Thursday, May 25, 2017

School's Out for Summer

I hope you read the title as if you were hearing Alice Cooper sing his hit from 1972, "Schools Out."
Pre-school 2014

I could ask where the time went, except I know exactly where it went. It slipped past us while we've been outside enjoying the spring weather. It crept around us while we've been at the ballpark 2 nights a week. It blew through our hair while we planted flowers and pulled weeds, and dripped off us like water from the slip in slide. We've been soaking it up in daily routines, only taking time to notice its passing as a milestone pops in front of us, causing us to notice the date on the calendar.

This milestone of completing pre-k isn't monumental. He's not going to a different school this fall or taking a job that has him moving out of our home. He's taking the step of partial school days 3 days a week to being at school all day everyday.  It's not monumental, but it's big.  A change for all of us.

This boy...the boy that I watched on the ultrasound squeeze his umbilical cord until his heart would stop beating.  This boy that started pre-school at the age of 3, looking like a deer caught in head lights.  This boy that was so painfully timid going out of his comfort zone and trying his hand at sports.  This boy, with the big blue eyes, that we've encouraged, praised, smothered in hugs and kisses, trying our best to get him ready for Kindergarten and life.
Pre-K 2017

Today as the door to his classroom opened he raced towards it with confidence, only slowing down when I called to him asking where was my kiss.  Today the timid boy is rarely seen, in his place a taller, leaner kid that runs to first base with the grace of an athlete.  This boy that used to hide behind me while speaking with neighbors at the grocery store now huddles near his friends, talking and laughing.  This boy that I've worried about, that I've prayed for, that I loved since before he was born, is taking that next big step.

This summer we'll take some trips, spend lots of time in the yard, and eat popsicles and watermelon until our lips are stained red.  We'll keep up on school work to prevent the summer slide and we'll spend time as a family because that's what us happy.

After school let out our kindergarten bound boy asked for a milkshake and to go to the park.  I was happy to agree to the easy requests and enjoyed watching them play late into the day.  I am going to miss this boy terribly this fall as he leaves the nest for full time school,  but I am excited to hear about his days and to watch him grow into the person he's meant to be.
Shakes with sister 

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