, Auntie and Nana
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