Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I Wanna Talk about ME!

I'm a little over a year into the Mommy business and I've blogged a lot about that kid because let's face it, he's pretty dang cute and special.  To mix things up, I figured I would blog a little about me, because my attitude, feelings, and emotions are a little bit different now than they were 13 months ago.  I want to remember how I felt as a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mom, and a friend, 10 years from now, as I think back to the time my infant became a toddler.
Exhaustion from skiing is NOTHING compared
to exhaustion from having a teething baby
Currently, I'm exhausted.  We have some teething going on and possibly a bit of bug.  Paisley has been running a low grade fever and it seems separation anxiety has reared it's ugly head.  Some days just getting out of my pajamas is a struggle as the second I sit baby boy down on the ground, he screams like someone is dangling him over a pit of crocodiles.  I don't understand it and it hurts my heart.  I quickly change clothes (brush teeth, etc.) and pick him back up. 

I still have mommy brain.  It's awful.  The other day I couldn't think of the word "gravity" and had to say "you know, the thing that holds everything on earth."  You can imagine the strange looks I got for that.  I always thought I was a fairly smart cat, but man-oh-man, Baby Brain is real and doesn't appear to be going away anytime soon. 

I can fit into every piece of clothing I owned pre-Paisley, but it just fits differently.  I'm not sure how I feel about my new body, I'm just not used to it yet.  I have been taking a fairly intense work-out class 1-2 times a week and I really enjoy it.  It is something I enjoy doing for myself.  If the class doesn't get rid of the little pooch I still have, well at least Paisley has somewhere to sit when I hold him.

Since I talked about working-out, I might as well talk about eating as well.  I am starving pretty much any time I am awake.  Even after I just finished eating, I am rarely ever full.  How am I hungry all the time?  I tried eating apples as a snack, but realized that eating apples just makes me hungrier.  Is that possible?   Now I snack on Goldfish crackers and they are way more filling than apples! 

Prior to motherhood, one of my most emotional moments came
during my days as a firefighter.
Years ago, my family used to say my heart was made of ice. I just didn't show much emotion to anything.  It's not that I didn't care, because I did, but I just didn't feel the need to show it to anyone.  It was very easy for me to separate myself from any situation and just plug forward with my life.  Fast forward to now.  I am all emotion, all the time.  It's not that I go around crying, but I feel so much for others.  Example, I came across a blog about a little girl named Lucy that is battling cancer.  She has been fighting this disease for almost 2 years.  She's had good days and bad days and her parents have literally been through hell (sorry mom) and back as they've almost lost their little girl numerous times.  I check their blog daily and Paisley and I pray for little Lucy every night.  I've never met her, I don't even know anyone that knows her in real life, but I think about this family daily.  My heart hurts for them.  I can barely stomach news stories about people that hurt children or children that are found wondering around the streets at night by themselves.  It literally breaks my heart.  I'm going to save the rest of my "emotion" discussion for another blog, but just wanted to mention it here. 

Before the wedding, before the baby, I could travel carelessly
to the ends of the world.  I wouldn't trade one day of
wife/motherhood for a round trip ticket anywhere.
Last but not feelings on Love have changed.  Of course I have always loved my parents, but I had no idea how much they loved me until I had a child of my own.  It's not easy raising a child, it's not easy to love your child when they are up at 2am screaming at the top of their lungs for no apparent reason.  But my parents did it, and now I'm doing it, because of the love we feel for our child(ren).  In raising my child, my love has grown for my parents as I now understand what they have sacrificed to give me the happy childhood I have had.  To watch them now give that same unyielding love to Paisley makes my heart grow. 
Life is tiring, but it is good.  The teething phase will pass, I will get used to my "mommy" body, I will probably start carrying a Thesaurus around, and I will get a better handle on my emotions.  Until then, I'll just sip my coffee and eat a couple Goldfish crackers.
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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Gerber Baby

Doesn't this face look like the face of the future Gerber Baby (says the non-biased proud Momma)??  If you have a Facebook account and have a minute or two, feel free to click on the link below to vote this face as the future face of Gerber.  You will have to "Like" the Gerber Facebook page, and then click "Vote" on Paisley's picture.  You can vote once per day for the next 21 days .  Thank you and we appreciate your vote!!!  (I just had a flashback to running for student council)

And We Celebrated!

Please remove the pointy birthday hat
I’m wondering if 4 celebrations is a little overkill for Paisley’s 1st birthday.  “Yes” you say? Yeah, it probably is, but that didn’t stop us from blowing up the balloons and lighting the candles.  After all, you only go from “0” to “1” once. 
Playing with his new toy in his new chair
We kicked off the celebrations a couple weeks early by heading to my sisters for dinner.  Paisley received his first birthday gifts from his Aunt.  She had ordered him the cutest striped chair that has his name sewn on the back.  He quickly took to the chair and enjoyed diving out of the chair head first.  Boys!!  She also gave him a brightly colored wooden stacker toy.  He isn’t into “stacking” quite yet, but he does enjoy pulling the pieces off the base and scattering them throughout the house.  Just last night I found the orange piece in our kitchen.  Thank you sister for having us over and showering our birthday boy with love. 
The cake!
Celebration #2 came in the form of a “fish-themed” party held at New Harmonie State Park.  We invited our nearest and dearest and partied throughout the afternoon.  This is when Paisley got to dig in to his first piece of cake.  He took to it like a pro and expertly shoveled cake (mostly the icing) into his mouth.  He’s so proficient at getting good food into his mouth that I barely had to clean him up afterwards!  There may have been just a bit of blue frosting in his hair.   
Enjoying each bite of his smash cake
Little social boy went from guest to guest, happy to have everyone celebrating with him.  When it came time to open gifts, it was amazing to watch him look into each box or under the wrapping paper with excitement, then squeal and clap when the gift was revealed.  You’d think this kid unwrapped gifts all the time!  He received some wonderful toys, books, and clothes. 

The Fish3
I had so much fun planning this party and enjoyed using a bit of my craftiness on a few things.  I know he won’t remember the party, but I saw this as a chance to thank (and feed) some of the people that helped us survive the first year of his life.  This was as much a celebration for them as it was for our little 1 year old.  I might already have a few ideas on celebrating birthday #2!!
Gift Time!
Celebration #3 was a more low key event.  We headed to Boonville to celebrate with Paisley’s great-grandparents.  They are always so excited to have family visit and of especially if there are sweets involved!  Paisley was able to enjoy even more cake and wear his party hat, which he didn’t like at all (notice the somber face).  Paisley’s Nana and Pappaw surprised him with a rocky horse AND his very own truck.  Paisley immediately rode his horsey and then got in his truck.  He found the horn pretty quick and has been honking it ever since.  He’s all boy and he loves checking out the tires on his truck and popping the gas cap.  He looks pretty cute sitting in his truck, resting an arm on the windowsill, and honking the horn.  I even caught him playing on his phone while sitting in his truck.  I guess it’s never too early to teach him texting and driving is illegal in Indiana! 
His "first" car from Nana and Pappaw
Finally…his birthday arrived and with it came the 4th and final celebration.  We packed up the car and headed to Kentucky Lake with Scott’s brother, his wife, and their 2 kids.  The drive down felt much longer than it actually was because Paisley and his cousin were a little fussy as neither of them wanted to be in their car seat.  We tried entertaining them with books, snacks, and drinks, but nothing seemed to work.  We were so happy when we finally arrived at the cabin. 
Birthday morning!
We spent the rest of the day getting settled in the cabin and taking a sunset cruise on the boat.  This was Paisley’s first time on a boat and he did pretty good!  He didn’t like the wind blowing in his face, so he would bury his head in my chest and wait until he felt the boat stop before popping his head up.  He ended up falling asleep, he was an exhausted birthday boy!

Daddy and his birthday boy
The sunset was extra beautiful as the pink sky reflected off the water.  As I sat in the boat snuggling my sleeping birthday boy, I thought about how much he had changed in a year.  When I thought back to holding that tiny 6lb. baby a year ago…and here I was holding a 20lb. sleeping baby, I could barely believe it.  Exactly one year, the same baby, nestled up in the same loving arms they were in a year ago… my eyes may have filled up a bit with tears of a proud and loving mommy. 
Momma and her sleepy birthday boy
Back in the cabin, the birthday boy joined in for one final round of “Happy Birthday” and helped his momma blow out the final candle on his birthday cupcake.  I got our little 1 year old dressed in his sleeper, brushed his teeth, and cozied up with him in bed.  I let him fall asleep snuggled up to me before I put him in his pack-n-play for the night.  I laid there listening to his breath slip into a deep sleep pattern.  His occasional sigh sounded like a whisper in the wind.  I kissed his little forehead that felt warm from snuggling.  My birthday boy…
One final round of Happy Birthday
Good bye infancy, hello toddlerhood.  I think things are about to get even more fun!!

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