Monday, January 20, 2014

5 Months with our Little Bean

Birth            5 Months
7lbs 5oz        15lbs15oz
19.5 inches      25+ inches

Her 5th month of life was much easier to manage then her 4th month!  Her sleep schedule at night wasn't quite as whacky this month (thank goodness!).  She is still going down around 7:30, waking around 1:30am, 5:30am, then up for the day around 8.  Once she wakes for the day, she'll roll around in her crib and coo until I get her.  As soon as she sees me, her eyes widen and a sweet gummy smile fills her face.  Now as I scoop her up, she wraps her arms around my necks and pulls her face into me.  Her warm little head always smells so sweet and the feeling of her little velvet head brushing my lips is almost intoxicating.

She still refuses to take a bottle but is an excellent (and frequent) eater otherwise.  I continue to let her nurse on demand but she will hold off for a few hours if we are out and about.  I do nurse her to sleep at night.  I just realized that by this age with Paisley, we had already started introducing some purees.  Looks like I will be dusting off the Baby Bullet here in the next few weeks and whipping up some pureed goodness for little L.

Our little dolly loves to play.  She favors smaller stuffed dolls that are easy for her to grab and stuff into her mouth.  She also will grab moving objects, my toothbrush while I am brushing them, her brother as he runs past her, or anything that is lit up and making sounds.

She has rolled from her stomach to back numerous times and back to stomach one time.  She is tolerating tummy time better, especially if her brother is entertaining her.  She is trying to move, bending her knees and trying to push herself forward.  She's gotten her little bottom up in the air one time but collapsed before her arms lifted her up.  She can sit supported or on her own for small increments of time.  She loves listening to music and watching her brother do anything is still her favorite activity.

Lila loves bath time and enjoys it even more when I let her take a bath with her brother.  He has poured water over her head a handful of times but she handles that very well.  She takes 2 decent naps a day, one around mid-day when her brother naps and the other in the evening right before her daddy gets home from work.  When she hears his voice in the evening, her little head swings around until her eyes can find him.

I am enjoying dressing her in pink, picking up dolls, and daydreaming about the fun my little mini-me and I will have throughout the different stages of her life; baking, shopping, pedicures, vacations, and her coming to me with questions about boys (hopefully that last one isn't for another 20 years).

She is quick with a fake cry if you don't pick her up quite as quick as she'd like, or if she feels that no one is paying attention to her.  You could say she's a little spoiled but, she's our favorite little girl ever and we enjoy every second with her!!

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Thursday, January 9, 2014

2013 Wrap-Up and Send-Off!!

Starting 2013 as a family of 3
Baby #2

January-Our annual ski trip took the Fish3 (plus my momma) to Beaver Creek for a long weekend of skiing.  The wintry weather was perfect and Paisley and my mom had a great time playing in the condo while Scott and I hit the slopes.  We had a big secret that we kept a secret all month long!
February-It was a month full of morning sickness and keeping our secret a little longer.  I got to spend Valentine's Day with my two favorite boys.
March-Easter came early this year as well as a dose of warm weather.  We spent some time at the playground and finally let the cat out of the bag.  Baby #2 was on it's way!
April-We hosted our gender reveal party for our family and loved watching the excitement of cutting into a pink cake.
May-We purchased a couple acres of farm land and a brick home.  Scott began renovations.  It was a big undertaking, but the end results were well worth it.  Going forward, I wouldn't recommend moving to a family about to welcome a baby!
June -Reality has set in that we are about to have another baby!  Call it hormones or whatever but I couldn't get enough time with my little boy. I was working 5 days a week but spent every second of free time loving on our little tot.
Loving this boy
July-We spent a lot of our time swimming in Aunt Bunny's pool, playing outside on the deck, and riding the 4 wheeler at the farm.  We made time to visit the fair and Paisley got to see his first tractor pull.
Our new edition
August-This was the BIG month for our family.  A few days before our daughter was born, we officially moved into the new house.  Paisley adapted to it pretty quick, and we were fairly situated before August 9th came.  On the 9th, we welcomed Lila Elizabeth.  8 days later we celebrated Paisley's 2nd birthday.  I even managed to pull off a small family birthday party for him that weekend.
September-My birthday brought me everything I could want, 2 healthy babies and a loving husband.

October-My parents moved out of my childhood home and into the home they have been renovating over the past 9 years.  It was bittersweet but it seems like this is the year of moves and changes!  We took our little babes to Boo at the Zoo and also to a handful of houses for Halloween.  We had the cutest cowboy and pumpkin I ever did see.
November-Our little doll is changing so much and so quickly.  The terribly two's really reared its head this month but nothing we can't work through.  We had a great Thanksgiving and preparation for Christmas.
December-Tis the season to be jolly!  It was month of events with friends and family.  I loved celebrating the birth of Christ with our children and looking forward to the new year.  We sent out 2013 as a family of 4 having pizza and rang in the New Years as parents cuddling on the couch while our children slept peacefully in their bed.  I look forward to the adventures 2014 has in store for us!!

Happy New Year!!

Our last photo of 2013

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Monday, January 6, 2014

It's the most wonderful time of the Year

Loving everything about this time of  year
The boys and our tree
Watching Christmas through the eyes of a 2 yr 4 month old might be the sweetest event I've ever witnessed.  Following tradition, the day after Thanksgiving the family headed to the tree farm to cut down the perfect tree.  Sadly, by the time we got there I had 2 sleeping babies in the car and the wind was a frigid beast.  We sat in the car while Scott took care of business and he found a perfect tree.

I had previously explained to Paisley that we would cut down a tree and put it up in the living room.  If you want to see confusion, tell a toddler there's going to be a tree in the living room.  That same night the tree got put up, Fisher Elf (Elf on the Shelf) moved into our house.  He could be found hanging from ceiling fans, sitting on window blinds, and hanging out on the Christmas tree the month leading up to Christmas.  Paisley enjoyed finding him each morning and saying "Hi Fisher Elf."

I fully expected the tree to get pulled over at least twice before Christmas.  I am happy to say that Paisley wasn't really all that
She loved the lights on her tree
interested in messing with the tree.  He loved looking at it and he would occasionally swat at a ball just to get a rise out of me, but for the most part, he did excellent with it.  Just to be safe, I put all the breakable ornaments on the top of the tree and just a few less important ornaments on the bottom.

Lila and Paisley both had a small tree in their room.  I loved the soft glow of Christmas lights filling their room as they napped during the day.  We also put lights up outside the house.

Our Christmas cards were addressed and sent and Paisley loved going to the mailbox to see what Christmas cards we received in return.  He loved the photos cards of our friends and family and really loved them if they featured kids.  I accidentally deleted my list of cards sent before I sent all of them...therefore some people got two and some got none.  Next year I won't let Paisley play with my phone that contains my list of Christmas cards sent.

My sweeties
I did more baking this year than I have done in the past and I loved it.  I let Paisley help me bake cookies and pumpkin bread.  The smell of pumpkin bread baking while the Christmas lights twinkled and Christmas music played in the background was as perfect as can be.  We even had a pre-Christmas snow fall that made everything seem extra perfect and Christmasy.

My mom got Paisley an advent calendar that included lots of stickers.  Everyday we would sit at the island and he would put the sparkly candy shaped stickers in the correct spot.  He would look at me with a smile on his face and say "Mommy fun!"  He reminded me everyday that we needed to "work" on our calendar.

I really kept myself from going overboard on gifts for the kids.  I think Scott was even impressed with my restraint.  I just didn't want to completely overshadow the reason of the celebration, plus, our house is already full of toys.  I did enjoy wrapping the gifts and even after they were under tree, Paisley left them alone.

Paisley 2011
Scott took quite a chunk of time off over the holidays and we loved having him home with us.  We slept in as late as a toddler and infant would let us sleep.  We had big breakfasts each day complete with coffee.  In the evenings we would read the kids one of their many Christmas books and let them watch part of a children's Christmas movie.  After the kids were in bed for the night, Scott and I would curl up on the couch and catch the rest of the movie.  During the day, I was able to sneak a Hallmark Christmas movie in here and there.  It was absolutely perfect.
Lila 2013

Christmas Eve was upon us and I learned an important lesson, do not wait until the last minute to wrap gifts.  Even though I didn't go crazy with gifts, it was still a lot to wrap in a short amount of time.  We dropped some sweets off at our neighbors house and drove to my parents for Christmas Eve dinner.  There has always been something magical about Christmas Eve.  From the time I was little and we would drive to my grandparents, to spending last Christmas Eve at the funeral home saying good-bye to my grandfather, Christmas Eve is magical.

Someone was good this year!
We arrived at my parents and the house glistened with the spirit of Christmas.  All my favorite Christmas foods were simmering in the kitchen.  Some of our cousins were there as well as an aunt and uncle.  We ate, we reminisced and created new memories.  I loved watching Paisley interact with the family and experience this special night.  We left around his bedtime and drove home under the star filled sky.

I loved tucking my babies into bed, clad in their Christmas jammies.  Even though we explained that Santa would come during the night, Paisley didn't understand what the morning would entail.

Surprisingly Paisley slept until about 8am on Christmas morning.  We had already moved Lila into our bed so she wouldn't wake Paisley with her morning chatter.  After Paisley woke we cuddled for awhile before asking him if he wanted to see what Santa brought him.  With an excited "Yeah!"we headed into the living room.

At first he acted timid, like he wasn't sure what to do with the gifts under the tree.  He hung back and just looked wide eyed, taking in the filled stockings.  As his eyes landed on some wooden cars he couldn't hold himself back any longer.  He plunged his skinny hands under the tree and began looking at his new toys.
My little family
Lila was much less interested in the gifts and more interested in watching her brother.  With each gift that Paisley found he wanted to open and play with it, not realizing there were more gifts to follow.  

As soon as gifts were open, it was time to get dressed and head to my parents house.  I don't think Paisley understood why he had to leave all his new toys "P play, P play," he kept saying.  I explained there were more gifts at Nana and Papaw's house.  He looked skeptical, but he let me get him dressed.

We arrived in time for brunch and just like the night before, the food was amazing.  Paisley got to open gifts as soon as he walked in the door.  Sandi-claus had left him a toddler size shopping cart full of goodies.  I could hear him exclaiming "Oh Wow" from the other room.
Christmas Angel

There was a good turn out at my parents house, having cousins, grandparents, and aunts stop by.  Little Lila was a bit out of sorts and wanted only her Momma or to just fuss.  I tried to keep her out of the busy parts of the house as I didn't want everyone to have to listen to a screaming baby.

It seemed we had just got there, ate, opened gifts, and it was time to go.  I think I only had time for 1 cup of coffee!  On the road again we headed to Scott's parents house for Christmas #3.  We had 2 sleepy babies.  We discussed next Christmas cutting down on travel on Christmas Day.  Instead of doing big Christmas at both parents house, we will do one on Christmas Eve and one of Christmas Day.  We want the kids to be able to enjoy their gifts as they open them and not have to rush off to another destination.

By the time we opened gifts at Scott's parents house, Paisley was more interested in laying in a pile of wrapping paper and kicking it around.  I'm pretty sure I ended up opening all of his gifts. I think all 4 of us sighed with relief as we packed the car and headed home.  We left some gifts in the car as we were ready to get the kids and ourselves in bed!

It was busy, it was at times chaotic, and it was wonderful.  It was Christmas with the people I love the most.  I would have loved to been able to see what my littles thought of the previous 2 days, as they laid their heads down for bed.  As exhausting as preparing for the holidays can be, I look forward to doing it all over again next year.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good Night!

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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Giving Thanks for our Little Turkeys

With each holiday that passes, I want to fill the memory banks of our children.
Our Foursome
Thirty years from now I want them to look back on their holidays growing up and remember the love, the traditions, and to tell there own families about them.  As they get older and experience more Thanksgivings, I was to put an emphasis on how much our family has to be thankful for.  Even though I am truly grateful year round for the all the blessings in my life, there is something about the month of November that really makes me look at all I (we) have.
My side of the family
Last year I blogged everyday in November about something I was thankful for.  I would have loved to have done that again...but I was a little shorter on time this year, I was busy holding a new blessing in my arms.  Next year I'll be a little better at managing my time and wrangling two youngsters.
Nana and her babies (and a lot of play food)
On Thanksgiving we headed to my parents house for lunch.  Now that they have officially moved into the new/old home, we get to celebrate our holidays in the big house.  Mom had it decorated so cute and festive and the meal she had prepared wasn't too bad either!  My paternal grandmother and her sister also joined our family for the celebration.

Paisley loves to go to Nana's house and "play."  She recently found the play food from my childhood and Paisley is a big fan of "cooking."    Nana is a good sport and "eats" many of the goodies her little tot prepares.

Lila enjoyed her first Thanksgiving.  She watched us gobble up the turkey and dressing and I'm pretty sure she would have helped herself to a large plate if she had better control of her hands.

After filling our bellies it was time to head to Scott's parents.  Despite having already full stomachs, we found a way to eat just a little bit more.  Paisley enjoyed visiting his Grammie and Pappaw and spending time with his cousins.  By this time of the day, Paisley (like any toddler that hasn't had much of a nap) had a short fuse and wasn't really interested in listening to his parents.  We didn't stay too long after dinner and headed home around Paisley's bedtime.

Scott and I were amazed to think it was just 3 Thanksgivings ago that we were 4 months into marriage, had suffered a devastating loss and were curious as to what the future would hold for us.  Three years later our arms are full of little ones and we are looking ahead to celebrating 4 years of marriage.

With smiles on our faces and food in our bellies, we climbed into our warm bed.  With our 2 healthy angels right across the hall sleeping soundly, we couldn't have been in more thankful.

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