Thursday, June 21, 2012

10 Months of Pistol-Ness

The party planning is underway for P's 1st birthday!!  But, enough about him turning 1, let's celebrate his past 10 months!!
10 months of fun
Birth Stats                        10 Month Stats
6lbs. 5.9oz                         19 lbs. 3.5oz.
19 inches long                   28 inches long

The GREAT outdoors
It's been a busy month for the Fish3!!  Since the weather has warmed up, we have been spending a lot of time in the great outdoors.  We have spent time swimming both in Paisley's kiddie pool and his Aunt's big person pool.  We also took the little tyke on his 2nd camping trip!  The first time we camped was last October and we slept in Hotel Tacoma (under Scott's camper shell).  This time we tent camped and Paisley LOVED it!  He snuggled right up next to me and slept like a baby!

Speaking of sleep, things are looking up!  Paisley is still getting up once a night, but once a night is so much better than more than once.  He usually gets up around 3am, feeds, then goes back to sleep until 6:30am.  Do I think he is hungry at 3am, No, but I think he just wants a little comfort and love from his Momma.  I happily hand it over.
Fish in the water
Feeding is a funny time of day for this kid.  He will eat ANYTHING and will just keep eating until his belly button pops out. Not even kidding.  He is a fantastic eater.  The other night he was enjoying a big slice of watermelon and despite how tasty it was, the boy couldn't keep his eyes open and fell asleep with watermelon in hand.  He loves feeding himself and will reluctantly take a bite from his Momma.  He still breastfeeds first thing in the morning and right before bed.  During the day, he is way to busy to lay down and eat. 

He is as busy as a kid can be.  He doesn't just crawl, he crawls as quick as he can with a goal in mind to get where ever he is going as quick as he can.  He cruises along the coffee table and couch and occasionally forgets to hold on and will let go.  Once he realizes he is standing up on his own, he quickly crashes to the ground.
Checking out the campsite
Mother's Day
Waved (only when he wants to)
Said DaDa (On Mother's Day)
Said MaMa (The day after Mother's Day)
Other sounds; BaBa, JuJu, Ohhh
Swimming (LOVES IT)
Cruising around the furniture
Funeral (Great-Grandma Fisher)

The sun in his face
When he gets put in his highchair and the food isn't ready yet
Being told "no"
When Momma or Dadda walk out of the room he's in

I am so blessed to have this lil fish in our lives.  He is happy and smiling 90% of the time.  Even during the fit throwing 10%, I wouldn't trade him for a lush ski-in ski-out lodge in the mountains, and that's saying A LOT! 

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Back when I knew it all.....
Growing up is a funny thing.  I look and feel like I'm growing older and wiser, but my mind...well I swear sometimes I still feel like a 12 year old girl. 
Maybe getting married will make me feel more like
an adult?
At my current job I oversee roughly 78 college age students.  Sometimes I mistakenly call them kids (not to their faces) and while we may only be 5-10 years apart in age, sometimes they make me feel MUCH older.  I like that some of them ask me for advice, "Where did you register when you got married" and "Should I spend a semester at Harlaxton?"  But sometimes they ask questions that make me feel like a dinosaur, "Do you know what Bonnaroo is?" or "Were there online classes when you were in college?"  I thought supervising/mentoring college age students would make me feel more like an adult...but nope, the 12 year old part of me still giggles in my head when they make inappropriate comments while my professional side tells them that behavior isn't acceptable.  Luckily my professional side keeps my younger side in check.

I really enjoy working with this age group.  Do I think I will make a huge impact on their lives and make them all better/more productive members of society?  Probably not, but if I can instill some good work ethic into one or two of these "kids," and if they see the positive example I am trying to be for them, then I will consider this summer job a success.  I want them to view me as an adult they can look up to and trust.  Fingers crossed that I'm succeeding. 
Maybe having a son will make me feel more like
an adult?
I have a son.  I'm going to repeat that again because it is so cool to say, "I have a son."  In some ways, I feel like I excel at this parenting business.  In other ways, if I stop to think about it, it scares the dickens out of me!  The other night after I had put P to bed, Scott and I were sitting on the couch talking about being parents.  How crazy that we call the shots on all aspects of this little guys life?  When we think it's time for him to go to bed, we put him to bed.  When we think he needs to eat, we feed him.  And not only do we just feed him, but we get to decide what food is best for him, and how it should be prepared.  That's a lot to think about!  I admit that some evenings I feel quite hypocritical as I give him fruit and veggies for dinner and feed myself a bag of Grippos and chocolate chips. 

I remember being little and under my parents roof.  I hated bedtime.  I remember hearing the theme song to "Cheers" come on and know the inevitable was coming.  I would practically become nauseous I hated bedtime that much.  Even at 10 years old, I longed for the day that I could decide when it was time for me to go to bed.  Now, I can stay up at late as I want (usually 10pm is as late as I want) and I'm doing the good-night kisses and tucking a little one in bed.  My role has changed and I love playing that role, despite the "I hope I"m doing this right" thoughts.
Silly me
While I try to hide my silly ways while I'm at work, little P gets to see his Momma in all her silly glory.  It isn't uncommon for Scott to find us singing and dancing in the kitchen, and yes, occasionally I will be jumping on the bed with our boy.  It's ok for adults to do that sort of thing, right?  I'm hoping I am showing our son that life is fun and it's ok to be silly.  There's a time and a place to be serious, but life's about treating others with respect, doing what's right, laughing, loving, and enjoying the journey.  My journey into adulthood may look and act a little different from others, but I don't think my family has any complaints.  Maybe adulthood isn't so bad after I need to go eat some fudgerounds and rock a sleepy baby.  Maybe when I retire I will start to feel like an adult?

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Monday, June 11, 2012

See You on the Other Side

My Grandpa Mike, always in my heart
The passing of a loved one can knock the wind out of your sails.  It's a time to go back in your memory bank and retrace every footstep you took with the deceased.  It's a time to gather with family and remember the good times.  I am so blessed to have all my grandparents but one, my Grandpa Mike. 

His death was a massive heart attack in the middle of the night.  There was no warning, there was no way to prepare.  I remember sitting at work when my mom called me and told me.  It was awful.  After his death, I would literally see him everywhere.  I would see him walking down the mall, driving in his car, he would come to me in my dreams.  Was it really him, of course not.  But do I think he was and continues to be near, watching over me and my family?  Absolutely.  I would trade a day off my own life if it would give my grandpa a chance to meet my husband and son.  I can only hope someday, on the other side, they get the opportunity to meet.

This past weekend Scott lost his grandmother,
Scott's Grandma Jeanne with our son and niece and nephew
she was his last living grandparent.  Her death makes my heart a little heavier because she is the first relative my son has lost in his short life.  Someday he will look back at pictures of her holding him and he will ask me about her.  I'm so thankful for their 9 months together.  While we knew her cancer was not curable, it doesn't soften the pain from her passing.  We can only say our good-byes and rejoice that she has joined her husband who passed 3 years ago.   

I love when there is a song that says exactly what my heart feels. Here you go;

Well, hope is an anchor and love is a ship:
Time is the ocean an' life is a trip.
You don't know where you're goin' till you know where you're at,
And if you can't read the stars, well, you better have a map:
A compass and a conscience so you don't get lost at sea,
Around some old lonely island where no one wants to be.

From the beginning of creation, I think our Maker had plan,
For us to leave these shores and sail beyond the sand.
An' let the Good Light guide us through the waves and the wind,
To the beaches in a world where we have never been.
And we'll climb up on the mountain, y'all: we'll let our voices ring,
When those who've never tried it, they'll be the first to sing.

Whoa, my, my:
I'll see you on the other side if I make it.
And it might be a long hard ride but I'm gonna take it.
Sometimes it seems that I don't have a prayer:
I let the weather take me anywhere,
But I know that I wanna go where the streets are gold,
'Cause you'll be there.
Oh, my, my.

Well, you don't bring nothin' with you here and you can't take nothin' back.
I ain't never seen a hearse with a luggage rack.
So I've torn my knees up prayin', scarred my back from fallin' down.
Spent so much time flyin' high, till I'm face first in the ground.
So if you're up there watchin' me, would you talk to God and say:
Tell him I might need a hand to see you both some day.

Oh, my, my:
So I'll see you on the other side if I make it.
And it might be a long hard ride but I wanna take it.
Sometimes it seems that I don't have a prayer:
I let the weather take me anywhere,
But I know that I wanna go where the streets are gold,
'Cause you'll be there. (You'll be there.)
Oh, my, my.
'Cause you'll be there. (You'll be there.)
Oh, my, my.

-George Strait "I'll See You on the Other Side"

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Higher Education (Part-Two)

*This blog is a continuation of Higher Education (Part-One)

My first job post-college, not too shabby (Image courtesy of Google)
After graduation, I accepted my first "real" job in the "real" world.  It was glorious and I loved the fast pace.  It didn't hurt that the company was a major shoe retailer.  I had my own little cube that I promptly decorated with pictures and a cute little green cactus. 

After our "little" fish joined the world in August, I used every second of my FMLA to spend with him.  When that time expired in October, I wasn't ready to return to work.  I felt sick to my stomach and in my heart to leave our baby.  Not that he wasn't in very capable and loving hands (his grandmothers), they weren't my hands.  And this bothered me.
I have always lived under the belief the God gives you what you need, when you need it.  Sometimes Most of the time his plan is not a perfect match with your own plan, but you just have to put faith in him and hold on for the ride.  So that is what Scott and I did.  And then I got a phone call.  A fabulous girlfriend that had previously worked with me at the shoe company called and said she knew of a position at the university that would become available over the next few months.  It was an HR job, that ran March-August, and I'd be off September-March completely.  It sounded pretty sweet.
USI-My new home away from home (Image courtesy of Google)
Fast forward the interview, the offer, my letter of resignation, the first day of work, the first month, etc. There I sat at the university, in my apartment.  Yes, I have an apartment.  It's an apartment that gets converted to an office during the summer months.  In my "office" I have a desk, computer, phone, and a set of bunk beds.  I laugh every morning as I kiss Scott good-bye and tell him I'm on the way to my apartment. Prior to taking this job, I hadn't stepped foot in an apartment on campus since my freshman year.  Talk about a flood of memories!!

Campus has changed a lot in the 6 years since graduation.  It's a lot bigger, there are more options for food (they even added a fro-yo stand), Forum 1 doesn't look quite as big as when I had class in there, and I don't get that anxious/nervous feeling in the pit of my stomach  when I drive to campus like I used to.    
There's not a sacrifice in the world I wouldn't make for this little guy
But as different as campus looks, there are things that haven't changed a bit.  There is the sense of excitement and endless possibilities.  I smile as I pass tables of students discussing their impending Biology quiz and where they are going Thursday night.  You can still spot the women's basketball players with their athletic shorts, pony-tails, and height!  It's still difficult to get a decent parking spot despite having 3 bays to choose from.   Security still drives around in their white SUV's and several of my professors are still professors (and some of them were OLD when I was here!).  In some ways it feels like I never left.

If feels good to be back.  Some days I have to remind myself that I don't have any homework to do and there is not a pop quiz waiting around the corner ready to surprise me.  Those reminders keep me breathing easy.  It was an easy transition going "back to college" and while I miss seeing my friends at the shoe-zoo, this was the right decision for the Fisher3. 

For the girl that never wanted to go to college, here I sit, happy as can be, and glad to be back. 

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