Wednesday, December 14, 2016

On the Cover of The Rolling Stone (or something like that)

This fall, long before we were thinking about Christmas, an old friend asked if our family would be interested in sharing our Christmas tradition of cutting down a Christmas tree.  She works for a local magazine and they wanted to focus on family tradition during the holidays.

Scott was a little hesitant of the idea...well he was ok with the idea until he learned they wanted to put our picture on the cover.  After a brief negotiation which included me agreeing to him going on an extra ski trip with the guys this year, he was all grins and was ready for our photo shoot.

The day arrived and it was a perfectly overcast day with a slight chill in the air, perfect for a Christmas themed photo shoot.  The kids and I arrived at the tree farm and met with some of the staff from Evansville Living, as well as the photographer, Zach Straw.  Lila and I had our hair done and they also did my make-up.  The magazine dressed us with clothes from locally owned stores.  *Bonus* my clothes came from a store called Gehlhausen Floral, which I didn't know sold clothes!  After the photo shoot I went and found tons of cute boutique clothes that I love.  I was thrilled to find a new place to shop!
My cute husband
Scott can usually be found in jeans and t-shirt, so seeing him dressed in a super cute sweater and khakis from House of Bluez was a bonus.  The kids were thrilled with their cute outfits, except for the knitted headband worn by Lila.  She kept yanking it off while declaring "Itchy!"  That was the only wardrobe malfunction of the day.

Paisley took the entire photo shoot in stride.  He smiled at the appropriate times and kept an eye on the photographers bag, often grabbing it and moving it closer to Zac as we walked about the tree farm.  He held 2 little matchbox cars in his hands that I didn't realize were there until the photographer pointed them out.  The magazine staff thought it was cute it added a little something to the photo, so the cars got to stay tucked away in his hand.    

The photographer and magazine staff were extremely enjoyable to work with and I think I speak for all of us when I say the entire shoot was fun.  The kids were well behaved, energetic, but well behaved.  Scott was a trooper as he cut down the Christmas tree and hauled it all over the farm.  It was our first experience being made up, dressed, and placed in front of a camera and we had a blast.

Weeks after the photos were taken and the make-up had long been washed off, we were able to see the finished product.  Scott and I were so pleased with the pictures and article on our little family.  We hoped the readers enjoyed our tree cutting tradition as well as the pictures of our crew at the farm.

The kids now refer to Evansville Living as "our magazine," and have already asked if we would have our picture taken at the tree farm next year.  While I don't see us gracing another magazine cover, the family photos amongst the pine trees is an image I would love to do again.  Luckily I know a great photographer in the area.


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