Monday, April 14, 2014

Holy 8 Months!!!

                               Birth          8 Months
                                       7lbs 5oz       17lbs-ish
                                      19.5 inches    27+ inches

She's soft and squishy and smells like Heaven.  Oh....and she's 8 months old!!

We've got another fully mobile kid on the loose.  Her crawling is more of a leap frog move, but she gets where ever she wants to go and fairly quickly.  She can reach high above her head to pull down/reach objects.  She can pull herself into a seated position from her stomach.  With her new found mobility and enjoyment in toys, she and Paisley are starting to play together.  She enjoys him a little more then he enjoys her.

We continue offering solids to our littlest munchkin.   When Paisley started solids we were very meticulous with which vegetables we would offer him and then began fruits after that.  I spent hours pureeing food to the perfect blend and took pride in my baby food making skills.  He ate like a champ and took to solids like it was no big deal.  Lila is a different story completely.  She'll eagerly take the first bite or two I offer her, but then keeps her lips pinched.  She doesn't favor fruits or vegetables and makes the most horrible faces when she does get some in her mouth.  I'm a little worried I may have to nurse her indefinitely if this keeps up!

I keep telling myself this awful sleeping pattern is just a phase.  I nurse her around 7:30 each night.  Most the time she falls asleep while I am nursing her but occasionally she is still awake once she has finished eating and I put her in bed.  If she is still awake, she'll fuss for about 3-5 minutes before falling asleep.  On a good night she will only wake up twice, roughly 11:30 and again around 3.  On a bad night she'll get up a 3rd time.  I keep telling myself this is just a phase and the next thing I know she'll be sleeping over at a friends house and I will wish I had her in my arms rocking by the light of the moonlight.

I have begun potty training the little sweet pea! I am a month behind when I started with Paisley, but I blame that on our trip to Colorado.  After 1 day of training she is already successfully peeing on the potty.  Fingers crossed within the next 2 months I'll be done with poopy diapers for good!

Little sweet pea looks when her name is said.  She also recognizes Paisley's name and the words "bite" and "kitty."  She's just a little sponge and learning so much so quickly.

A few things she does that melts my heart; when picked up after nap/bedtime she will wrap her arms around my neck and bury her face into me.  She will look me square in the eye and give me an open mouth slobbery kiss.  She loves being held by me....I would even go as far as saying it's her favorite place on earth.  When she gets bashful she hides in the safety of her my arms.  She loves her family and lets them feel the love by the way her eyes light up when her daddy gets home after work or the way she opens her mouth in the widest smile possible when her brother plays with her.  No one can get her to laugh the way her brother does.

She adds sweetness to my life that I didn't know was missing.  I can't help but steal a thousand kisses a day or pull myself away from inhaling her sweet baby smell.  She's my little piece of 8 month old Heaven on earth.  I am so blessed.

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Sunday, April 13, 2014

That was Me

Occasionally I rummage through the console in my car to see what long lost treasures I can find.  Recently it was a semi-scratched cd that I slid into the cd player.  As Kenny Chesney's voice filled my car, a song came on that took me back a few (ok more then a few) years and made me smile (the yellow highlighted parts are really what I connect(ed) with;

She hit the door, 6:55
Sack full of groceries split down the side
Canned goods scattered all the way to the curb
Look on her face sayin "don't say a word"
So it's me and her and a can of beans
Sittin there on the front porch swing
A western sky all turnin red
Head on my shoulder, she sighed and said

I've been gopherin, chaufferin, company chairman
Coffee maker, copy repairman
Anymore there ain't nothin I swear man
That I don't do
I been jugglin, strugglin, closin big deals
Dancin backwards in high heels
Just when it feels like I can't make it through
She said, it sure is nice to just be the woman with you

She said, the girl I was with a business degree
Probably wouldn't recognize me
I was gonna run the bank, I was gonna run the math
Now all I wanna run is a bubble bath
Back then, ya know, I had this plan
Before all this reality set in
Here come life, boy, ready or not
Hey, I wanted it all and that's what I got

Cuz I'm gopherin, chaufferin, company chairman
Coffee maker, copy repairman
Anymore there ain't nothin I swear man
That I don't do
I been jugglin, strugglin, closin big deals
Dancin backwards in high heels
Just when it feels like I can't make it through
She said, it sure is nice to just be the woman with you

She said, I'm gopherin, chaufferin, company chairman
Coffee maker, copy repairman
Anymore there ain't nothin I swear man
That I don't do
I been jugglin, strugglin, closin big deals
Dancin backwards in high heels
Just when it feels like I can't make it through
She said, it sure is nice to just be the woman, the woman with you
The woman with you

There was a time in high school I wanted a houseful of children.  That was also the same time I thought I would marry Leonardo DiCaprio so obviously my mental state was questionable.   Once I started college and tasted a little freedom and adulthood, I couldn't remember why I ever thought I wanted a houseful of children and dreamt of being a successful business woman in high heels with a DayPlanner filled with important luncheons and meetings.  Children didn't fit into my dreams.

During that time, I lived my life blissfully selfish, following each and every whim that crossed my mind.  I moved to Wyoming for 3 years, earned my degree,  hopped in a car and took a 3 month/16,000 mile road trip, renewed my passport and sailed to Antarctica, twice.  I scored my first job in the corporate world and had my luncheons and well used DayPlanner.  It was perfect for that period of my life.

These days if I had a day planner it would consist of swim lessons, kindermusik, play dates and dentist appointments.  Long gone are the days I make decisions for a publicly traded company and lunch with people that are trying to  impress me.  The decisions I make now are in the best interest of 3 of the most important people in my life.  My little lunch dates occasionally fling food in my face and hair and every once awhile that same foods makes a visit hours later in the form of throw up.  Life is much different then it was when Kenny Chesney first sang that song.

Funny how back then I thought I had it all with my business cards and uncomfortable high heels.  Little did I know having it all would have new meaning in the form of two tiny people and a living room filled with noisy toys.  I'm sure there's a song out there that would describe it perfectly.

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

7 Months of Learning and Life

                                              Birth            7 Months
                                              7lbs 5oz        17lbs-ish
   19.5 inches      27+ inches

(My scale is on the fritz and I can't get this baby to lay straight 
for an accurate length, hence the "ish" & "+"

So this post is almost a month late...but that's ok because I've been spending time with this busy bundle of loveliness.  Lots of firsts and life have been happening for our littlest fish.

Firsts- Lila enjoyed her first plane ride!  We flew to Colorado and she happily nursed until she fell asleep, then slept the entire flight.  I wore her in the airport and while walking around Breckenridge.  She doesn't mind being worn by her momma.  (more on our Colorado vacation in another blog!)
         - While in Colorado, little sister rolled onto her belly while sleeping and slept like a baby the rest of the night.  I on the other hand didn't sleep well because I was a nervous wreck she was going to suffocate.

        - More solids! Unfortunately she isn't crazy about any of them at this point.  Her menu consists of carrots, green beans, avocados, bananas, and peaches.  She likes veggies better then fruit, but not by much.

Sleep is still our biggest hurdle with the little doll.  She goes down anywhere between 7:30-8.  She wakes between 10:30-12, again between 1-3 and around 5.  Then she is up for the day between 7:30-8.  Her naps aren't much either, she goes down for about 30 minutes 3 different times a day.  She sleeps less then her 2 year old brother which doesn't seem right to me, but she's a pretty happy baby so I'll continue to follow her lead.  I've been tempted to bring her to bed with us so I can maybe get a little more sleep, but I think that would open  another can of worms.
Lila is an excellent eater as long as it's breast milk and comes straight from me.  She still isn't fond of bottles and I mentioned earlier how she feels about solids.  She will take a sippy cup with a straw and gulp down some ice cold water.

Toys and dolls are this girls bestfriend. She is so happy to be placed on the floor with toys all around her. If one is slightly out of reach she will get on all fours and start swaying. To really move around she'll lay down and start rolling towards the desired object. If you take an object away from her, she will let you know (loudly) that she is not pleased with you. 

Lila is a jabber box! Despite her first word being "momma" she chants "dadda" all day long. She makes shrill bird like noises and clicks her tongue. Every once in awhile she will shriek so loud she scares herself. 

Our little sweetie can sit up unassisted for a decent amount of time...until she realizes what she is doing then she rolls onto her side. She can stand holding onto an object until her little legs can't hold her weight up any longer. She rolls and leap frogs to get to where ever she wants to go. She has excellent hand eye coordination and every object she picks up goes straight to her mouth. 

Bath time
Naked time
Being tickeled
Giving gummy slobbery kisses
Mommy's singing
Watching brother

Getting dressed
Getting an object taken from her
When mommy leaves the room
Diaper changes

She's becoming more and more independent which makes me happy and a teeny bit sad all at the same time. I absolutely fall into the category of parents that say they can't remember what their life was like before they had their children. My life is busier and fuller then it has ever been...and I am so thankful that this little doll adds to the craziness.   

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