Monday, July 23, 2012

Happy Anniversary to Us!

**Warning** This post may contain ooey-gooey lovey content that may set off your gag reflex.  So, grab your puke bucket and proceed with caution. 
Lets get married!!

Two whole years...that is how long I have held the title of wife.  On one hand, I am still learning new things about Scott daily.  Every afternoon I still can't wait for him to come home from work and scoop me into his arms for a kiss.  His text messages and random phone calls throughout the day make my heart skip a beat and a smile spread across my face.  On the other hand, he feels like that pair of comfortable jeans that I've owned forever that just fit.  He can read my thoughts by a simple glance and he can anticipate my needs before I do. 

Love this one...

In the most simplest of terms, first and foremost, I like this guy and enjoy every second we get to spend together.  He is my favorite travel companion and my better half.  He is good to his family and friends and confident in his abilities as a husband and father.  On top of all that, I find him extremely attractive. *says a blushing Kara*

One of my favorite parts of the day is long after the dinner dishes have been cleared and the sun has set beyond the horizon.  The house is quiet and alarm clocks are set.  Scott and I settle into bed.  Sometimes we bring books or magazines, but most the time it is just us.  We talk about the day and plan for the next.  It's "our" time to say whatever needs to be said for that day and to relax in to one another. 

And then we were married!!
On our anniversary, we reminisced about our perfect wedding day.  We spoke about laying eyes on one another as I walked down the aisle.  We both can't help but smile just remembering the moment.  I remember my heart catching as I listened to him say his vows to me, and I remember my vows happily bursting out of me as I loved promising him everything I am and have for all of eternity. 

Exactly 1 year later 2011
We reminisced about our first anniversary.  I had been in the hospital for roughly a week at that point.  Mom had brought me new pink pajamas for our special day.  Scott brought me flowers and a gift and we had carry-out from an Italian restaurant.  We had the top layer of our wedding cake and we snuggled in my hospital bed and reminisced about our wedding, much like we did this time around (minus the hospital bed).  We came a long way in that first year, and even further in our second. 

I don't know if I'd call it luck, good fortune or God answering my prayers that brought us together.  Whatever it was, I don't take it for granted.  I am excited about anniversary #3 and every day that comes between now and then.

2 years from our mountain wedding 2012
This picture from our anniversary this year makes me smile.  It's a very "every-day" picture because Scott and I spend a majority of our time on the floor playing with the little one.   There's clothes and toys on the floor, but that's just life.  It's our life.  It all started with us meeting, becoming friends, falling in love, getting married, and saying "I Do." 

11 Months ago...

11 months of perfection
This is the last month that my baby will be less than 1.  *Slowly wipes tear away*  Is it to early to say he'll always be my "baby." 
    Birth Stats                 11 Month Stats
    6lbs. 5.9oz                    20 lbs. 1.5oz.
    19 inches long              28 inches long

These days, if you stop by our house, watch out for the tiny little guy pushing his Push-N-Ride at top speed across the floor.  Don't get in his way because he will run you over.  Once he hits the wall, he backs it up and takes off again. 
He LOVES the hotel bed
Everyday is something new.  Scott and I will joke that we don't even know half the stuff this kid is capable of,  so the little fish doesn't hesitate to throw out a new word or move daily.  Here are a few of his firsts this past month;

First un-assisted step(s)
Blew me a kiss and said "MWAH"
Waved and said "Buh-Bye"
Shakes head "no" and means it
Threw arms up in the air and said "No No No No"  (after I told him he couldn't go in the bathroom)
Said "up" while lifting his arms up
Crawled to potty and tapped it to go poop (twice)
Eats like a grown man
Gives "5" (we are still working on the High-"5")
Said "water" pronounced "Haa-ter"
First slumber party without me at his Nana and Papaw 's house
First 4th of July
First Father's Day
First trip to St. Louis
Giving the side-eye to a friendly bison 
When he isn't eating like a grown man, he still nurses 2-3 times in a 24 hours period.  Even if he has just finished dinner, if he sees someone having a snack (cheese, crackers, etc.,) he thinks he needs to snack too!    During the day, I will put frozen breast milk in a sippy cup and he will drink out of that.  He only takes a bottle if someone else (Nana or Papaw) is putting him to sleep for the night. He continues to get up once in the night, typically around 2:30.  We go through spells that he will get up more than once, and those spells last 2-3 days.  Then we are back to once a night.  I am not a fan of those spells.  He still naps twice a day.  Those naps can range from 20 minutes to an hour. 

Potty-training continues to go well!  He is learning to crawl to the potty when he has to use it, although if he gets busy playing, I have to watch his clues that he needs to go.  When he goes swimming, he doesn't pee in the pool and will fuss to let me know when he needs to get out.  This makes my sister VERY happy as she was a little nervous about someone peeing in her pool. 
I LOVE those kisses

He isn't afraid to push the limits with Scott and I.  There are a few things that we are very firm on, not playing in the trash can, not going into the bathroom, and not to mess with the electrical outlets (even though they have covers over them).  So our little angel will crawl up to the bathroom door, lay a toy right inside the bathroom, and then just sit there watching us.  He knows better then to go in there, so he will let his toys go in there.  I also witnessed him carry a pair of Scott's socks into the kitchen the other morning and proceed to throw them in the trashcan.  Perhaps I should start going through the trash before taking it out on Wednesday mornings? 
Paddle boat fun at Union Station
Aside from playing with his Push-N-Ride, his favorite toys are anything Little People by Fisher Price.  He has the airplane and helicopter and will chew on the people and spin propellers around for significant amounts of time.  I've ordered him the Little People Zoo for his birthday and I can't wait for him to see it!!

He gets along pretty good with other kids!  We have been spending more time with kids close to his age and his cousins.  While he isn't big into playing "with" them, he does sit next to them and play and will watch them play with something.  I have noticed that he doesn't hesitate to take toys away from other kids, even if the other kids are bigger then him.  I'm guessing that's a condition most only children have.  He is showing signs of being a little bit bossy.  He probably gets that from his Aunt Rhea.  (hehe)
Happy toothless smiles
Every day I love him more than I ever thought possible.  Happy 11 months baby fish.....

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Friday, July 6, 2012

Lessons from the Little Fish

You're busy, I'm busy, everyone is busy. The little guy below reminds me daily to slow down, enjoy life, and love like tomorrow isn't coming, because that's exactly how he lives his.  

Make time to read a good book 

Kiss and be kissed
Don't take everything so serious

It's the simple things in life that bring happiness....the simpler the better
Spend time with your friends, your favorite stuffed animal, or whatever makes you happy
Get up, Get moving! There is a world to explore
Work your mind. Do a puzzle or at least eat the pieces of a puzzle
Enjoy even the difficult moments with your family.  They are your biggest fans, loyal supporters
and they will stand beside you when it seems the rest of the world has run out.
Not to mention, the unconditional love is pretty amazing.

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Thursday, July 5, 2012

NASCAR at Kentucky Speedway

The group - Lets go Racing!!!
So last year at this time, I was couch bound on bed rest growing a baby.  Scott's birthday was fast approaching and I wanted to do something special for him, so I sent him to Atlanta with his dad to race in an actual NASCAR race car.  Scott was stoked and loved it.  So as his birthday started creeping around this year, I thought "What could be better than driving a race car?"  The answer...going to a night race at Kentucky Speedway!!

A little background...I am not a NASCAR fan.  However, since my husband is a fan, that makes me a fan by association, right?  So that is how NASCAR entered my life.  I had never been to a race, but I figured it would be fun, or at least entertaining.  After mentioning to Scott that I was planning a NASCAR birthday getaway, he mentioned that his brother and sister-in-law were also going to the race.  That made planning a lot easier as we decided to stay in the same hotel as them and ride down with them.  (Thanks Sean & Amy for letting us jump in on your weekend!)
He didn't want his Momma to leave..
Saturday morning we dropped P off at his Nana and Papaw's.  I hated leaving that little guy.  I gave him so many kisses that he actually pushed me in the car and told me to go (OK not really, but it felt like it).  And off we drove.  The track was a couple hours away which wasn't bad.  Plus when you have 6 people in a car, there is plenty to talk about.

As we neared the track, we were happy to see that traffic was not an issue at all.  Last year traffic was so horrendous that some people never even made it off the highway and into the track.  We pulled right in and parked.  After making some sandwiches and lathering up in sunscreen, we headed towards the track.  A bus came right along and picked us up and drove us right up to the entrance.  It was so nice not having to walk in the hot sun.
Braving the heat
Scott and I rented headsets so we could listen to the car radios of our favorite drivers (Jeff Gordon for Scott, JR. for me).  We also picked up Fan Zone tickets which allowed us to walk in the pits, stand in Victory Lane, walk the track, and enjoy a concert by Chris Young.  While we were in the pits, Casey Mear's crew let Amy and I go up in the booth where the crew chief sits. 

Walking on the track was pretty neat because I had no idea the grade of the track was so steep!  We sat on the track for the Chris Young concert and to watch driver introductions.  Richard (The King) Petty also made an appearance.  I admit, even though I am not a NASCAR fan, it was pretty exciting seeing some of the drivers. 
Amy and I giving orders to the GEICO pit crew
Surprisingly, despite being outside in the hottest temperatures ever recorded in our lifetime, it was not nearly as bad as we anticipated!  Scott and I went through about 20 bottles of water, we had bandanna's tied around our neck which we continually ran under cold water, and we wore shady hats.  Not to mention, I can scout out shade from a mile away and managed to sit/stand in the shade for most of the entire day.  We were allowed to carry in one small cooler, which was incredibly nice as we packed it full of ice cold water.  Who wants to pay $8 for a bottle of water when you can bring your own?

The actual race was a night race, so by the time we took our seats in the stands, the sun had ventured behind the horizon.  The cars look and sound way faster in person than they do on TV.  I did voice my concern to Scott that we were so close I was worried a tire may hit us should an accident occur (luckily, it was a relatively safe race with only 3-4 cautions). 
The Birthday Boy!
The crowd was interesting to say the least.  I saw a man in a linen suit with crocodile cowboy boots standing next to a woman in full NASCAR apparel.  There are many people that take this NASCAR stuff VERY seriously!! 

A few funny thoughts from my first NASCAR race;
- Homemade tattoos NEVER look good
- It's never too hot for a NASCAR fan to smoke a pack of Camels
- Mullets.....well that's all I'm going to say about that
- Cut off denim short shorts on guys are a No-No
- Camouflage gear and NASCAR apparently go hand in hand
-As the race cars would drive in front of us, I noticed numerous fans would wave/point down the track as if the drivers didn't know which way they should be going.  I wasn't sure if these fans thought the drivers were looking at them for direction or if the fans just really enjoyed pointing down the track??

My biggest complaint about the entire event....they sold out of corn dogs before I got one!

Sunday morning we left fairly early and made it home before noon.  P was pretty happy to see us and vice versa.  I was so glad we went and that Scott had a Happy Birthday!!
Until our next race...
I'm already looking forward to our next NASCAR adventure!

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