Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Christmas Wrap-Up

Christmas is a magical time.  The air is cooler with a hint of glitter, the scent of evergreen and sweets in the oven fill the air, decorations from the past mixed with handmade decorations from our babies cover every surface of our home.  People seem friendlier, children are on their best behavior, and the feeling of the Spirit hangs heavy in the air.

We kicked off our holidays with a visit to see Santa! Both kids are fine with seeing the big guy, although Lila looks slightly suspicious of him each and every year.  They talked his ear off, Paisley saying he wanted Tracker (a dog from Paw Patrol) and Lila wanted Skye (another dog from Paw Patrol).  Thankfully both of those toys were easy to obtain (wouldn't want to make it hard on Santa)!

We made gingerbread houses and cooked up a storm.  The kids both were very interested in being with me in the kitchen, helping pour and stir whatever goodness we were cooking up.

We cut down our Christmas tree and immediately decorated it as soon as we got home.  We also put up 2 trees in the kitchen and both kids had a tree in their room.  They were great helpers and wanted to discuss many of the ornaments that had followed me from childhood to parenthood.  

We made Christmas crafts and read Christmas books.  We raced to the mailbox each day to look at the cards we received from family and friends.  We spoke of the reason for the season and took in the special Christmas service at church.  On Christmas Eve we filled the car and headed to Nana and Papa's house for finger foods, gifts, and family time.  

Christmas night we tucked the babies into bed and sat in the glow of the Christmas lights.  We reflected on the season and how the kids had changed from last year to this year.  We spoke of our wonderful families and how lucky to spend the season with both sides.  We watched part of a Christmas movie until our eyes burned with exhaustion.  We kissed our sleeping angels and headed to bed.

Christmas morning Paisley was in our room around 7:30 and by 8 we decided to wake Lila and start the morning.  Both kids excitedly eyed the gifts from both Santa and Scott and I.  They were excited to get fishing poles and Paw Patrol pups.  Wrapping paper flew through the air and giggles from happy kids greeted our ears.  Seeing them happy is exactly what we wanted.

After we finished opining gifts my family came over for brunch and merriment.  The kids loved having the family over to show them the gifts they had received and to play with.  The day passed too quickly and after they left we headed to Scott's parents.

The kids temporarily forgot their was more gifts to open as they were so busy playing with their cousins.  The adults relaxed around the table filling ourselves with great food and wine.  Eventually the kids remembered it was Christmas and asked to open gifts.  They were both excited to get nice new suitcases that will be perfect for traveling in 2017!  Scott and I made note that the kids now have nicer luggage than we do!

We stayed late into the night, when the kids start getting delirious and our eyes also begin to grow heavy.  We gathered our gifts and thanked Scott's parents for all they did.  With tired babies that were asleep before we were out of the subdivision, we headed home on a perfect Christmas night.

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