Saturday, November 28, 2015

He gets It

Sweet babies (pre-witching hour)
5pm is what I like to refer as "The Witching Hour."  At this time the kids have used up all their good behavior for the day and the volume of their voices are stuck on "High."  This is the time that sharing toys is harder, using polite words is impossible, and attention seeking measures are in overdrive.  This is..."The Witching Hour."
The Witching Hour
The other evening as Scott got home from work, the kids were chasing each other, screaming, and wanted to be right under our feet as I prepared dinner and Scott attempted to tell me about his day.  After repeating himself numerous time, he looked at me across the kitchen, with the activity and sounds of 2 children right in between us, and he looked tired and a little defeated.  He said, I can't hear a word I'm saying...." I felt bad.  Bad the he couldn't tell me about his day and bad that the kids were just being kids.  But then before I could form another thought, he said "but I wouldn't have it any other way." As I looked at him again, he was smiling while looking down at our extremely loud children, who were happy as larks rolling and squawking around on the kitchen floor.  At that moment my heart smiled and I was reminded that "he gets it."
Parenting, it's not for the weak
"It" is realizing that these babies are the most precious blessings in our lives.  "It" is realizing that these moments, these loud, difficult moments are fleeting.  "It" is realizing that they aren't trying to interrupt our stories or trying to make it hard for us to reconnect at the end of a long day, but they're being little kids.  "It" is realizing that parenting is hard, but it's so much easier when we're on the same page.  "It" is realizing that we're in this together, all 4 of us, forever.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Fog on the Farm and other Fall Things

The other morning I woke to find our little piece of land covered in rolling fog.  The sun was nowhere to be found as the grey clouds rolled past our windows and swirled down the lane.  Paisley had never seen the fog roll like this and asked "where is this smoke coming from?"  It was beautiful and mysterious and I easily let my mind think we were in Yellowstone National Park surrounded by thermal pots.

Beautiful, cool, breezy fall has settled in for the duration.  The leaves have shown off, turning brilliant colors that delighted our eyes.  Then caught up in the wind they released their grip and drifted into the surrounding fields.

Before the last leaf fell from its branch, we spent a beautiful sunny day at the zoo. Nana wanted to soak up the scenery and share the day with her babies, so she joined in on the fun.  We played in the leaves and took plenty of photos.  Surprisingly there weren't many other patrons so we had the animals to ourselves.

Halloween was successful for my little trick-or-treaters.  On the Friday before Halloween we ventured to town to see their Aunt Bunny and Uncle Greg at work.  Rhea was dressed as the devil to which Paisley replied "she must be some sort of red bird," (we haven't seen the need to teach about the devil at this point).  One of her co-workers was dressed as a witch which actually scared Paisley more then any other figure or monster he saw over the next 2 days.  Both kids were so happy when they were treated to new jammies, bath soap and socks from their aunt and uncle (Rhea didn't want to contribute to any cavities that may come along down the road).

The elevator to Uncle Greg's office is thrilling!!
From there we drove a county over to surprise their Nana and Pappaw.  Nana was hard at work at the library but took plenty of time to treat the kids to candy as did her co-workers.  Papaw showed up a few minutes later when he heard the babies were in town.

Halloween night brought perfect weather as we walked the subdivision of our friends.  A large group gathers each year and the children enjoy running from house to house.  I feel this is the first year that Paisley "got" what was happening.  He enjoyed teaming up with his cousin Cameron and racing to each house, seeing who could ring the doorbell first.  Lila enjoyed running around with the boys and wanted to eat each piece of candy that was put in her pumpkin.

That night we tucked our little fireman and puppy into their beds as they excitedly talked about saying "trick-or-treat" and getting candy.  Then Scott and I sat at the table and sampled a few of their treats (Shhh....).

Paisley got his first big boy haircut...or as Nana likes to say, "Paisley got peeled."   I wanted to grow his hair longer (think California surfer boy) but Scott had been commenting (more often then not) that I needed to take our boy to get a haircut.  So after school pictures were taken, off we went to get a haircut.  Holy made him look like a 6 year old boy.  I've already told him we're growing his hair long and never getting it cut this short again.  Don't get me wrong, I think he looks adorable and it's a great cut....but as my sister said, he went from a Gerber Baby to a tiny member of NSYNC.
Before / After (Wowzers)
Family photos for our Christmas card have been taken and 1/2 the envelopes have been addressed. Christmas lists have been finalized and Thanksgiving menus are underway.  As I sit here on this rainy day, sipping warmed up day old coffee while the babies snooze in their beds, I am grateful for this season of life.  It's full of crazy weather, growing babies, shorter hairstyles, and upcoming holidays.  

How are you enjoying this season?